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April 2024


  • Social Listening: The beta version of our social listening feature has been launched.
  • Instagram Collaboration: Our new feature, “Instagram Collaboration,” allows users to collaborate with their influencers directly from Social Champ.
  • Engage Unread Notification Counter: An “unread messages” counter has been introduced for users in the Engage section.


  • Recycling Feature Update: A new functionality has been implemented in the recycle feature, allowing users to sort and search for their content with ease.
  • Bulk Upload Validation: A validation system has been introduced for the bulk upload feature. This ensures that if a post contains any errors, it will not be scheduled on any account.
  • AI-Powered Best Time to Post: The option for custom dates has been added to our AI-powered best time to post, providing more flexibility in content scheduling.
  • User Experience: The UI of the analytics graph has been significantly improved for a better user experience.
  • TikTok Images Support in Bulk Upload: The bulk upload feature now supports TikTok images.
  • Bulk Upload Post Types Improved: The bulk upload post types have been significantly improved. Videos uploaded by users will be posted as “Reels” on Instagram and as “YouTube Shorts” on YouTube.

March 2024


  • TikTok Images via Push Notification: Social Champ now enables users to schedule images on TikTok through push notifications.
  • Bluesky Analytics: The analytics for Bluesky profiles are now live and can be accessed from the sidebar in the analytics section.


  • Daily Post Limit: The daily post limits are implemented on all the posts regardless of the post type (Reels, Stories, or Shorts).

February 2024


  • AI-Powered Best Time to Post: We’ve introduced a new feature that utilizes AI to determine the optimal time for posting, helping users maximize engagement.
  • YouTube First Comment Scheduling: Users can now schedule the “First Comment” for their YouTube videos in advance, streamlining their workflow.
  • Bluesky Integration: Social Champ now integrates with Bluesky, allowing users to connect their profiles and publish content directly to the federated social network.
  • Live Posts in Calendar: Users can now view live posts directly within the calendar, providing better visibility and management.


  • API Enhancement: The Engage API response time and the UI state for fetching engagement data have been significantly improved.
  • Email Automation: Automated emails are now sent to users upon the expiration of their access token, ensuring a smooth experience

January 2024



  • Calendar Search: Users can now search for their posts by typing keywords across the calendar interface.


  • Enhanced Security for Shared Calendar: Shared calendar links can now be distributed to clients, requiring them to enter their username, email, and occasionally a password to gain access.
  • User Experience: Users can access support in various ways via the help button located in the sidebar.
  • Redesigned Header: The header and sidebar’s UI have been extensively redesigned for improved accessibility and ease of use.
  • CSV Export from Media Library: Users can now export CSV files from the media library, facilitating bulk upload and content recycling.
  • Demo Report for Analytics: A new demo report option is now available, providing new users with an overview of Social Champ’s analytics functionality

December 2023



  • LinkedIn Polls: Social Champ users can now create engaging polls for their LinkedIn posts.
  • Twitter Polls: Now create and send polls for Twitter accounts directly from Social Champ.
  • Calendar Notes: Users can now add important notes to specific days within the calendar.
  • Web Push Notifications: Receive notifications on your computer while using the web application of Social Champ.


  • Analytics Demo Report: Users can now view a demonstration report in analytics as a point of reference.
  • Trial & Payment: Added workflow upon end of free trial to prompt users to subscribe, request additional 7 days of trial or downgrade to free plan.
  • Media Library Export Options: Added option to export media library data as CSV to extract media URLs.
  • Updated Facebook Reels Duration: Users can now upload 90 second reels to Facebook as opposed to the previous 60 second limit.
  • Updated Facebook Content Character Limit: Facebook posts content character limit has been updated from 5000 characters to 10000 characters.
  • Post-Approval Notifications: Social Champ now alerts users with notifications regarding Post Approval workflows like approval, decline and edits.

November 2023



  • Media Library: With the introduction of the media library, you can now upload and store images and videos directly on Social Champ to access whenever you need.
  • Facebook Stories: Users can now post stories to their Facebook pages directly from Social Champ.


  • User Interface: The unsubscribe workflow has been updated for an overall smoother experience.
  • User Experience: The team member workflow has been updated with added functionality and a better interface.

October 2023



  • Demographic Analytics: Get detailed analytics of your audience demographics for your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts in Social Champ.
  • Password Protection on Shareable Calendar: Users can now password protect their shareable calendar links to mitigate unauthorized viewers. 
  • Queueing Options in Bulk Upload: Now add posts to queue within bulk upload with added scheduling options; auto-queue next and auto-queue last.
  • Authorization Token Expiry Notification: Users will now receive a notification within the platform and over email when their authorization token for any account is expiring in 7, 3, 2 and 1 day(s).
  • Customizable Link Preview: Link previews for LinkedIn accounts and Facebook pages with verified domains can now be customized with personalized images, titles and descriptions.


  • Error Messages: Post error messages will now show all errors at once on the platform.
  • Post Interaction History: Posts in the calendar will now show information about which user created, modified or approved any post.

September 2023



  • MOV. Video Format: New video format support added so users can upload a more diverse variety of media.
  • Zapier Integration: Social Champ has now successfully been integrated with Zapier so users can set up automations triggered by their Social Champ account activities.


  • Updated Spamming Policy: Instead of 48 hours, users that spam posts will now be banned for 1 hour and then 2 hours for repeat offense.
  • Pending Approval Filter: New filter for ‘Pending Approval’ posts added in calendar so users can identify these posts more easily. 
  • AI Suite Revamped: UI & UX for the Champ AI Suite has been significantly revamped so that it’s easier to access and use. 
  • Account Adding: The Add Account UI has been significantly revamped to improve usability.
  • Individual Analytics Graphs: Users can now individually view graphs for each performance metric in Analytics.

August 2023



  • Google Business Profile Post Extras: Users can now choose between posts, offers and events when creating a post for Google Business Profiles. 
  • Instagram Reels Tags: We have added the ability for users to tag Instagram accounts in their Reels.
  • Instagram Reels Audio Renaming: Now rename audios used in Reels on Instagram. 


  • Instagram Daily Posting Limit: Instagram Business account users’ daily post limit has been updated from 25 to 50.
  • User Experience: UI for reconnecting accounts and incorrect credentials has been updated along with the post preview UI as well.

July 2023



  • LinkedIn Post Privacy: Users can now natively select post privacy for LinkedIn posts within Social Champ.
  • LinkedIn Video Subtitles: Users can upload subtitle files along with their videos to add captions to their LinkedIn video posts.
  • Image Alt Text in Bulk Upload: Bulk Upload now supports the ability to add alt text to linked image files within the .csv file.
  • Trials for Free Users: Free users can now try out Champ & Business plan for up to 7 days.
  • ‘View on Network’ Button in Calendar: Successful posts can now be viewed on the respective social network directly from the calendar with the click of a button.


  • User Experience: Improved location tagging UI, revamped recycle UI and ability to filter notifications and accounts.

June 2023



  • Editable Shared Calendar: Agency users now have additional settings to customize their shared calendars based on their preferences.
  • LinkedIn Document Uploads: Users can now upload .pdf, .pptx and .docx files for their LinkedIn posts enabling carousel sharing directly from Social Champ.
  • LinkedIn Video Title: Users can now add dedicated titles for videos they upload to LinkedIn directly from Social Champ.
  • Video Views in Analytics: Users can now view video view count within Social Champ’s Analytics feature for their Facebook and Instagram accounts.


  • User Experience: Revamped UI for Post Extras and Suggestions.
  • General Settings: Added options for hashtags and mention suggestions.
  • Analytics: Added option to view ‘all posts’ and notification for syncing.

May 2023



  • White Labeling for Agency Users: Agency users can now white label the shareable calendar with their own logo/branding.
  • Scheduled Drafts: Social Champ users now have the ability to set dates for drafts to appear in the calendar.
  • YouTube Bulk Upload: Now bulk upload multiple videos at once to YouTube using the CSV file option.
  • Instagram Direct Story Posting: Users can now publish photo & video content directly to their Instagram stories without having to go through the app or use push notifications.


  • User Experience: Revamped and improved UI for workspace/team management and UTM tracking.

April 2023



  • Mastodon Threads: Users can now schedule threads similar to twitter threads to their Mastodon accounts.
  • TikTok First Comment: Social Champ users can now schedule a first comment along with their TIkTok posts.


  • Alerts UI: Multiple alerts of the same nature are now stacked together.
  • YouTube Anti-Spam: Anti-spam logic has been implemented so that users don’t get strikes against their YouTube accounts and excess posts are held for 24 hours.

March 2023



  • TikTok Direct Publishing: Users can now directly publish TikToks from Social Champ without having to go through the TikTok app. 
  • TikTok Analytics: With the updated APIs, Social Champ users can now get in depth analytics for their TikTok accounts including metrics like audience, engagement, impressions and views.
  • Weekly Calendar: Now users can switch to a more expanded weekly view within the Social Champ calendar.


  • Account Management: Revamped UI
  • Calendar: Filters have been updated along with the ability to display posts that land in post approval.
  • Auto RSS: Posts can now be scheduled with updated frequency.

February 2023



  • Best time to post: Identify the best time to post on your social media network from the analytics tab. 
  • Mastodon Integration: Schedule posts directly on your Mastodon account using Social Champ. 
  • AI Imaginator: Turn your text prompts into high-quality images.
  • AI Content Wizard: Generate meaningful text powered by ChatGPT.


  • Fixes: Customised graphs, Instagram grids, Auto RSS for free users, Facebook re-authentication, First comment and Facebook Reels on Recycle. 

January 2023



  • Shareable Drafts: Save your incomplete drafts and share it with your team members. 
  • Reels Type Support on Bulk: Bulk upload is now supporting Reels. You can schedule your Reels at once via CSV files on multiple social accounts. 


  • Other Fixes: in-app notification by default after signup, fixed draft notification issue, displays failed IG posts on the calendar and other fixes. 

December 2022



  • Shareable Calendar: Schedule and share your social media content calendar with your teammates or clients using a shareable link.
  • NPS Surveys: Submit your feedback within the platform, and fill out the form to help us improve our platform, and deliver the best possible experience.


  • Calendar UI: An improved and better UI for Social Media Calendar, providing a sleek and smoother experience to our users. 
  • Quick Select: Making your social account selections easier in the workspace. Create a group of your frequently used social media accounts using the Quick Select. 
  • Hashtags: Group your favourite hashtags and use it in your social media posts with a single click; you can add up to 30 hashtags in a group. 
  • Other fixes: Analytics fetching properly on the first try, Profile fetching UI fixed, quick edit option for workspace, Twitter Thread main post preview on thread list, and others.

November 2022



  • Drag/Drop Media & CSV: Drag/ drop your media on the content composer and CSV file on Bulk upload dashboard. 
  • New Feature Announcement UI: Stay up to date with all the new features with in-app pop-up notifications. 
  • Facebook Ad Engage Posts: Manage Facebook Ad comments from the Engage dashboard. 


  • Instagram Story Flow: New & improved “Instagram story” add account flow. 
  • Media & Hashtag Support: You can now use media and trending hashtags in the first comments. 
  • Other fixes: updated queued posts in RSS, fixed time issues for post approvals, social accounts drop-down selector for Queue, failed posts notifications via a pop-up, quick edit Workspaces using the dropdown. 

October 2022



  • Facebook Reels: Upload Facebook Reels directly from the content dashboard with all platform features. 
  • Updated Bulk Notifications: Receive notifications for all failed and successful Bulk posts.  


  • Revamped Bulk UI: New Bulk interface with easier functionality and flow. 
  • Improved Workspace edit: New & improved Workspace editing options on the same screen. 
  • Other fixes: Twitter conversations, read/delete notifications, updated Instagram grid, bullet signs, and post duplication on Analytics.

September 2022



YouTube Shorts: You can now schedule YouTube Shorts from the dashboard with captions.
TikTok on Bulk: Bulk Upload for TikTok videos is now live using a CSV file.
Instagram User Tags: You can now tag private users on your scheduled images through Social Champ.
Youtube Captions: Along with custom thumbnails, previews, and queues, YouTube captions are now live.


Character Limit for Instagram: The character limit for Instagram captions has been updated.
Other fixes: Team Member API update, Workspace API updates, YouTube bulk, RSS, and Recycle issue, Engage for Twitter.


August 2022



Analytics 2.0: Users can now find a detailed view of the post and profile analytics with improved UI.


Facebook Image Limit: Facebook image limit has been increased to 75 images per post.
Other Fixes: Guides integrated on IG Fatal Error, video viewer UI fixes, LinkedIn first comment issues, Add/Remove profiles fixed, alt-text issues on post-approval, and basic UI errors.


July 2022



Instagram Reels: Social Champ now allows you to schedule Reels using the dashboard with custom previews.


Helpdesk Guide Integration: Guides integrated on IG Reauth Error to assist users in resolving issues.

Pinterest Policy Update: Policy updated for Pinterest carousel, all images should be of the same size.

Latin Characters: Now Latin characters are recognized when tagging on the platform.

Other fixes: Login screen redirecting properly, Selecting the filtered profiles doesn’t reset the whole list, ‘undefined’ doesn’t show when saving drafts without text, GIF publishing to LinkedIn, Media previews can now be seen on Google Drive, scrolling in recycle campaigns, Workspace level post approvals, Auto delete was not working on Facebook repeat posts, Congratulations message UI was broken on onboarding, Updated media policies, User had to refresh the screen to see the updated images in Recycle collections, Admin of another workspace was receiving failed posts emails of another workspace, Link preview fixed for broken images, RSS link generated in suggestion was not being saved in my collection, Typo issues, Add team member dropdown not working when creating workspace, Posts weren’t getting posted on collection.


June 2022



Auto RSS Advanced Options: Users can now further customize their RSS posts with advanced options.

Canva Design Type Options: Now users can select different design types according to different social media platforms when designing a post using the Canva integration on Social Champ.

Twitter Threads: Now users can create and schedule Twitter threads from the Social Champ composer.


Bulk Upload: Improved for repetitions and time gap fields in the bulk upload to reduce error frequency when bulk scheduling.

Twitter Engage: The system successfully fetches user’s mentioned posts in Engage feature.

Other fixes: Saved drafts with images get fetched properly, time resetting after saving settings in repeat from the composer, adding images and gifs at the same time when editing posts.


May 2022



Engage Notifications: Users will now receive in-app notifications for pending messages/comments from the Engage feature.

Post Approvals (Workspace Level): Now users have the option to switch on post approvals for every team member and social profile in a workspace which will cause all posts to land in the post approvals tab for the admin/owner to approve.


4:5 Image Crop: The image editor now allows cropping images in the 4:5 ratio.

Audio Messages (Engage): Users are now able to play audio messages they receive in their inbox for their connected socials from the Engage feature.

Analytics Data Fetching: Analytics are now fetched more efficiently for Free plan users.

Other fixes: Comments fetched in engage for free users, Queue edit issues, Removed multiple selections from analytics, Unable to save mentions on Draft, Mentions text, Team Member invite email was case sensitive, TikTok and GMB posting issues, Scroll on collection was removing media, Space in image URL in bulk was giving error, Recycle dates were being missed, The wrong date being displayed in analytics, Copy-paste did not open mentions list, Media deletion issue after failed post.


April 2022



TikTok Integration: Users can now schedule and publish videos from Social Champ to their TikTok accounts. Follow this guide to learn how.

Switching Emails: When switching emails Social Champ now sends an OTP code to the original email for verifying the changes being made to the account.


Manage Queue Loading: Improved loading time for Manage Queue setting.

Unlisted Option for YouTube: Users can now categorize their videos as unlisted when publishing to YouTube from Social Champ.

Other fixes: Clearer error message on adding duplicate collection post, 504 bad gateway on reconnecting IG Stories, Time changing to “22:00” when selecting “10:00” when scheduling, Error due to GMB minimum image size, Video title on linkedin, Time resets to midnight when editing scheduled posts, YouTube post failed due to captions limit and duplicate tags, LinkedIn posts failed due to ‘@’ sign with thumbnail, IG count error and image format issue on bulk, GMB CTAs not working on bulk, LinkedIn preview doesn’t get published after customizing posts for each network, Unable to see LinkedIn page analytics, Duplicate profile selection on the team member page, Analytics date range issue in comparison, Alignment of the account name on the workspace, Issue in team invite, Draft layout breaking after adding multiple images, Unable to show location for team member, Notification getting removed if only one feature notification is present.


March 2022



Video Thumbnails: Users can now customize Thumbnails when publishing videos to Facebook Page, Instagram Business account, LinkedIn (Page and Profile), Pinterest and YouTube through Social Champ.

Engage Twitter and Google Business Profile: The Engage feature now hosts and allows users to reply to messages and comments received under their connected Twitter accounts and reply to reviews under their Google Business Profiles.

Carousels (Instagram Business and Pinterest): Users can now publish carousels directly to their Instagram Business (up to 10 images) and Pinterest (up to 5 images) feeds.

24 Hour Time Format: A more customized scheduling experience for users. The workspace can be switched between 24 Hour and 12 Hour time formats.


Alert Text Update: Alert text updated when deleting bulk scheduled posts from the Social Champ Calendar.

Facebook Group Display Pictures: Resync for connected Facebook groups improved to show respective display pictures.

Analytics PPT Export: Analytics now offers users the option to export a PPT file as well.

Other fixes: LinkedIn first comment is preserved when editing posts, Display picture on pdf analytics, Social media extras are being preserved in queue tab, Pinterest title and link preserved in post approval edit, Loader after adding accounts, Export CSV in Analytics fetches image/video links, Edit for linkedin comments are preserved, Time resets when the date is changed while scheduling, Analytics PDF export issue on safari, Copy-Paste text on Mac turning text into image, New comments in Engage for new profiles being fetched, Space before URL being removed in Recycle composer, Updating team roles through team management, Analytics date range issue in comparison.


February 2022



LinkedIn First Comment: Users can now publish and schedule first comments with their LinkedIn posts.

Engage LinkedIn Page: The Engage feature now hosts and allows users to reply to messages and comments received under their connected LinkedIn pages.


Edit/Decline Post Approvals: A major improvement on the Post Approvals feature that now allow adding comments when declining posts and edit posts sent for approval.

Analytics Revamp: An improved UI for the analytics feature that now allows setting up custom date ranges as well.

Collapsable Preview: The preview window can be collapsed/hidden to give more room to the content composer as per the user’s preferences.

Improved Security for Twitter Spamming: An even more sound and balanced check to make sure users don’t run into spamming strikes from Twitter.

Other fixes: UI update for URLs without images, missing posts from Calendar, messages and comments sort by latest on engage, bitly not applying after opening bitly for the selected account, Analytics posts showing unsupported characters on URLs, Content preview glitches for image – showing same height for all type of images, Hide the ‘Add the image’ button when no image in URL, CTA links on GMB posts are showing in All Caps, Discarding owner’s comments as a new item in engage, RSS posts not getting set for IG Business accounts, Instagram DM error – App Doesn’t have Human-Agent Tag Access, Bulk upload on recycle showing error 400, A team member can drag and drop posts in Calendar, LinkedIn page tagging, Scheduled posts not showing up, Posts via Social Champ now show up in FB Business Manager, Add logo in Analytics PDF report.


January 2022



Authorization UI: An improved UI offering a better Account Authorization experience to all users from Billing and Personal to Team Management.

Free Plan and New Pricing: Introduced a Free plan that offers almost all the perks of a subscription plan with limited users and Social Profiles. Additionally, introduced a new pricing model better suited to user requirements. Learn more here.

Time Zone: Now users can customize their Time Zone when publishing and scheduling through the content dashboard.

LinkedIn First Comment: Users can now add additional content, URLs, and hashtags and publish it as LinkedIn’s first comment from Social Champ.


Profile Selection: ‘Select All’ does not remain ticked after all the profiles have been de-selected in the Profile selection dropdown.

Re-Ordering by Team Member: Social Profiles re-ordered by a team member will now stay updated.

YouTube Publishing: Fixed network issues when publishing videos on YouTube.

Engage: Fixed Reply button on FB and IG comments in Engage feature.

Other fixes: Fetching images from links, Social account pop-up, Icon and text alignment in UI, Navigation and auto-collapse of side menu, Alert prompt on posting, Scheduling and queuing, Improved CSV file and Bulk Upload scheduling, Select all checkbox now selects GMB account as well, Broken images in link previews, Post now disables the save draft button, 1 error shows instead of 2 when creating posts, Ability to add videos for GMB when editing in Bulk Upload, Assigning locked profiles to team members and limiting video upload limit to 60 seconds on Instagram.


December 2021



Engage Revamp: A new and improved Engage feature – A better interface, providing a smoother and cleaner experience to our users.

Book a demo: Abridging the communication gaps between our users and our team even further with the Book a Demo button, both, on our website and the platform. Users can reach us with ease and get a thorough walkthrough of our platform.

Youtube Integration: Ability to upload, schedule, and publish videos to Youtube through Social Champ


Instagram Error: Rolled out a fix for IG’s media not found error.

Re-auth Issue: Fixed repeated re-auth issues users were running into with FB and IG accounts.

Hashtags and Mentions: Resolved an issue with Hashtags and Mentions not appearing properly.

Other fixes: Preview UI, RSS date/time fetch issue, Scrolling fixes, Updated Unsubscribe form text, Alt text posting issue,  Users Access Token – IG, Social Account missing on Edit Post, Prevent error API calls twice.


November 2021



Content Preview: A preview is shown on the left of the content dashboard for all the posts you create in real-time – Giving users an idea of what the post will look like once published.

Pinterest Video: Improvements in the API integrations now allow users to publish videos to Pinterest via Social Champ.

Image Slider: A slider preview of your Instagram Carousel posts to mimic what the carousel will look like once published to Instagram.

Resync Feature: Any changes/updates made to your Social Profiles can now easily get synced with Social Champ via Re-auth.

New Social Account Dropdown: Updated UI gives you a cleaner experience when selecting which Social Accounts to publish to via the dropdown at the top of the publisher.


Bitly Fixes: Rolled out a fix for converting long URLs to shortened Bitly links.

Link Preview: Fixed incorrect previews being fetched for users attaching URLs in the publisher.

Video Playback in Background: Resolved an issue where the video kept playing in the background after closing its preview.

Uploading Media from Wave: Fixed the issue where some users were facing difficulties uploading media to the publisher from the Wave.Video integration.

Other fixes: Media edit, alt fixes after edit image, IG post media upload issue for PNG images, Workspace fixes for owner and admin, Issues in saving draft, Image order/reordering fix, Issue in post deletion from the calendar, Scroll bar on billing screen,  placeholder text for workspace creation and Revamp Social Account Card UI


October 2021



Media Revamp: A new drag and drop feature when uploading media allowing you to reorder your images and a visual separator now also shows which uploaded media will get published to which Social Network

Instagram Multiple Images: Improvements in the API integrations now lets users upload up to 9 images to Instagram via the Instagram Stories feature on Social Champ.

Alt-Text in Images: Users will now be able to add Alt-text directly from Social Champ’s content publisher.

Facebook Pages Differentiated via Region: Users will now be able to connect their variety of regional Facebook pages with Social Champ and they will be differentiated with the respective region’s initials.


Spammer Error: Users marked as spammers will be seeing a clear message regarding why they’ve been marked and what can be done.

Created by *Team Member*: Posts shown in the queue tab will also show who was the creator of the post.

Hashtag Fixes: Copy-pasting hashtags won’t affect the formatting of the text already drafted.

RSS Fixes: The system is now fetching the correct previews for RSS feeds hosted on Cloudflare.

Other fixes: Bitly link shortening on the calendar, IG first comment, cache text in drafts, calendar drag and drop for team members, fetching feeds from more RSS links, mentions saved in drafts.

September 2021



Media Integrations: Google Drive, DropBox, Imgur, and Flickr integrations – Allowing users to connect their cloud storage and access vast libraries of Imgur and Flickr to fetch media.

Multiple Images: Improvements in the API integrations now lets users upload up to 9 images to LinkedIn and Facebook.

Direct Link: Users are now able to fetch media for their content using the Direct Link feature integrated with the new Media Upload UI.

Location Tagging: Users are now able to tag locations when publishing to Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Facebook First Comment: Add a first comment to your Facebook posts directly from the platform via the content publisher and Bulk Upload CSV file.


Recycle Publisher: GMB CTAs, Pinterest title and URL, and Instagram First Comment can now be added when creating posts for collections via the Recycle Post publisher.

Media Library UI: Media library UI revamped – Providing a smoother experience to users when uploading media to publish.

Other fixes: Detailed errors UI interface with respect to a social network, autosave on Cache, detailed confirmation prompt before unsubscribing, Fonts updated, website responsiveness according to device/mobile


August 2021



Post Approvals UI Revamped: A better and much sleeker interface making the Post Approvals process an enjoyable experience for the users.

Workspace: The all-new workspace feature changed the team and client management game. This new feature allows users to keep track of multiple clients, teams and projects in a coherent manner.

Notifications: In-app notifications for team invites and all feature updates are now shown to users.


Team updates: Working hand-in-hand with workspaces – Improvements in team management and team roles according to Workspaces.

Other fixes: Fixes in downgrade/upgrade plan, Website Optimization, Post schedule footer UI updated, Canva Integration fixes, Customize for each network fix, Suggestion UI responsiveness, Content Design fixes.


July 2021



Instagram First Comment: Add a first comment to your Instagram posts directly from the platform via the content publisher and Bulk Upload CSV file.

Queue Shuffle: Shuffle your Future and Recycle posts to shake things up and keep your feeds interesting.

Stripe Invoices: Generate invoices directly from the Billing section within the platform.


Pinterest Title and Link: Add URLs and titles to your Pinterest posts from the CSV Bulk upload file.

HTML tags: HTML tags are shown when the post has a link.

Other fixes: Firefox UI custom repeat option, the hashtag can be copied, Instagram Business count, Lazy loading for Collection posts added, customize for each network state stays saved.


June 2021



Two-factor Authentication: Increased security for your Social Champ account.


Instagram: Instagram Business logo updated within the platform.

Pricing: Details related to pricing plans have been updated.

Primary Menu Design: The design for the Publisher Menu has been updated.

Other fixes: Analytics shows videos, Popover during account selection at on-boarding, In-ap notifications, line break for mentions, text changes for team and adding new social accounts, back button fixed when adding Instagram, Failing posts issue for Instagram.


May 2021



Wave.video: Create, edit, and schedule eye-catching videos from within the content composer.

Crello: Design, edit, and schedule eye-catching visuals from within the content composer using Crello integration.


Suggestions: View content suggestions from more regions now.

Group Panel: A secondary grouping panel is now available.

New Menu Design: Better and easy to navigate primary menu for publish, auth, and engage.

Bulk Upload Limit: Upload up to 300 posts with a CSV now.

Other fixes: Transparent PNG color issue, Sentiment Analysis text length, Mention tagging issues, monthly view in Analytics, Instagram post-image-related issues, fail post email issue, video format and aspect ratio fixed, campaign start date, Broken profile image on the Analytics screen, team members remain enabled after plan upgrade, account expiry notification added to Manage Accounts.


April 2021



Canva: Design, edit, and schedule eye-catching visuals from within the content composer using Canva integration. Read More.

Save Drafts: Save incomplete posts as drafts from within the content composer.

In-app Notifications: From the notifications tab on the top right corner, view all important in-app notifications in one place.


Enhanced Instagram Analytics: New Instagram statistics added for better analytics and reports. Also receive Instagram analytics reports via email.

Select Multiple Twitter Profiles: Select multiple Twitter profiles at once within the calendar to view posts.

New Engage Design: New and easy-to-use Engage UI.

Auto RSS Redesign: Implementation of new and easy-to-use Auto RSS UI.

Other fixes: Scroll issue in Suggestion View, Queue issue for Google Business Profile posts, LinkedIn post character limit exceed issue, Instagram video post edit, reschedule failed posts, Bulk Upload ready state post now getting posted.


March 2021



Suggestions Feature: Added support for multiple locations.


Messaging: Error messages updated in the content view, character limit, etc.

Social Champ 2.0: Recycle Collection, Campaign, and Queue implemented for Version 2

Team Member: Permissions added for team members and fixed team members removing posts of the owner.

Other fixes: Switching from V1 to V2, Bulk Empty CSV, Export analytics for Instagram, Pinterest edit mode, Recycle, Cache, etc.


February 2021



Directly Publish to Instagram: Now you can post images and videos directly to your Instagram business account via Social Champ and check the analytics to see how well they performed. Read more.

Recycle: Now you can export the recycle posts.

Notifications: Enable email notifications for the post Approvals and Failed posts.

Save Draft: Introduced the Save Draft feature to finish it later.

Analytics: Repeated Post analytics added in the Analytics view.


Social Champ 2.0: Link Shortening 2.0 Implementation, UTM Tracking 2.0

Calendar: Links are now clickable in the calendar view.

Other fixes: Export recycle as a team member, GIF for Pinterest profile, Forever post which were posting without approval, etc.


January 2021



Queue: The Manage Queue can be displayed in a Timetable view now.

Queue Posts: Now customers can export Queue Posts in CSV format.

Pinterest: Now you can set custom Titles for Pinterest pins.

Calendar: Introduced Delete All Posts option in All-in-one-calendar.


Social Champ 2.0: Team and Suggestions feature revamped as a part of the transition from V1 to Social Champ 2.0

Facebook: As part of our regular checks, upgraded the Facebook API.

Other fixes: Calendar Responsive view, Content Preview, Bulk Upload, Hashtag, Export Analytics, etc.


December 2020



Sentiment Analysis: We also launched Sentiment Analysis to know the emotions of your content before you publish them.


Calendar: All in one Calendar – Editing & Drag/Drop of Failed and Past Posts improved.

Hashtag Groups: Set the new limit to 50 hashtags in a group.

Minor Fixes in Calendar, Content Editor, Team Members, and Post Approval.


November 2020



Account Deletion: Deletion of an account was made convenient for a customer by adding the ‘Delete My Account’ tab with possible reasoning.

Bulk Upload 2.0: We introduced the options of Bulk Download, Multiple Profile Selection, Approve and Decline of Individual Posts, Error Markings, Time Zone feature, and even Repost.

All-in-one Calendar: With a revamped face of social media calendar, view all the posts in one tab and drag-drop or hover to edit, delete or publish posts.

Repost: Introduced Repost option in Analytics post.

Facebook Group: Introduced a new and better flow for authentication of the Facebook group(s).

Recycle: Introduced the Download option for “Recycle collection posts”


Pinterest API: We got closely integrated with Pinterest by allowing users to add custom titles and upload videos to their boards.


October 2020



Content Dashboard: Social Champ came up with a cleaner interface of the content dashboard.

LinkedIn Mentions & Videos: We introduced mentions and video uploads for LinkedIn Pages.


Team Member: Multiple issues fixed.


September 2020



Team Members Feature: Some fixes regarding the addition of team members were made for a better user experience.


August 2020



Time Zones: The time zone option has been added to the bulk upload feature.


July 2020



Repeat through Social Champ App: The repeat feature is now available on Social Champ’s mobile app.


Dedicated UTM Configuration: This allows you to set UTM for different social channels recycle campaigns.

Recycle Campaign: The recycling campaign has now a “start” and “end” choice. You can set the timings and dates when you want to start and end the campaign on different social accounts.


June 2020


Image Editor: Social Champ’s image Editor is easy to use, creates graphics that look professionally made, and even a non-designer can use it. All you have to do is upload an image, hover over it, select the ‘pencil’ icon and you’re all set to edit!

New Navigation: Cleaner UI/UX. Introducing two menus, Primary menu and Secondary menu. The primary menu is static, it has all the main features that you would need, Secondary menu is extendable and contractible, it has options of the main features. Easier for you to work with!


May 2020


Analytics PDF Report: The king of all powers, the most requested upgrade, PDF reports! You will now be able to export your PDF reports with a customized logo and title, which means the report can easily be white labeled!

Analytics Graphs: We now have better graphical representations of your metrics. The groovy lines will give you a comparison between two weeks/months of activity on your posts!


April 2020


Introducing Analytic 2.0: You can now track all the key data points and social media metrics with the new powers our upgraded feature has to offer. 1 Posts Summary. 2 Graphs. 3 Post Overview – Live. 4 Post Overview – via Social Champ. 5 PDF Report – White label.


March 2020


Add-ons: While selecting or upgrading your billing plan, you can now add more profiles according to your needs in all the plans. Team members can be added to all plans except the Professional Plan, for now.

Team Post Approval Feature: If you have an admin/editor role, you can put a check on any of your team member who has the author role and keep track of all your posts. You will have the authority to approve or decline any post at any time that has been scheduled by that team member.


February 2020


Team Feature Revamp Cont’d: Now you can assign roles to team members, and have post-approval options for members. The team feature now has three roles for the members who will be managing their teams and organizations through Social Champ: Admin, editor, and author.


January 2020


Recycle Collection: Rename, re-order, and move collection options are now available in the recycle feature. You can rename your collection while creating.

Search Option in Workspace: The search option is added in the workspace so you can manage all your workspaces easily.

Deleting Media Library: Now you can delete the unwanted or excess media from your media library.


December 2019


Engage – Social Inbox: A new product where you can connect all your social profiles and respond from one single place. Right now available for our current customers in the BETA version.

New Updates in Mobile App: Our team feature is available in Social Champ’s mobile app now for both iOS and Android.

Team Feature Revamp: More powers are given to team members with respect to permissions and access.

GMB Support in Bulk Upload: You can now schedule Google Business Profile posts via bulk uploading.

Calendar Day View Support: You can see your posts in the calendar view in hours too. The calendar view gives monthly, weekly, and daily options now.


November 2019


Feature Added: Workspace: You can now group together accounts in one folder, based on clients, or interests, or social media platforms, etc. This will help you keep your social media platforms organized and will quicken your work.

Link Preview Fixed: Better and improved link preview now shows the title, image, and meta description of the link given.

More Fixtures in Queue Tab: Failed post filter added, and Repost option available! You have the option to repost an Instagram post that is queued. All the failed posts can be seen, by applying the ‘Failed Posts’ filter in the queue tab.

Swapping Posts: If you have a schedule-table made, and you have your posts scheduled according to the timeslots, then you can replace the posts of other timeslots on the schedule in the Queue tab.


October 2019


Personal Account Setting: A new option ‘Account Setting’ is added. It allows you to change your profile picture, password, and name in the app. (This feature is not applicable for users who have logged in through their social accounts.)

Platform Added: Google Business Profile: Now you can connect your Google Business Profile account to Social Champ to post and schedule directly. Automate your Google Business Profile posts to keep your profile up-to-date.

Queue Tab Revamped: Edit and add a video in your scheduled posts. Add Google Business Profile call to action while editing your scheduled posts. The queue tab now shows different types of scheduled posts. Filter your scheduled posts. Empty all at once option added.

Repeat Settings Are Now Saved In Database: The number of your repetitions and time gap between the posts is now saved in the database. You can view your saved setting in a different browser or PC.


September 2019


Custom Content Composer For Different Platforms: Tweak your content according to the platform you are posting it on!

Introduced Custom Bitly Connector: Connect your social profiles and pages with Bitly for more real-time data.


August 2019


Media Library in Social Champ Editor: A long-requested feature has finally arrived in Social Champ Editor. No need to upload the same picture again and again. You can now view all your scheduled or previously uploaded images in ‘My Library’.

View Published Posts in Analytics: View the published post directly in the analytics. Other than direct reposting from analytics, view the published post right there.

Analytics Export Include Published Post Links: The CSV file now includes the published post links as well. You will have the link to your published post in the downloaded CSV file.


July 2019


Add GIFs to your posts: Add GIFs to your posts from the featured GIFs. Search for a specific one of your liking and add it to the post.

Library of Pictures Without Watermarks: Now offering a large range of royalty-free images (without a watermark) within the app to make your work easier by every second!


June 2019


Video Posting on Twitter: Happy to announce that you can now post/schedule videos on Twitter too!.

Access Team Feature in Champ Plan: The Champ Plan has access to our Team Feature. Offering 20% on upgrading your package now.


May 2019


Custom Login Option: Other than your social accounts, you can log in with any email address on Social Champ’s desktop and mobile app. No social accounts required.

Introducing Hashtag Suggestions: Use industry-related hashtags that Social Champ suggests according to the text that you compose. Providing lists of hashtags appearing according to the niche.


April 2019


Mentions & Tags On Twitter & Facebook: Tag any of the Facebook pages in your posts within the app. Twitter mentions are also available. Compose your tweets by tagging different Facebook pages and Twitter profiles directly.

Video Support in Bulk Upload: The bulk uploading feature supports video too. Upload your videos in bulk using the CSV file.

Video Support in Recycle Feature: Recycle content feature supports video too. Add videos to your collections.


March 2019


Added Further Repeating Options: Repeat content feature is not limited to just hours. Repeat your content for days, weeks, and months too.

Re-Authorization Notification: Re-authorization simplified by sending a notification to the user in the app.


February 2019


LinkedIn Image Support: Post and schedule images on LinkedIn using Social Champ.


January 2019


Empty Recycle Collection: Empty the recycle collection in just one click.

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