Earn with Social Champ

Leverage the popularity of a no-hassle automation platform that appeals to all users, from individual managers to agencies managing multiple social accounts on behalf of their clients.

How It Works!


Fill out a simple form, and our affiliate manager will evaluate whether you are a good fit for the program. It’s that simple!


Spread the word around with content and email marketing. Reach out to potential referrals and convince them to sign up.


Either cash out each referral immediately or play the long game with a recurring payout for as long as the referral stays with Social Champ.

Two Ways of Expressing Our Appreciation

Get the Payout for as Long as the Referral Stay With Us!

Spread your payout. Get the 30% of the monthly invoice of your referral every month for as long as they stay with Social Champ.

This option is ideal for agencies that want to set up an easy passive income stream that grows over time.

payout affiliate program
payout affiliate program
bonus affiliate program

Unlock Bonus For Your Efforts

We offer a special $50 bonus as an additional reward if you can maintain FIVE new active referrals.

This number resets after the bonus payout and you’ll get the bonus again for the next FIVE new active referrals.

bonus affiliate program

Start Earning Now!

Convert your audience by dazzling them with the awesome Social Champ platform features

Why Promote Social Champ?

We are the favorite social media management platform of SMBs and agencies.

Why Promote Social Champ?

Click Once, Post To Many

Select multiple social profiles at once and schedule or instantly publish your posts in a single click to all supported social platforms. No need to stay up late to post your content.

Analytics & Reporting

See your top-performing posts as per platform-specific metrics, compare weekly and monthly performance, and download customizable reports in PDF formats.

Calendar View

Use the Calendar view to create, edit, delete, and cross-check all your posts of multiple social profiles from a single feature-rich screen, and get your work done faster.

Bulk Upload

Use our bulk upload feature to upload, approve and schedule content (In a CSV) for upcoming weeks and months, and save the hassle of manual post scheduling.

Auto Post RSS Feeds

Update your social profiles with the content from your favorite websites by connecting them using our auto post RSS feed connectivity.

Team Collaboration

Add and give role-specific access to team members (“Admin,” “Author,” and “Editor”) to manage your social media accounts. Great way to manage a remote team!

Recycle Content

Simplify content repurposing by using the Recycle feature to create and deploy campaigns powered by your evergreen content.

Enrich Your Content

Spice up your posts with tags, mentions, and classy visuals. Create custom posts for each social platform without worrying about word count.

Chrome Extension

Social Champ’s Google Chrome extension simplifies sharing any interesting content you come across directly to your social profiles without having to open another tab.

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Everyone Can Use Social Champ

It's an all-in-one Social Media Management Tool that fits all user requirements​​.


Startups can use Social Champ to increase awareness about their products and services on social media platforms preferred by their target audience and grow communities around their brand (and founders) with frequent posting.


Great customer interactions on social media platforms are crucial to the growth of SMB. These businesses could benefit from the Social Inbox feature to respond to comments and reviews about their business.


Agencies handle multiple social profiles for each customer. Social Champ simplifies the handling of multiple profiles. Agencies can have separate workspaces (with multiple users and social profiles) for individual clients.


Entrepreneurs can save time by automating their social media marketing with Social Champ. They can use multiple social profiles, repurpose content for the fast campaign launch, and keep an eye on performance through post analytics.


Marketers can use Social Champ to create "collections" of their evergreen content and use the "Recycle" feature to automate campaign deployment. They can also use detailed post analytics to discover best-performing content.


Influencers can streamline their content creation, deployment, and interaction with fans right from within the Social Champ platform. Use the post analytics to see what works with their audience on each social platform.

Supported Social Media Platforms

Manage Your Favorite Social Media platforms via Social Champ

Frequently Asked Questions

To become a Social Champ affiliate, you should have:

  • A marketing channel focused on a relatable niche.
  • An appropriate audience (such as agency, developers, entrepreneurs, SMB, ecommerce, or startups).
  • An action plan of how and where you would promote Social Champ.

At the moment, we offer:

  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Bank account credit
  • Direct credit to your Social Champ account.

You can simply email us at affilia[email protected], or come to live chat for more urgent queries.

Payouts are processed on the 20th day of every month. You can see your current commission amount by logging into your Affiliate Portal. At the moment, the threshold of payout is set to:

  • $50 for PayPal
  • $50 for Stripe
  • $50 for Bank Transfer
  • $20 for Social Champ account credits
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