$10 per month

15 social profiles

300 scheduled posts/social profile

1 user


$29 per month

25 social profiles

1000 scheduled posts/social profile

2 users


$99 per month

50 social profiles

1500 scheduled posts/social profile

6 users


$199 per month

100 social profiles

2000 scheduled posts/social profile

11 users

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Champ Reviews

We’re Recommended By The Leading Experts In Social Media Marketing

Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki

Author Speaker, Evangelist

Social Champ is the tool that I use the most for my social-media efforts. It’s the cleanest and most efficient tool that I’ve found.

Peg Fitzpatrick

Author, Speaker, Social Media Marketing Pro

Social Champ has unique features that I love. One favorite is the ability to add images from the blog post that appear on Twitter without adding your own graphic. What a time saver and it helps my visual marketing shine online!
Ian Aderson

Ian Anderson Gray

Founder, Seriously Social

Social Champ isn't just your usual scheduling tool - it has some fantastic features up its sleeves! It doesn't just satisfy your inner-geek, but really boosts your productivity and effectiveness for your social media marketing.
Neal Schaffer

Neal Schaffer

Author, Global Social Media Speaker, Social Media Marketing Influencer

Social Champ is an innovative solution that helps you publish your content in an intelligent way to maximize exposure.
Alex Khan

Alex Khan

Speaker, Editor, Video Coach

Social Champ is an effective tool to automate your social media posts. What I like best is auto-retweet feature that allows me to repeat my own tweet multiple times throughout the day based on the schedule I set in advance – it’s a time saver!
Jawwad Farid

Jawwad Farid

Author, Founder, Alchemy Technologies

The damn thing works. Unlike many others I have tried in the past.

Frequently Asked Question

What does the number of scheduled posts in every plan mean?

Social Champ lets you schedule a certain amount of posts per EACH social media profile, according to the pricing plan that you choose, even on trial basis. Example, if you have chosen the ‘Professional Plan’, you will be able to schedule 300 posts on each account, and so forth.

How much does Social Champ cost?

Social Champ offers multiple plans that tailor your needs. They range from $10 to about $199 per month, depending on the team you have there.

Will I be notified when my trial ends?

Yeap, an email notification will be sent to you before your trial ends, so you can purchase the awesomeness of automation and keep it flowing on your social media profiles.

Does Social Champ offer any discount for the NGOs?

Social Champ offers a flat 50% discount on all the pricing plans to non-governmental organizations that are working for the betterment of the world.

What are the payment procedures that Social Champ follows?

Social Champ supports payments through credit cards like Master and Visa. We are soon to accept payments from Paypal too, stay tuned!

What is a ‘social profile’?

A social profile is an account that you have a digital presence with. Social Champ offers automation services for Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Facebook pages. The pricing plans offer a different number of social profiles to be connected with Social Champ, for example, 15 social profiles in our Professional Plan can be a combination of 10 Facebook pages and 5 LinkedIn accounts, or 5 Facebook pages + 3 Twitter accounts + 2 Instagram business profiles + 2 Pinterest accounts + 3 LinkedIn profiles.
As long as the total number of connected pages and accounts (=social profiles) counts up to the number of social profiles offered by the pricing plan, you’re good to go!