15 Powerful Strategies for Instagram Growth in 2024

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What if we tell you that @jeffreestar didn’t always have 13.8M followers on Instagram or that @shanedawson had to build himself on social media from scratch?

Wild, isn’t it? These super popular Instagram influencers like Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson were once total nobodies. But now, they’re global icons. It definitely didn’t happen overnight and just like them, you will also need to spend years of hard work to have significant Instagram growth.

Growing on Instagram is tough, not just because the algorithm is tricky but also due to the sheer amount of content on the platform. With over 2.4 billion monthly active users, it’s the third most popular app online. So many influencers are vying for attention, which makes it challenging to stand out and build a name for yourself.

So, if you want to see significant growth on Instagram, it’s crucial to have clear goals, a defined target audience, and solid strategies that lead to real success. It takes time because no kingdom is built overnight. Sure, some people go viral on Instagram and TikTok, but that kind of overnight fame doesn’t happen to everyone—and it rarely lasts. Your goal should be to gain loyal and authentic followers if you want to become an influencer respected for your work.

In this blog, we’ll explore some powerful strategies that can serve as your Instagram growth hack. But before we dive in, don’t forget to grab an Instagram scheduler so you can plan and schedule your posts in advance. This tool will ensure you never miss a beat and consistently bring your A-game!

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15 Powerful Strategies for Instagram Growth in 2024

Now, let’s get to the point and discuss 15 extremely powerful strategies for Instagram growth that can change your game in 2024!

  1. Optimize Your Bio

    If you want people to find your account, focusing on optimization is crucial. One of the biggest mistakes new influencers make is not optimizing their bio. For example, if your account is all about gym equipment, but you haven’t mentioned that in your bio, how are people supposed to know?

    Sure, people can figure out what your account is about once they see your content, but that only happens after they’ve found your profile. So how do you reach them? The answer is optimization. The Instagram algorithm loves it when your account is fully optimized, making it easy for audiences to grasp your content and intent.

    A snapshot of Instagram
    A snapshot of Instagram
  2. Embed Keywords in Your Username and Name

    When we say optimize everything, we mean EVERYTHING!

    Your Instagram username and display name are crucial in helping people understand your account. Make sure to include relevant keywords that fit your content—not just in your posts but also in your username and display name. This way, people can find your account even if they haven’t seen your content before.

    A snapshot of Instagram
    A snapshot of Instagram
  3. Promote Your Instagram on Other Channels

    Do you have accounts on other social media platforms? If so, you need to promote your Instagram there.

    If you’ve ever checked out the description of a YouTube video, you’ve probably noticed that content creators often include their Instagram details. They do this to encourage people to follow them on Instagram, too. Some creators have a larger following on other platforms than Instagram.
    Bio Example

    For instance, if an influencer has over 1 million followers on TikTok but only about 500k on Instagram, doesn’t it make sense for them to motivate their TikTok followers to follow them on Instagram as well?

    This is a common practice among influencers because they aim to grow on all platforms, ensuring they have a similar following across each one. Therefore, if you have another social media platform to support you, you can also promote your Instagram there.

  4. Post Content That Your Followers Want to See

    If you want to keep your Instagram growth stats on point, you’ve got to create content that really clicks with your audience. Not sure what kind of content to put out there? First, figure out who you’re trying to reach, then start sharing stuff they’ll love. For example, if you want to be known as a skincare expert, focus on skincare content that’s helpful and valuable to your followers. Without this kind of clarity, it’s tough to grow quickly on Instagram. So, get clear on what your audience wants to see, and you’ll be on your way!

  5. Avoid Buying Fake Followers

    It’s so tempting to buy followers, especially when platforms offer affordable packages. But honestly, it’s not a great idea and won’t help you in the long run. Sure, your follower count will go up, but it’s not genuine Instagram growth. Paid followers don’t really owe you anything beyond that follow, so they won’t engage with your content, leaving your engagement rate low. And because they didn’t follow you for your content, brands can easily tell you’ve bought followers, which won’t help with brand deals either.

    Organic followers, on the other hand, genuinely connect with your content. It might take longer to grow that way, but the benefits will stick with you for good. So, if you want Instagram growth free of cost, avoid buying followers.

  6. Build a Strong Marketing Strategy

    To succeed on Instagram, you’ve got to establish yourself as a brand. Whether you’re a business owner aiming to boost sales through social media or an influencer seeking sponsorship deals, building a brand will make people eager to collaborate with you. To do that, you’ll need solid marketing strategies and a team to help you build your reputation. Good marketing will help you reach a new audience and grow your organic followers. You can also consider using an Instagram growth tracker to see how well your strategies work.

  7. Write Catchy Captions

    Small things can have a huge impact on your Instagram growth. You might think what can a mere caption do to convince people to follow you? Well, A LOT!

    If you want to grow on Instagram, you’ve got to cover all the bases. High-quality content alone isn’t enough to guarantee success. Catchy captions can be one of the reasons people hit that follow button. We’ve seen plenty of influencers with a great sense of humor who share it through witty captions and Instagram Stories.

    A snapshot of Instagram
    A snapshot of Instagram

    Everyone enjoys a good laugh on social media, and if a clever caption can brighten someone’s day, they’ll want to follow for more smiles. So, take some time to come up with unique and fun captions before hitting “post.” Or, if you want to save some time, try using a free Instagram caption generator to come up with cool captions for your content.

  8. Find Your Best Time to Post

    Every social media platform has an optimal time to post, and your audience and region play a crucial role in finding yours. This is when most of your audience is active, and you can use Instagram Insights to check their activity patterns. By manually posting at different times based on these insights, you can figure out the sweet spot for maximum engagement.

    But there’s an easier way. You can use AI to recommend the best time to post on Instagram, saving you from all that trial and error. This way, you can get the most engagement without all the guesswork.

  9. Understand the Analytics

    You can’t go far without a solid grasp of Instagram analytics. Luckily, Instagram has a built-in tool that lets you check your account’s stats. With it, you can see how many followers you’ve gained, where they’re from, which gender follows you more, and which content resonates best with your audience.

    A snapshot of Instagram
    A snapshot of Instagram

    All of this info can help you craft a fresh marketing strategy to grow your Instagram presence. Leveraging analytics is crucial to speed up growth; otherwise, you might find yourself stuck guessing what works and what doesn’t.

  10. Use Relevant Hashtags

    There was a time when Instagram wanted you to add as many hashtags as a toddler adds sprinkles to their ice cream. They never have enough of it!

    However, things have changed so much that some folks even thought hashtags were dead. Instagram switched up its algorithm, and piling on hashtags just wasn’t cutting it anymore. Now, it’s all about relevancy over quantity. Instagram wants you to use hashtags that actually relate to your content so it can easily guide your post to the right audience. If you throw in too many random hashtags, your post will just get lost in the chaos since the algorithm won’t know where to send it.

    A snapshot of Instagram
    A snapshot of Instagram
  11. Collaborate With Other Creators

    Collaborating with other creators can help you get introduced to a whole new audience. Their followers can also engage with your content, and if they like it, they’re most likely to follow you as well. Many Instagram influencers collaborate with one another to experiment with their content, and it usually works well in their favor.

    We recommend finding influencers in your niche so you can leverage their audience while they benefit from yours. If you choose to collaborate with influencers from other niches, you might not make the most of this opportunity.

    A snapshot of Instagram
    A snapshot of Instagram
  12. Communicate With Your Audience in Comments and Stories

    As an influencer, you’re in a position of power. People follow you because they like you, and if you’re approachable, it gives them even more reasons to connect with you. Engaging with your audience can help you gain more followers and boost your Instagram growth.

    A snapshot of Instagram
    A snapshot of Instagram

    Try to respond to your audience’s comments and your stories so potential followers can see that you’re actively engaging with your community. While communicating with them in DMs is also a good practice, doing it publicly has even more benefits.

  13. Experiment With Instagram Posts

    You might think that carousel posts are working in your favor and want to stick to them so that you can stay in your comfort zone. However, by doing this, you could be missing out on the benefits Instagram Reels have to offer. It’s always good to experiment with different post types for better Instagram growth because you never know what might go viral. Stay open to new ideas and experiments to ensure your content reaches its full potential!

  14. Get Verified on Instagram

    Have you noticed the blue tick on influencers’ profiles on Instagram? That’s their verification badge.

    It represents their credibility and shows that Instagram has recognized their work and audience. While you can buy the blue tick these days, it still holds significant meaning. When we see that badge, we’re naturally more inclined to trust the account compared to an unverified one.
    Get Verified on Instagram

    If you want to build credibility with your audience, aim to get verified on Instagram!

  15. Keep a Content Calendar for Consistency

    Your consistency shouldn’t be compromised in any case— Period!

    Instagram takes consistency very seriously. If you stop posting quality content for just a few days, your engagement can take a nosedive. That’s one reason why it’s tough to grow and stay relevant on the platform. Many influencers struggle with consistency, but the simplest way to stay on track is by keeping a content calendar. Plan out your posts for each month and stick to your schedule. If you can pull this off, consistency won’t be a problem!

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In Conclusion

Getting the hang of Instagram can be tough when you’re just starting to figure out the algorithm. But once you understand how it works, it’s a walk in the park. All you need to do is create quality content, use relevant hashtags, and post at the right time to reach the right audience. The algorithm will handle the rest.

If you follow this guide and stay open to changes in the algorithm, you’ll achieve exponential Instagram growth without a hitch. We can’t wait to see you flourish on this platform, and becoming your partner on this journey would be a huge plus!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do I Grow My Instagram Fast?

If you want to grow your Instagram quickly, make sure your brand image resonates with your audience. Also, use hashtags that can boost your chances of appearing on the Explore page so more people discover your content.

2. How to Get 1,000 Followers on Instagram?

If you’re aiming to gain 1,000 followers on Instagram, focus on consistently sharing high-quality content for your audience and crafting strategies that help new users find your account. There’s no quick fix for gaining followers, so steer clear of buying them—it’s not a good practice and won’t pay off in the long run.

3. What Is Good Growth for Instagram?

On average, Instagram accounts see a monthly follower growth rate of 0.8%. But if you’re looking to measure your growth against a benchmark, a rate of 2.5% to 5% is considered solid progress.

4. How to Get 1K Likes on Instagram?

Getting 1,000 likes on Instagram isn’t too hard if you have the right strategies. The easiest way is to team up with an influencer whose audience aligns with yours. If you want to do it solo, ask people to like your posts and write engaging captions that help people connect with your account.

5. What Are the 4 Types of Influencers?

There are four types of influencers on Instagram.

  • Nano influencers- 1-10k followers
  • Micro-influencers- 10k-100k followers
  • Macro influencers- 100k-1 Million followers
  • Mega influencers- 1 Million+ followers

6. How to Get Paid on Instagram?

You can earn money on Instagram by teaming up with brands, becoming a creator, opening an Instagram shop, joining affiliate programs, promoting your business, or selling exclusive content.
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15 Powerful Strategies for Instagram Growth in 2024

Picture of Afirah Shaikh

Afirah Shaikh

I am a part of a #Champfam designated as a content writer who strongly believes that everything has a story to tell. When I'm not lost in the world of words, you will find me indulged in K-dramas, and manifesting my life to turn into one (a romcom). You can ping me at [email protected]

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