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Owl & Pen Sees 2X Growth After Switching From Hootsuite to Social Champ

Owl & Pen, a boutique writing and design firm, specializes in crafting exceptional content for small businesses.

‘’At Owl & Pen, we LOVE words! Our boutique writing and design firm serves up handcrafted content to help small businesses build a stellar online presence.’’

The firm aims to build a community by uplifting small businesses, which requires consistent and authentic social media engagement. Regular posting on social platforms can be critical for creatives, coaches, and entrepreneurs to build confidence and establish credibility.

‘’Owl & Pen is excited to help build community by building up small businesses! Showing up online in a consistent, authentic way helps creatives, coaches, and small business owners grow their confidence and credibility. We want to continue to serve these critical players in the economic eco-system locally and beyond while continuing to develop our own skill set and capabilities.’’

However, managing social media for a growing roster of clients proved to be a logistical challenge. Scheduling posts, maintaining content calendars, and ensuring brand consistency across various platforms became increasingly complex for Owl & Pen.

This is where Social Champ came in.

Read on to learn how Social Champ helped Own & Pen double in size.

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Quick Questions With Caroline Tremblay

Name: Caroline Tremblay
Designation: Owner & Content Director
Company Name: Owl & Pen LLC
Company Website: owlandpenwriting.com
One major challenge: Finding a smooth, visual authoring platform that could hold all of our social accounts at an affordable rate.
Best Feature: Post Approval, Post Customization, Post Preview

Challenge: Managing Growth - Streamlining Social Media for Multiple Clients

Many agencies rely on social media management tools to streamline their social media presence. According to Caroline Trembley, one of the greatest challenges was finding the ideal social media management tool that could meet the firm’s growing needs.

‘’A major challenge was] Finding a smooth, visual authoring platform that could hold all of our social accounts at an affordable rate.’’

Owl & Pen explored various options, but limitations in these tools hindered their efforts. Seeking a more seamless solution that would fuel their growth, they searched for an alternative platform.

‘’We used Hootsuite for many years but were priced out once we grew into more accounts. I was really hesitant to leave that platform but have had way fewer glitches, far better support, and a simpler workflow with Social Champ.’’

Solution: A Tool That Handles It All at a Fraction of the Cost

Owl & Pen, a prominent digital marketing agency, encountered well-documented challenges in managing its social media presence. These challenges included content ideation, copywriting, visual design, and post-scheduling across multiple platforms.

Recognizing the limitations of their current social media management tool, Caroline and her team sought a more efficient solution. The identification and implementation of a new platform, however, presented a significant time investment. This process involved extensive research, trial periods, and budgetary approvals.

Following a comprehensive evaluation of alternative solutions, Owl & Pen adopted Social Champ. This platform addressed their initial requirements for streamlined content creation and scheduling and offered a suite of advanced features that exceeded expectations. Notably, Social Champ provided these functionalities at a substantially lower cost point compared to their previous tool.

Upon asking about their favorite features in Social Champ, Caroline shares the ones that work best for her.

’Ooooo, there are so many! The most important to us is being able to see the post preview while authoring content. Also love the ability to customize each post, approve posts as part of our workflow, and see everything in calendar mode.

The Difference: The Value of Human Input

Beyond its exceptional features and cost-effectiveness, Social Champ stood out for its ability to humanize automation. Its exceptional customer service ensured Owl & Pen received the support necessary to fully leverage the platform’s capabilities.

‘’Every time we’ve had a request or idea, the Social Champ support team has responded quickly, made us feel heard, and in every case possible, implemented as soon as possible.’’

All in all, Social Champ turned out to be an all-rounder, checking off all boxes on pricing, features, and customer service.

‘’Such an incredible value for all the things you need in an intuitive setup. I recommend Social Champ all the time.’’

The Result: Achieving a 2x Increase in Size

Social Champ has emerged as a key driver in Owl & Pen’s business growth in just a few years.

“Social Champ has helped me grow my boutique content creation firm to twice its size in the last few years. I now work with a network of freelance writers who make content magic, and Social Champ combines the many critical tools we need. I’ve also been so impressed by their responsiveness to ideas and support issues. Thanks for all you do!’’

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