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The Future Is Here - Champ AI Suite

Say hello to your dynamic AI assistant, ready to serve you the best!

Experience the power of next-generation AI with Social Champ’s suite of premium features featuring text, image, and sentiment-based intelligence.

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Explore the Next Generation of Intelligence With Champ AI Assistant for Social Media

AI Content Wizard

Social Champ x ChatGPT presents AI Content Wizard – a premium feature that allows you to generate complete marketing copies from a string of related words. If you are out of captions or you cannot come up with the perfect CTA, this Champ Wizard is your savior. 

Type your requests in the text box and see your ideas come to life.

AI Imaginator

AI Imaginator is your best friend when your designer is running short on time. Type in a few strings of text, separated by a comma that describes what you require the image to be, and watch them come to life with high-quality images. 

Just make sure you describe the image as closely as possible with our exclusive AI assistant tool.

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis

Monitor and analyze sentiments in your content to create and shape an effective social media strategy with our AI assistant tool. Recognize the sentiments within the text (positive, negative, neutral, mixed). Improve customer support and online reputation with opinion mining and social media sentiment analysis.
Download the reports of content analysis in PDF files to use them in the future for emotion detection.

Social Champ x ChatGPT
Embrace the power of next-generation intelligence in the form of powerful AI assistant & features!

Sentiment Analysis

Social Champ x ChatGPT

Embrace the power of next-generation intelligence in the form of powerful AI assistant & features!

Explore More Features Other Than Champ AI Suite

Bulk Upload

Use the Bulk Upload feature for multiple posting at once.

Team Collaboration

Collaborate with other team members to share the workload!

Chrome Extension

Avoid the hassle of switching between tabs with our Chrome extension!

Recycle Content

Make your content flawless by recycling it through Social Champ!

Auto RSS

Share content from your favorite blogs to keep your audience updated.

Mobile Application

Manage multiple accounts from your phone through the SocialChamp App.

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Customer Testimonials

Hands down the number one thing I like the most about Social Champ is their integration with GMB, I can easily add and schedule Google My Business posts. Not many software are offering this type of feature.
Josh Bernthold
Agency Owner, The Hotshot group
I've been using Social Champ for about a year and I really love it. This scheduler handles enough volume to allow me to handle all my important social accounts. Scheduling before Social Champ was a nightmare; it offered up new ways to share content; quick to respond whenever there is an issue.
June Brewer
June Brewer
Co-Editor at Georgia Dressage
You get all the features you would normally get from any social media management tool. I'm a big fan of integrations specifically the free media library which also offers image editing before posting it to my social accounts.
Jorge Edel
Jorge Edel A.
CEO Veeme Media
Social Champ has been my main social media management software to repeat my posts. It saves me a lot of time. I really like the flexibility of options when it comes to scheduling out content. Mainly it's feature to schedule repeat content and it’s ability to automatically delete the previous post.
Fred V
Owner, Marketing and Advertising

Frequently Asked Questions

ANS: Champ AI Suite is your social media AI assistant that helps you to generate meaningful captions for your posts via AI Content Wizard. You can turn your string of words into meaningful images using AI Imaginator and analyze the tone of your content with Sentiment Analysis.

ANS: Our Champ AI Suite is exclusively powered by ChatGPT and Natural Language Processing (NLP) models designed to deliver human-like responses. 

ANS: Yes, our mighty social media AI assistant runs on credits, and currently, it is available on the FREE as well as paid plans. 

ANS: No, you can’t use Champ AI Suite without signing up for Social Champ. You need to sign up for Social Champ to experience our premium AI social media assistant.

ANS: Yes, you can customize your captions just as you want. You can adjust your inputs and add necessary keywords to align with your brand’s tone

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