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shane barker
Shane Barker
UCLA Instructor - Digital Strategist

Using Social Champ is a breeze! It works effectively, has an incredible customer support team, and their team is always willing to listen to you and assist you and your queries. The fact that they are continuously improving and putting an effort shows their commitment to the product. I would definitely recommend everyone to check it out and consider it as your social media management solution!

Dorien Morin-van Dam
Community Manager at Social Media Pro

Social Champ's easy scheduling tool is THE solution to consistent posting to GMB! The robust dashboard and simple-to-use calendar, combined with a library of free images and GIFs makes this a great choice for marketers, and not just for this one platform! You'll LOVE SocialChamp as it will serve you well for all your favorites, including Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter, too!

Erman Ergun
Erman Ergun
Marketing Specialist at JotForm

I'm loving the clean and slick interface of Social Champ - makes it all that easier to schedule and plan your social media calendar and organize the pattern. I highly recommend it to people who are looking to step up their social media game!

Corinna Essa
Social Media Strategist at Social Media Worldwide

I highly recommend Social Champ, especially to those who manage multiple social media accounts and are time-poor. This tool will allow you to achieve much more in less time while improving your return on investment considerably as it tracks your performance and gives you marketing recommendations.

Daniel Snow
CEO and Co-founder of The Snow Agency

Social Champ is easy to work with and offers excellent features and a dashboard that is simple to maneuver. We highly recommend it.

Marie Nakhle
E-Commerce and Social Media Expert

Social Champ is easy to use and has all features a Social Media Manager could need in one place.

Will Helton
Founder at WillHelton

Although I've only been using Social Champ for a relatively short time, I knew from Day 1 it was the perfect social media support tool for me. I've used several social media management tools over the past few years, but none of them comes even close to touching Social Champ. If you're sitting on the fence and can't decide whether to go for it or not, just do it! I couldn't be happier and would never go back to any of the other tools I've used previously.

Anthony Gaenzle ​
Owner at Anthony Gaenzle Marketing​

Social Champ has a user-friendly interface and the ability to post on so many channels. Whether you’re managing your own business’ presence or you run an agency and manage many accounts, this is a great tool. Social media is so involved. It’s not easy. It takes serious time and dedication. If you don’t have a tool like Social Champ with all its great features at your fingertips, you’ll end up spending so much time and effort and seeing limited results. ​

Veronica Gentili
Veronica Gentili​
Facebook Marketing Expert

Social Champ is a really useful social media management tool, it helps to automating publishing workflows, managing easily interactions among different channels, and create reports. I do like all the features dedicated to teams and the Suggestion tab, so cool!​

ian m calvert
Ian Calvert
Sage Business Expert Programme, Accountants & Finance Expert

I have got to say Sameer Ahmed Khan and the Social Champ Team are re-defining the Social Business landscape! They're bringing Social Advocacy and Social Engagement to the forefront once again! The last time I saw anything like this on the "Social Media" scene was when an "Owl" did this around 15 years ago, but within around 5 years, they lost their way.

think pink marketing logo
Think Pink Marketing

Whether you're managing one business or ten, the struggle is all the same if you aren't using a social media tool to schedule your posts. We love our social media scheduler Social Champ, and aren't sure what we'd do without it.

divine marketing group logo
Divine Marketing Group

Social Champ staff worked with us one-on-one to find the best plan that would work for our agency.

Saba Karim
Saba Karim
Head of Startup Pipeline, Techstars

I recently switched from Hootsuite to Social Champ to manage my social media accounts and I couldn't be happier. It is a lot cheaper, has more features, and actually real-time support.

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