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Champ Ambassador Program: Represent the Brand, Share the Love!

Experience a rewarding journey with Social Champ – Perform various activities, accumulate points, and unlock exciting rewards. Your social media management just got a whole lot more rewarding.

How It Works!



Fill out a simple form, and our team will evaluate whether you are a good fit for the Champ Ambassador Program. It’s that simple!
Set up profile

Set Up Your Profile

After our team gives you the green light, a quick sign-up on BrandChamp is the next step. Make sure to set up your profile for an extra 50 points!

Perform activities

Perform Activities

Engage in activities like sharing content and publishing social media posts to spread the word. Let’s have some fun making an impact!


Redeem Rewards

For each activity successfully executed, you’ll get points you can collect to redeem exciting prizes!

Thank You Isn't Enough: How We Show Gratitude

Get Rewarded for Your Efforts!

Every time you complete an activity for our ambassador program, you’ll score some points. Rack them up and redeem them for awesome prizes, including stylish, branded shirts, mugs, and caps to show off your Champ spirit.

Feeling even more ambitious? Save up your points for a coveted gift card, granting you sweet deals. So don’t wait; join the Champ team, take action, and get rewarded for creating positive change!

Do Good, Feel Good, Get Rewarded: The Champ’s Ambassador Mission!

Ditch the scroll, join the roll!
Be a Social Champs’ ambassador and stay relevant on social feeds!

Our activities include sharing trending content like blog posts, reels, memes, and more. Partner with a supportive team, work your own hours, and be the voice for the Champs!

Be a Voice, Be a Champ Brand Ambassador!

Gear up for exclusive gift cards, limited-edition perks, and community recognition. Join the Champ Ambassador Program and rep your passion for social media management. Applications close soon; don't miss out!

Why Promote Social Champ?

Click Once, Post To Many

Select multiple social profiles at once and schedule or instantly publish your posts in a single click to all supported social platforms. No need to stay up late to post your content.

Analytics & Reporting

See your top-performing posts as per platform-specific metrics, compare weekly and monthly performance, and download customizable reports in PDF formats.

Calendar View

Use the Calendar view to create, edit, delete, and cross-check all your posts of multiple social profiles from a single feature-rich screen, and get your work done faster.

Bulk Upload

Use our bulk upload feature to upload, approve and schedule content (In a CSV) for upcoming weeks and months, and save the hassle of manual post scheduling.

Auto Post RSS Feeds

Update your social profiles with the content from your favorite websites by connecting them using our auto post RSS feed connectivity.

Team Collaboration

Add and give role-specific access to team members (“Admin,” “Author,” and “Editor”) to manage your social media accounts. Great way to manage a remote team!

Recycle Content

Simplify content repurposing by using the Recycle feature to create and deploy campaigns powered by your evergreen content.

Enrich Your Content

Spice up your posts with tags, mentions, and classy visuals. Create custom posts for each social platform without worrying about word count.

Chrome Extension

Social Champ’s Google Chrome extension simplifies sharing any interesting content you come across directly to your social profiles without having to open another tab.

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Everyone Can Use Social Champ

It's an all-in-one Social Media Management Tool that fits all user requirements​​.


Startups can use Social Champ to increase awareness about their products and services on social media platforms preferred by their target audience and grow communities around their brand (and founders) with frequent posting.


Great customer interactions on social media platforms are crucial to the growth of SMB. These businesses could benefit from the Social Inbox feature to respond to comments and reviews about their business.


Agencies handle multiple social profiles for each customer. Social Champ simplifies the handling of multiple profiles. Agencies can have separate workspaces (with multiple users and social profiles) for individual clients.


Entrepreneurs can save time by automating their social media marketing with Social Champ. They can use multiple social profiles, repurpose content for the fast campaign launch, and keep an eye on performance through post analytics.


Marketers can use Social Champ to create "collections" of their evergreen content and use the "Recycle" feature to automate campaign deployment. They can also use detailed post analytics to discover best-performing content.


Influencers can streamline their content creation, deployment, and interaction with fans right from within the Social Champ platform. Use the post analytics to see what works with their audience on each social platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

To join the Champ Ambassador Program, you have to meet our approval criteria. We’re looking for passionate individuals who actively connect with their community on social media. Whether you’re a seasoned influencer or just starting to build your online presence, show us your enthusiasm! Additionally, ensure you have an active email address that you check frequently, as it will be our primary mode of communication for program updates and exclusive opportunities. Think you’ve got what it takes? Apply now and become a Champ brand ambassador!

Our ambassador programs offer several perks and incentives. To access those rewards, go to your Champ Ambassador dashboard. Hop onto the activities page to discover all the fun things you can do! Once you complete the task and get your participation approved, you’ll earn points. Rack up enough points, and you can swing by the rewards tab to choose something cool that fits your point budget. It’s that simple!

Activities get the green light 14 days after you complete them, as long as you meet all the requirements. That means uploading a valid screenshot and link to the activity on your brand ambassador program dashboard.

The ambassador marketing program extends two types of rewards: digital and tangible. If you choose digital rewards, such as a gift card, you will receive it within 24 hours of redemption via email. On the other hand, if you choose a tangible gift, like a T-shirt or a mug, it can take a little longer, especially since we’ll have to consider factors like location and package size. Either way, we’ll keep you updated!

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