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With Social Champ’s customized content composer, you can create and schedule content with the optimal length for every social media update. 

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Bring all your social accounts under one roof. Craft, plan, and publish your social content in just a few clicks.


Maintain a clean inbox with zero unseen messages. Manage all social conversations through a single Social Inbox.


View, edit, reschedule, or delete all your past and upcoming scheduled social media posts through All-In-One Calendar.


Analyze your social media performance rates by tracking the most important social media metrics.

Customize Your Posts With Ideal Social Media Length

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Know The Character Limit For Each Platform

Stop worrying about writing too much or too little in your social media posts. Optimize the length of your content with Social Champ’s Customized Content Composer.

Social Champ gives you the option to tweak your posts with small changes so that all your posts go with the ideal character length of each platform. Click “Customize for each network,” and it will allow you to change the content as well as the link and media according to each platform character limit.

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Custom Tagging For All Platforms

Having a consistent social media handle or username on every platform makes it easier for the audience to find you online. But, not everyone is that lucky. Even most of the social media influencers and brands don’t have the same handles on every platform.

You should focus on tagging the right username on each social media platform. With Social Champ’s customized content composer, you can add different usernames of the same brand/person on different social platforms through a single tab. Add customized hashtags for different social media platforms.

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custom content 2

Nail The Perfect Social Media Post Length​​​ ​

Know if your Facebook posts, Tweets, LinkedIn Updates, or Instagram captions are too long or too short with Social Champ’s Customized Content Composer. See the results in real-time in a single tab.

Explore More Features Other Than Custom Content Creation

Connect Your Favorite Blogs

Keep your socials updated with the blogs on your favorite websites and schedule them via Auto RSS feed.

All-in-one Calendar

Effectively plan, organize, and manage your social campaigns through All in One Calendar!

Track Your Performance!

Take strategic decisions based on the analytics and track the performance of your posts.

Automate Through Mobile

The Social Media managing app allows you to create, publish, and schedule posts around the globe.

The Art Of Repeating!

Never let your content go to waste by recycling it to its full potential via Social Champ's social media automation.

Click Once, Post To Many.

Create once and schedule content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, Pinterest, and GMB via minor tweaks.

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