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Revolutionizing the Power of AI in Digital Marketing

We are thrilled to onboard a very special guest for our Champ Talks, Rebekah Radice. She’s been an OG influencer and a self-employed professional since 1998. In 2019, she started BRIL.LA, a woman-owned CX agency with her colleague Ambreen Dar. She also started a newsletter named ‘Hey Rebekah’ to help self-employed & freelance professionals build thriving careers to experience the joy of financial freedom and success.

We asked a series of questions from Rebekah during our Instagram LIVE hosted by Neha Khan, Community Manager at Social Champ to learn more about her views and thoughts on AI in Digital Marketing.

Neha:  Hi Rebekah, can you introduce yourself a little bit?

Rebekah: Yes, absolutely. I am the co-founder of BRIL.LA and the creator of Hey Rebecca. It’s a free daily newsletter. Kind of like Morning Brew, if you’re familiar with that, but for knowledge workers. So thrilled to be here.

Neha: What are your thoughts on AI in general?

Rebekah: That could be a whole show itself talking about AI. But I think there’s no doubt that AI is transforming our world, much like electricity a century ago, where it is finding its way into just about everything we do. AI is a secret weapon for those that are savvy enough to harness its power rather than seeing it as a looming threat because I know we’ve all heard the talk about AI replacing jobs.

But like I said, in my opinion, it’s not about AI itself, but our ability, especially as digital marketers, to be able to adapt, to innovate, and really embrace this technology.

Neha: How are digital marketers utilizing AI algorithms to personalize content and deliver highly targeted messages to potential customers?

Rebekah: Personalization, obviously, is always the huge focus of digital marketers. There are so many different ways to utilize AI for better recommendations. We can think of AI as the car and machine learning as our GPS to guide us and get us to our destination.

And the better we understand that as digital marketers and creators, how AI really works and how they all play together. That’s where that harnessing the power really comes in.

Neha: What are some examples of AI-powered tools or platforms that digital marketers use to automate and streamline their marketing processes?

Rebekah: Just so many different ways that we can use these tools these days. For Example, as it looks today, SEO will look very different in six months to even a year because of the advances we’re seeing in AI. But today, the tools we’re using, things like Semrush or Ahrefs, can still help us point out, say, deficiencies within our website. So tools like this are very critical to help you optimize for load speed and just all of the different issues that could slow down your website or provide a less-than-stellar experience for your audience.

Neha: What impact does AI have on improving conversion rates and optimizing customer journeys in digital marketing?

Rebekah: I think the journey that AI can touch is it can do everything like analyzing visitors through our website, flagging points where people are frequently dropping off, suggesting changes to keep people engaged, things like how to simplify our wording, or adding social proof. So things as basic as that might have taken us a little bit more time as digital marketers to understand better.

It can also help us, and we talked a little bit about this, is better understand the characteristics of our potential customers or our audience so that we can craft that targeted content for them. So things like A B testing, which might have taken us quite a bit longer in years previous, AI can really speed up that process for us to better understand what people are responding or reacting to.

Neha: What ethical considerations should digital marketers consider when utilizing AI in their campaigns and strategies?

Rebekah: Yeah, I would say one of the biggest ethical concerns in AI, especially as we’re in these very beginning stages, is transparency. So transparency around how we’re using AI, if we’re using it to create content or if we’re using it to understand better who our audience is, let’s be transparent in our usage.

We thank Rebekah for being part of the #ChampTalks. Your insights have made a significant difference, and we appreciate the time and effort you took to join us. We hope you had an enjoyable time and look forward to seeing you again soon.

In case you missed it live, you can tune in to the complete session below:

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