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Schedule Your Way Through the Fediverse With Mastodon Scheduler

Publish & organize posts with Social Champ’s Mastodon scheduler using high-quality images & AI power!

No Credit Card Required

Make Use of Powerful Mastodon Scheduling for Viral Posts

Grow a Powerful Profile With Social Champ

Mastodon is not your run-of-the-mill social media network. Or maybe it is social media in the most real of senses. The platform does not support any algorithm and follows the chronological order like the old times. You can connect Social Champ on any server and schedule away your posts!

Happy posting!

Plan Your Scheduling Calendar Like a Pro

The scheduling tool for Mastodon offers a modern-day calendar for all your Gen-Z ideas to flow through. A fully-fledged calendar will ensure that you stay on top of the chronological order and never miss out on Mastodon posts!

Filter through the posts & edit them using the calendar tab!

Champ AI to the Fediverse

Our Champ AI Suite is fully loaded to help you out with creating viral Mastodon posts on the platform. The Mastodon scheduler allows you to create images & text using AI on all plans. From GIFs to static images you can schedule all on Mastodon!

Cross the future of our universe with the future intelligence & get posting!

Auto RSS

Connect your favourite blogs with Social Champ to directly post updates on Mastodon.

Dropbox & Google Drive

Directly upload images from the cloud with useful integrations of Google Drive & Dropbox from the Mastodon scheduler.


The Mastodon management tool allows posting to custom time slots using queues from the dashboard.

Sentiment Analysis

Analyse the sentiment of your posts to keep a uniform voice across all platforms using the Mastodon scheduler!

Capture the Fediverse With Social Champ ​​ ​

Schedule limitless posts on Mastodon with Social Champ’s powerful scheduler.

A Mastodon Scheduler That Fits All

Get a Mastodon Scheduler to streamline your daily tasks


Do not underestimate the power of Mastodon while crafting your first-ever social media strategy!


Stay in the loop by scheduling posts using the Mastodon post scheduler with minimum effort!


Clients asking for a presence on Mastodon? Worry no more and schedule away with Social Champ!


Channel your inner entrepreneur energy by building a strong personal brand on Mastodon!


Stay on top of your marketing game by setting post campaigns using the Mastodon scheduler!


Build a fitting presence via the Diverse today using the intuitive Mastodon post scheduler by Social Champ!

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Customer Testimonials

Hands down the number one thing I like the most about Social Champ is their integration with GMB, I can easily add and schedule Google My Business posts. Not many software are offering this type of feature.
Josh Bernthold
Agency Owner, The Hotshot group
I've been using Social Champ for about a year and I really love it. This scheduler handles enough volume to allow me to handle all my important social accounts. Scheduling before Social Champ was a nightmare; it offered up new ways to share content; quick to respond whenever there is an issue.
June Brewer
June Brewer
Co-Editor at Georgia Dressage
You get all the features you would normally get from any social media management tool. I'm a big fan of integrations specifically the free media library which also offers image editing before posting it to my social accounts.
Jorge Edel
Jorge Edel A.
CEO Veeme Media
Social Champ has been my main social media management software to repeat my posts. It saves me a lot of time. I really like the flexibility of options when it comes to scheduling out content. Mainly it's feature to schedule repeat content and it’s ability to automatically delete the previous post.
Fred V
Owner, Marketing and Advertising

Frequently Asked Questions

Mastodon account can be connected by using following guide.

All the paid plans supports unlimited post scheduling on the Mastodon acccounts.

Social Champ offers mastodon.social, mas.to, mastodon.world, techhub.social, with an option to add any other server.

Yes! Mastodon Threads can be scheduled using Social Champ.

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