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Ever since the launch of Facebook in 2004, the social media network has gathered quite a considerable customer base and is used almost every day on all smartphones. Millions worldwide use it to watch videos, connect with their friends, and share parts of their life with others.

Facebook has also served as an important platform for businesses as many consumers use it to interact with companies and brands. Furthermore, Facebook is an excellent source of marketing and provides brand awareness like no other. Facebook is so important that tools like Social champ, a social media management tool, support it as one of the topmost priorities.

The Facebook algorithm is formulated to push posts with the most engagement above others on the feed!

Since Facebook is the most widely used social media network, it is also often used as a search engine. Given this, it is essential to make the most out of your Facebook account to meet your business needs.

Facebook most used network

However, does your team also ask “what to post on Facebook” every day? Well, worry no more. Here are some amazing interactive posts that can help you out!

40 Interactive Facebook Post Ideas to Maximize Engagement

All that being said, it is definitely a challenging feat to come up with new content and Facebook post ideas every day to keep your feed alive!

This is why I came up with 40 Facebook post ideas to help you out with content creation:

  1. Ask Questions

    Asking questions might seem like an easy task, but is it really that straightforward? Not exactly!

    When putting up a question post, it is best to ask questions that resonate with your audience. For example, a clothing brand can ask what a consumer’s favorite product is on the website, or a tech blog can take intel from people by asking about the next product they should review!

    Or you could make it fun, like Wendy’s: wendys

  2. Hold an AMA Session

    Ask Me Anything sessions are severely underrated. If you have an audience willing to learn from you and engage with you in a healthy conversation, you should give it a try.

    Just pick a topic that aligns with your brand, set a time, announce it on all social media channels, and you are good to go!

    Here is how we do it:

    AMA session

  3. Share New and Old Blogs

    Sharing blogs on your Facebook is another way to keep the profile ideas. Also, just to let you in on a little secret, sharing blogs from your website is one of the best Facebook post ideas when you don’t know what to post.

    Sharing blogs enable you to market your content and drive traffic to your website at the same time. A win-win situation for all.

    Blog reshare

  4. Share Relevant Tips

    Sharing tips is another way to keep your Facebook active and engaging. The chances are that most people on your page are interested in what you know; I mean, that’s why they pressed like in the first place.

    Here is how Social Champ always shares tips with their trusted clients:

    Semrush tips post

Use Auto RSS Feed to Keep Your Profile Active

Social Champ’s Auto RSS feed allows you to connect blogs with your Facebook page to keep them active without curating new content!
  1. Share User-Generated Content

    When you post about campaigns that solely focus on user-generated content, you are essentially collecting content to post about on your Facebook page. Use those entries whenever you are out of content, but always make sure you give credits for the artistic work. This is one of the Facebook post ideas where you don’t even have to work too much!

    Also, include in your clause that you have the right to share that content.

  2. Reshare Content From Other Socials

    Resharing content from other social networks will allow you to take a break from constant content creation. Share your Instagram posts to Facebook as they have the most similar community guidelines and content format.

    Cross-posting also increases the chances of your page getting a higher number of likes.

  3. Influencer Generated Content

    If you run influencer marketing campaigns or collaborate with influencers often, you know that it leaves you with a truckload of content. Use that content on your Facebook page, and you can also run ads on those visuals!

  4. Post BTS Content

    Another one of the Facebook post ideas is sharing behind the scene content from your workplace. Take random pictures when you are working on a campaign or doing something similar, gather content, and post them on days when you have nothing else to post.

    We would recommend stocking a few pictures in case of emergency!

  5. Tell a Story

    Getting personal with your audience is one of the best Facebook post ideas, promise!

    However, the art of telling a story is pretty much a talent. There are two ways to post a story; either tell the entire story behind your company or make the consumer the hero of your story. You can even share a small part o your business in the form of a story.

  6. Branded Infographics

    One of the most brilliant Facebook post ideas is using the infographics you create for your blogs. Just remember to correctly add the logo and title of your company so that whenever the post is shared, it shows that your team made it!

    You can create informative infographics, how-to infographics, or talk about your own product/service!

  7. Product Photos

    This one is honestly a no-brainer!

    It is pretty evident that you would want to upload your product photos to Facebook. But make sure that you make your products are the star of the pictures and are fuss-free. How can you make the products your hero? Here is an example: starbucks

  8. Get-to-Know Your Followers Session

    One of the best Facebook post ideas to generate engagement with the audience is to ask them questions. If your audience replies, you will get insights into what they think and feel about your brand.

    You would also have the opportunity to reply to comments and listen to their issues.

  9. Hold Giveaways & Contests

    Giveaways are not only a whole lot of fun for both of the parties involved, but they are also highly engagement-inducing. You can add a fun visual or a gif to go with the post, set a couple of rules, and you are good to go!

    Plus point; giveaways and contests are also a fantastic way to collect user-generated content!

  10. Discounts & Sales

    Discount is another excellent opportunity to make a Facebook post and announce to the world that you are hosting a sale!

    A fun visual to accompany the text and any ongoing discounts that might be running are enough to get a million likes on your page. This could be especially beneficial if you announce a lot of flash sales and are used to surprising your customers! If you want to take your promotion a step further, turn your discount into a coupon code and submit it to online coupon marketplaces for further visibility.

    Here is an example:

    Macys discounts

  11. Customer Testimonials

    90% of the consumers believe testimonials more than traditional advertisements. This is why you should take up the opportunity of putting up as many testimonials on the page as possible. Fortunately, it is one of the best Facebook post ideas, as you could recycle this content as many times as you want in the future.

    Make an eye-catching visual with consumer endorsement and post it along with a few words!

  12. Talk to Your Fans

    It might seem pretty basic, but honestly, there is no better way to boost engagement on your page. Put up a post that will encourage your fans to talk to you. You can ask for opinions, put up teasers, or ask them to guess something!

  13. Call to Action Posts

    Call to action posts are SO important!

    They tell your customers what their next move should be. Sharing a CTA post on your Facebook page is essentially a great way to get better leads and drive traffic to your website. For example, you can post to sign up for a newsletter or exclusive access to a new product or a sale!

  14. Post Job Openings

    Besides employment and job searching platforms, posting about current job openings on your Facebook page is wise. The best part? The only people who would apply through Facebook are actually interested in your company, which means they would work with their heart and soul. I know this might sound like an obvious one, but most skip out on this and only post openings on LinkedIn.

  15. Share Content Generated by Employees

    Always remember that employees are your greatest asset. Share their milestones, give a shoutout to the work that they did for your company. You can also share their work or maybe art that they made around your place. Honestly, such Facebook post ideas with evergreen content are some of the best ones as you can recycle them when you don’t have any fresh content.

    Since most of us are still working remotely, all your employees can share their workspaces on your Facebook page.

  16. Launch Products via Facebook Posts

    Of course, it is essential to post your product pictures on Facebook; I mean, what else is the point? However, you could actually launch a product on Facebook if your primary audience is on the platform. Here are a few Facebook post ideas that you can make use of before actually launching a product; post teaser in the form of videos, polls, images, and so much more!


    Here is an example:

    Toys are us - macys

  17. Post About an Upcoming Event

    Another of the Facebook post ideas is to post about an upcoming event that your company might be hosting shortly. You can also promote your upcoming webinar or a launch event. Alternatively, you could just post about an event that you went to with your team, you gave a talk at, or somewhere where you were invited as a chief guest.

  18. Fan Spotlight/Highlight

    Pretty similar to customer testimonials but not a bad idea!

    All you need to do is reach out to your Facebook fans, ask them a couple of questions, or just keep it simple and ask just one. Convert that into an aesthetically pleasing visual, and post it on your page!

  19. Post a Team Bonding Activity

    All teams host a team bonding activity, whether a beach party or a socially distant game of “Among us.” Repurpose all the fun that you had that day, take pictures or screenshots, add a few fun lines describing the vibe of the day, and post it!

  20. Share Your Business Milestones

    Your business turned one? Congratulations! Share it with your users to let them know and make them a part of your celebrations by hosting a virtual part via a Facebook post.

    You can do this for birthdays, anniversaries, growing family, a new workplace, a considerable number of orders, or even for an incredible response on a specific promotion. Personally, this is one of my favorite Facebook post ideas, the wholesome feeling that this gives is on another level.

  21. Promote Your Website

    Post about your website on your Facebook feed. Share your blogs or a new listing. You can also connect your website to your Facebook page using an RSS feed and let tools like Social Champ show their magic.

    An Auto RSS feed posts social page on your behalf as soon as you update an article on the blog.

  22. Post Tutorials and to-Do Images/Videos

    Posting small video or image tutorials is also an excellent way to keep your Facebook page active and get some shares. Either share the workflow of the service you offer or make a small video on using your product.

  23. Post Images and Videos

    According to a study by iScribblers, visual content performs 60,000 times faster than text. This alone shows that visuals are essential for Facebook. You don’t actually have to create new images or videos for social media. This is one of such Facebook post ideas where you can actually recycle old content as well.

    You can repurpose images or videos from other social media channels or blogs. No need to get fancy with videos or anything whatsoever!

    oreo video

  24. Share an Experience

    There are two ways to share an experience. You could either ask your followers to share their stories with your brand, or you could talk about your experience. Of course, you would only have good things to say about your brand. So what you could do is share how your recent collaborations have been, how the pandemic affected your business and other such things!

  25. Post a Live Stream

    Now that you have already gone through the pain of planning and executing a live session, you should definitely consider saving it as a Facebook post as well. You could do multiple things in a live stream; you can introduce a product or a service, conduct a demo, or even just randomly go live with your employees.

  26. Review a Tool/Service

    Putting a small post review for a tool or a service on Facebook is a brilliant idea to build relations. You can talk about a small management tool or a finance app that helps you with day-to-day operations at your workplace. So this one of the Facebook post ideas works two ways; for your social media manager and your community team!

    Just make sure you don’t put up a review for a competitor.

  27. Talk About Trending Topics

    No one likes a brand that has no opinion, which is why you could always post about trending topics and gather engagement by talking to your followers. Not only would this put you on SO many feeds, but it would also increase the chances of comments and likes from non-followers.

    Talking about trending topics also gives you the chance to appear in trending feeds!

  28. Post a Numbered List

    This one has so many possibilities. You could post a list of the top 10 favorite things, trends, or anything similar. As a social media marketing tool, we always post a numbered list of anything remotely similar. This is one of the most versatile Facebook post ideas, as you can create a list of absolutely anything!

    Here is an example:

    Books - champs community

  29. Post an Interview

    Take a small interview with one of your customers, an industry influencer, or even an employee. Convert into a Facebook post. Post it!

    That’s it. That’s all you need to do for this Facebook post. Alternatively, you can convert the interview into a blog post and repurpose it for a Facebook post.

  30. Start a Themed Series

    This is one of our most favorite Facebook post ideas. You can start a series exclusive to your Facebook channel or distribute it among multiple social networks based on the same theme.

    Here are a few examples of how our social media manager has set a theme for different days:
    Friday facts
    Question of the day

  31. Start a Challenge

    Pretty much like a TikTok challenge, but on Facebook, sounds confusing? Let us explain. Start a challenge and adjust it according to the content that does well. Post about it on your page and watch the entries roll in. This is one of such Facebook post ideas where you can involve your team, audience, and even your current clients.

    You could also ask your employees to be the first ones to participate.

  32. Post Motivation Quotes

    Motivational quotes look like an old-school idea, but it is an excellent way to keep your Facebook page up and running. Furthermore, it takes the least amount of time to come up with the post.

    Pick a quote that goes with your business, design a post in Canva, and schedule it to go up at your preferred time. To cut down the time even more, design a bunch of posts together, and schedule them via Social Champ!

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  1. Post Memes

    It is super easy to go viral on the internet, and one of the most easier ways to do that is to put up a meme. This is one of the Facebook post ideas that has extreme potential to go viral and create next-level engagement.

    Take advantage of trending memes, revise them to make them relevant to your work, and post it on Facebook. Customers usually appreciate fun and light posts such as these. And the most considerable advantage? Memes are highly shareable and show that you have a human sense of humor!

    Semrush meme post

  2. Post a Fun Selfie

    You don’t always have to put up business-related posts on your Facebook page. You can sometimes also upload a fun selfie and put a face to your Facebook page. Here are a few fun selfies to post: a post-lunch selfie, a “we are vaccinated” selfie, or a distant remote office selfie. Honestly, this is one of the most fun and interactive Facebook ideas!

  3. A Poll Post

    A poll is a fun way to increase engagement on your page. Settle a debate or just ask for a random opinion from your followers through a survey on your Facebook page. Just type a question, add some options or leave the space open for your followers to add options, and you are good to go!

  4. Share a Random Fact

    You know those days when you are out of Facebook post ideas and can’t think of a single thing to share? This one is for those days. Sharing random yet exciting facts according to your niche makes for an excellent Facebook post.
    You can also ask your page followers to share their favorite random fact as well!

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What Is the Lifespan of a Facebook Post?

So you can think of a storm of Facebook post ideas that are not only next-level entertaining but also have high engagement opportunities as well. However, that can’t just be the end of your Facebook marketing strategy.

If you can’t get people to like your posts or engage with them, you are pretty much just talking to a wall. This is neither going to generate satisfactory results nor would that Facebook post be any good.

To simply put it out, your reach is super poor; therefore, even your interactive Facebook post ideas are going down the drain.

So engaging Facebook posts reach 75% of their total reach potential in the first 2 hours of it being posted, which means that its lifespan is hardly a day. To top that off, a study shows that most Facebook posts only reach about 6% of their total audience.

How to Maximize Facebook Post Reach?

Engaging Facebook posts shall always make it to the top of your newsfeed as more and more people react and comment on them. The Facebook algorithm is designed in such a way that it actually pushes more engaging posts on top, making it easier for the audience to comment on them!

However, there are still a few Facebook best practices that you can implement to make sure that none of your Facebook post ideas go to waste!

  1. Optimize Content For Facebook

    One of the biggest sins of Facebook marketing is copy-pasting the exact same content that you use on other social media platforms. Since cross-posting is becoming extensively popular on all social media channels, it is important to ensure that you customize it for Facebook before pressing send.

    Here are a few things that you can check before posting to Facebook:

    • A clear and crisp caption ensures that your post is interactive.
    • Providing a human touch to the text rather than just dumping hashtags and links.
    • Adding a call to action.

    Most interactive Facebook posts will usually have a mix of all these three elements.

  2. Post on Prime Time

    Timing your posts to perfection is the key to interactive Facebook posts that you so badly wish for. Since a Facebook post’s lifespan is less than a day, it is super important to post on timings that your audience is active.

    Optimizing posts according to timings ensures maximizes chances of posts getting a higher reach. Considering how hard the competition is, you should consider doing everything to increase your posts’ likelihood of a higher organic reach.

  3. Make Use of Videos

    Facebook videos get the highest reach out of all the other content types (so why not use it as one of the most engaging Facebook post ideas?). The platform hasn’t exactly been secretive about it either; therefore, whether an interactive live session or a short clip, including videos in your posting plan increases your chances of getting a higher reach.

    You must have also noticed that posts that go viral are mostly videos with an insane number of likes and shares. You, too, can be one of those using Social Champ and its amazing visual integrations. With wave. video, you can create and edit stunning videos!

  4. Schedule Posts to Maintain Consistency

    With Facebook, it is best to post at least once per day as such accounts get the highest reach and engagement on average. This is mainly because consistency matters the most on Facebook and even on other social media channels.

    This is because consistency matters for growing your audience and letting the Facebook algorithm know that you are alive (and well). Tools like Social Champ enable you to schedule content on Facebook in advance for up to 3 years. This ensures that you queue up content to push out fresh content each day. Also, none of your Facebook post ideas will go to waste!

  5. Use Facebook Ads

    Based on your industry and niche, you need to decide when your company should run ads. Since the fall of organic reach, Facebook ads have seen a direct increase in their success.

    While your primary reach depends on strategy and targeting, ads play a very large role in grabbing your audience’s attention. And for most brands, the investment is absolutely on point!

  6. Use Third-Party Engagement

    Using groups and third parties (such as your employees) is a great way to increase reach and potentially go viral. This can actually create a snowball effect and might also increase your chances of getting discovered by new (and potential) clients.

    So keep on posting in groups or, better yet, create your own Facebook community!

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Make the Most of Your Facebook Post Ideas Using Social Champ

The Facebook post ideas shared in this article are some of the best ways to keep your profile active and fresh. Additionally, Social Champ has multiple features that will enable you to bring these ideas to reality.

Interactive Facebook posts usually have an image accompanying the text. Using the fully loaded visual library, there is so much that you could do for that. With Canva and Crello, you can create custom images to go up with a maximum of your posts. Or you can also use wave. video to edit and create videos for your page.

You can also track Facebook analytics to see which one of your posts is doing well, and in the future, you can create more like those. You can identify the best Facebook posts and download reports with beautiful graphs and reports.


Honestly, the possibilities are endless, and there is so much you could do with your Facebook business profile. Numerous Facebook post ideas you can test on your page and see what works for you. All in all, with this blog, we tried to list as many engaging and interactive Facebook ideas as we could. Just remember that the best ones for you are the ones that excite your audience. One that your target audience can relate to!

Good luck implementing these engagement-inducing Facebook post ideas that would make pretty interactive posts, keep your Facebook page active, and generate better leads!

Happy posting!

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