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For Champions, By Champions

We’re the Avengers of automation, the Titans of scheduling, the Sherlock Holmes of Analytics, and the Champ-ions of social media management!

Why Did the Social Media Manager Break up With Their Tool?

Because it couldn’t handle the commitment issues – always switching between platforms!

Social Champ puts an end to commitment anxiety. We’re your monogamous partners in all things social media management! We empower businesses, agencies, and influencers (and everyone in between) to manage all their social channels from a single, convenient dashboard. No more of the platform-switching drama! Instead, you can manage all social media-related tasks from one place with Social Champ. With us, you can live happily ever after, all while scheduling posts, analyzing analytics, and enjoying the sweet engagement without the hassle!

Our Story
Accidents Turned Us to Champs!

The story goes like this…

In the aftermath of graduation, three friends, Sameer, Zohaib, and Shakir, stood at the precipice of possibility. Armed with dreams and determination, they birthed OuzelSystems, a software consultancy firm promising financial autonomy for their passion projects: ‘GameOChat,’ ‘Educating Dreams,’ and ‘RemindZapp.’

However, these endeavors proved elusive, failing to soar as envisioned. Undeterred, they thought, “Let’s give ‘RemindZapp’ a boost!” And so, Social Champ came to be. Serving merely as a weekend project, it became a sidekick to their primary mission.

Fate intervened when Sameer, an ardent follower of Guy Kawasaki, responded to Guy’s tweet. “Your book inspired me to create a social media management tool” Sameer tweeted. Guy inquired about the tool and set a transformative journey in motion. What started as coincidence burgeoned into Social Champ, a tool guided by the wisdom of a tech luminary and perfected by our determined trio.

And that’s how Social Champ was born. We had no launch dates, no ‘Eureka’ moments, and no marketing plan. What we did have was determination, passion, and self-belief— and that’s what made us true champs!

Our Principles
For Our Customers

Inventing the Future



The No-Ego Rule

Giving Back

Speed & Scalability

Honesty and Reliability


We’ve sculpted a social media management tool that’s brilliantly user-friendly. We do more than just design features; we engineer an experience where your creativity flows smoothly. Whether you’re a novice or a professional, our empathy-focused design makes the tool super easy to use!

Inventing the Future

We don’t prepare for the future- we create it. At Social Champ, we anticipate technology shifts and integrate cutting-edge tech into our tool. We give home to your innovative ideas by redefining what’s possible. Our ultimate goal is to enhance the future by providing unified support across all social media platforms-offering an all-in-one and one-in-all solution!


We’re all about inclusivity – so much so that we offer free multilingual tools. But that’s not all. Every agency, start-up, small business, or enterprise can be a Champ. We’ve got plans to fit every budget, so no matter what your needs are, we have a package to get you started. 


Transparency stands as a cornerstone within our team. We provide you the freedom to express your business aspirations openly. Our empathetic approach encourages meaningful partnerships with both customers and employees. Our commitment to open communication ensures that the door is always welcoming for your thoughts!

The No-Ego Rule

Our ideas and dreams aren’t about personal pride, ego, or fears. When it comes to our work, we’re all about courage and resilience, sticking to a no-ego rule that’s all about driving businesses to success. To remain Champions, we foster a culture of continuous learning. In fact, our teams complete a course at the end of each quarter!

Giving Back

At Social Champ, we believe in giving back! That’s why we offer nonprofits huge discounts on our plans – up to 50% off yearly and 40% off monthly. We also provide up-and-coming businesses with a digital marketing starter kit at a fraction of the price. It’s our way of supporting those who make a difference.

Speed & Scalability

We are all about speed! New trends? We’re on it – lightning-fast integration with the latest tech keeps us ahead of the curve. The SaaS world moves super fast, and we’re built to keep up, always innovating to stay a step ahead.

Honesty and Reliability

At Social Champ, honesty and reliability are at our core. We tell it straight and deliver what we promise, every time. You can count on us to be there, a rock-solid partner you can trust. Whether you want to schedule demos or chat over emails, our team is ever-ready to cater to your needs.

For the Creative Minds Perfecting Social Champ

  1. Champ of the Quarter

    Our goal is to create a space where our champs feel like they’ve found their second home. We express our gratitude by celebrating our Champ of the Quarter— a monetary reward acknowledging the outstanding efforts of our hardest-working expert!

  2. Determination

    Our story began with determination, and that’s how we plan to proceed. Our champs never let a roadblock hold them back. Instead, we come up with a brand new strategy to overcome hurdles and come out on top!

  3. It’s All About Being Social!

    We’re all about that social life, and our name totally gives it away! We love jumping into social events because it’s not just about work; we believe in building connections. We spice things up with activities, games, and friendly competitions (including who can tolerate the most spice!) that let our hardworking team kick back and have a blast!

  4. Respect

    We build a supportive and friendly work culture in the organization that is founded on respect. With an open-door policy, we offer our champs a space to be themselves and share their concerns whenever needed. Ultimately, our goal is simple – we want our employees to know they’re seen, heard, understood, and truly valued!


  5. Teamwork

    We are all about teamwork! It’s not just a buzzword for us; it’s how we roll.  That’s why we hire people who are team players, not lone wolves; because let’s be honest, a great team makes all the difference! This way, we meet goals and have a blast doing it!

Core Functions

  • Team Collaboration

    No one should have to work on social media management alone. Social Champ comes with a team collaboration feature to turn your staff into the social media dream team. We believe the best results come from creative minds bouncing off ideas and working together!

  • Mobile Application

    Carry your social media empire in your pocket – manage posts, engage with your audience, and stay in control, all while waiting in line for your morning coffee. We created an app because the inspiration for your next epic post can strike anytime, anywhere – and with our mobile app, you’re always ready to seize the moment.

  • Bulk Upload

    Don’t waste time with one-by-one uploads. Just line up your content, hit upload, and watch as your social media battlefield gets conquered in one fell swoop. We launched this feature to liberate you from the tedious task of manual posting so you can focus on what really matters – creating killer content.

  • Free Social Media Scheduler

    The key to stress-free social media? Scheduling! Plan your posts in advance, sit back, and let Social Champ handle the rest. The idea behind this feature is simply to spread joy. We believe everyone deserves a taste of the good life – stress-free social media management. And you shouldn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to get that!

  • Champ AI Suite

    With our Champ AI Suite, you can create killer content, design striking visuals, and determine the best time to post without breaking a sweat. The Champ AI Suite is ever-evolving, and we plan to bring some new features to the market soon!

  • Chrome Extension

    Turn your browser into a social media command center. Schedule, post, and engage without ever leaving your favorite online hangouts. Because who needs extra tabs when you can have it all in one click?

  • Monitoring Analysis

    Want to know what floats your audience’s boat? With Social Champ’s Monitoring and Analytics, you can track and analyze metrics to make data-driven decisions and steer your ship toward success!

  • Auto RSS

    Say goodbye to manual content hunting. Auto RSS feeds deliver a stream of fresh, relevant content directly to your scheduler. We launched this feature to automate content discovery so you can focus on creating an empire instead of endlessly scrolling.

  • Calendar

    Our All-In-One Calendar is your social media blueprint. You can visualize, plan, and manage all your social channels. The Calendar feature lets you map your content’s schematics, ensuring every post is a well-planned step toward social media stardom. We launched the Calendar to help you bring order to your content strategy!

Software advice

Our Team

Intense Product, Genial Team.



CEO & Cofounder

Zohaib Ahmed Shakir – CTO & Co-Founder


CTO & Cofounder

Shakir Ghani – COO & Co-Founder


COO & Cofounder

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