Social Media Marketing Teams: Building a League of Super Heroes for Your Brand

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Social media is not only about tweeting at the time when everybody is interactive or utilizing the algorithm with growth hacks. It’s about social media marketing teams striving together and having the best people, plans, workflow, and thought methods in one single epicenter.

Social media can unlock doors to new audiences and give you a truly unique way to engage with those talking about your brand.
Companies have always sought to reach younger demographics successfully, and with 90% of those within the ages of 18 and 29 on social media, it’s the perfect place for your brand to build deeper relationships.

Staying online on social media is still a back-burner idea for a lot of companies.

You still need the personnel to manage all social media channels across the entire business properly.
Don’t look at social media as a side project, but instead, as a significant commitment to your marketing strategy.

There is no conventional definition for social media marketing teams as there is no standard arrangement for what a social media team does.

A widespread definition would be that whether it is an agency or an internal unit, the primary role of a social media marketing teams is to improve the business by strategically creating content.

Whether it be ads, and interlocking with the target audience on different social media platforms.
Social teams are working toward business aims and marketing aspirations.

They’re responding to what’s happening now, engaging in a process that fits their brand best and building content they’re proud of.
You presumably think that it’s impossible to ascertain a social media team if you’re a  little or medium agency.

Don’t worry about that. When it comes to strengthening the social media marketing teams of the future, collaboration platforms such as Slack, Social Champ, Trello, and Planable are empowering them.

It’s all about having an accurate structure, workflow, established goals, and knowledge of the product.


Social Media Marketing Teams

Let’s break it down and think of each and every member of the social media marketing teams as a superhero!

Head of Social – The Cool Dad of the Marketing Team

Head of Social

Work Experience: 3-5 years

The Head of Social should be a devoted employee who knows the company and the brand very well. A head’s responsibilities are both concerning the organization’s brand & product, and the team itself.

The chief responsibilities:

  • Plans the strategy, plan campaigns, set purposes, and deadlines;
  • Guides brand & product awareness and creates an online reputation;
  • Formulates content (when there is no social media content producer), promotes content and campaigns (when there is no social media advertiser);
  • Generates leads and conversions;
  • Makes sure the team functions correctly;
  • Stays in touch with the key stakeholders (the client – if you’re an agency, other Marketing departments, other departments in the company).

The main skills:

Minor skills: 

  • There is no secret that a Head of Social should bring a significant influence on your marketing artifice, and this is why you need to pay consideration to their soft skills.
  • Creativity, copywriting, and a sharp eye for design are the three most critical soft skills to look after.
  • Then you need to study for a team player with leadership skills. So you can be certain about your future social media team will be managed by starting in the best direction in line with your business culture fit.
  • And lastly, you need a person with excellent presentation and public speaking abilities, as more often that person will represent your company in front of relevant stakeholders.

Major skills: 

  • Head of Social identifies the industry very well, has a lot of associations and most importantly, controls a lot of hard skills.
  • The most important perspectives you should look after our digital expertise (staying up to date with the latest social media trends) with a grasp of social media management tools, SEO, and client service.
  • Be convinced that the social media team leader you bring is enthusiastic to share the knowledge and has an appetite for teaching others.

Social Media Content Creator/Curator – The Wordsmith

Content Creator

Work Experience: 1-3 years

You’ll necessitate a content creator because the content is the most significant resource you need for social media – it’s your driving force, and it’s the purpose that you affix to the social media. 

The social media content creator job is not sufficient anymore, because your audience will promptly feel fed up with all the bragging too much about your brand.  People want to understand who you are, what you believe, and that you appreciate others, too.
But back to this composite job.

But you also want somebody to curate information. Books, industry news, influencers, everything that sparks your audience’s interest should be curated on your platforms.

The chief responsibilities:

  • Stay on the peak of industry news;
  • Formulate both micro and macro content;
  • Share and distribute the content on all social media platforms;
  • Cooperate with the designer;
  • Come out with new data.

The main skills:

  • Powerful copywriting skills;
  • Knows how to handle the social media platforms and at least one content management system;
  • Aware of SEO basics;
  • Time management skills;
  • Research skills.

Social Media Analyst – The Data Keeper


Work Experience: 1-3 years

Their main goal is to assist the team with trends and insights. 

Social Media Analysts are apparently the ones that are more enthusiastic about business than social media.
Hence, you will need a person passionate about quantities and stats that also recognizes both business and social media.

The main accountabilities:

  • Research industry trends, accessories, and social media platforms;
  • Guarantee the brand reaches the social media goals (awareness, sales, etc.);
  • If you have a new business, define the audience;
  • Render reports when needed.

The main skills:

  • Influential analytical skills;
  • In-depth knowledge of social media platforms;
  • Social science information;
  • Knowledge of social media management tools like Social Champ.

Social Media Advertiser – The Money Manager


Work Experience: 1-3 years

You’ll demand somebody specialized in advertising policy, with a strong knowledge of budgets and a strong perception of every social media platform. 

Whether you’re just commencing a social media team now or you desire to add a social media advertiser to your string, the responsibilities and talents remain the same.
An advertiser sets the theme, monitors and adjusts ads so the company can get the most out of every campaign for the most economical price possible.
And my apologies, but no, unless you’re a celebrity or an entertainment page, organic isn’t sufficient anymore.

The main competencies:

  • Build ad content or work together with a content manager and a designer;
  • Set the target audience for every campaign;
  • Manage A/B testing with diverse components of the ads.

The main skills:

  • Analytical skills and Excel;
  • Statistical analysis;
  • Content creation skills;
  • Comfortable with taking risks.

Social Media Manager – The Idea Generator


Work Experience: 3-5 years

A social media manager needs a high-level view of social media and is often effective for setting the strategy and preparing for the team. 

In a diminutive team, they might also assume most of the social media engagements such as managing all the social media profiles, listening, publishing content, responding to comments, and analysis.

For social media managers, the business is an open book.  They comprehend everything about the business, the product, the essential people in your agency, and nothing really happens without them understanding it is happening.

So the social media manager should be the social media team’s best associate for both significant events and daily routines.
Both the company’s profit and image are essential for the manager.

Whenever you consider the social media team is on cloud nine with an impression, you can double-check it with the brand manager.
Sometimes, they have a more down-to-earth approach.

The main skills:

  • Producing a corporate social media strategy and executing it
  • Controlling all online activities across geographic areas and departments, assuring those who use the tools support best practice rules and guidelines
  • Fostering greater participation in social media
  • Spotting opportunities where public knowledge can be influenced, engaging with an audience and speaking publicly about the social media strategy

The main characteristics:

  • Excellent creative skills
  • Exceptional communication skills, not just standard verbal and written, but also in line with online forms of communication. This includes using acronyms and not exceeding specific numbers of words or characters.
  • Fast and robust decision-making skills

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Social Media Graphic Designer – The Wild Imaginator

Social Media Graphic Designer

Experience: 1-3 years

Somebody with a sharp eye for visual details and experience of at least one design tool.

Content producers are not only copywriters, but they also create visual content, too. But tactless posts won’t take you anywhere.
Particularly with the development of video content, a graphic designer is operating as a big role in your social media marketing team.
But logos, illustrations, and images are also a significant part of a graphic designer’s day-to-day tasks.

The main duties:

  • Adjust work with brief requirements;
  • Work collectively with the content creator and also interact with other members of the team and stakeholders;
  • Create models, videos, animations, illustrations, logos, and other visual elements.

The main skills:

  • Knowledge of design tools and software (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc.);
  • Stimulating communication skills;
  • Attention for details.

Social Media Community Manager – The Fancy Talker

Social Media Community Manager

Work Experience: 1-3 years

That person is in command of the commitment to your brand’s social media platforms, apart from your platforms.

The community manager is the person that communicates with the audience personally. Basically, wheresoever your brand is discussed, your community manager should be there to reply to questions, thank customers, and so on.

Seldom, the community manager can generate a personal profile and interact with the audience on behalf of your brand.

The key abilities:

  • Involve in conversations wherever the brand is communicated or wherever there is a comment on your official pages;
  • Maintain brand advocates and other brand lovers;
  • Strive to build a connection between the brand and the followers;
  • Additionally, if the community manager practices a personal profile, he or she should operate on developing brand visibility where necessitated.

The main talents:

  • Powerful copywriting skills;
  • Willingness to master everything about the brand and key employees of the brand;
  • Ability to write engaging, funny content.

Social Media Influencer – The People’s Person

Social Media Influencer

Work Experience: 1-2 years

The person is rather in the assessment of managing the connection with influencers. He also makes sure the content on the influencer’s pages considers the company’s preferences.

Probably the last extension to most of the social media marketing teams in the social media influencer administrator role. This is because the trend of colluding with industry influencers demonstrated to be a fruitful one.

The influencer manager is not really associated with the business’ social platforms.

The main constraints:

  • Get involved in social media campaigns that contain influencer activities;
  • Manage the relationship with influencers;
  • Create & monitor content for influencers;
  • Curate content for the company’s social media pages;
  • Study new influencers, competitors, audiences, and stay on top of the news, technologies.

The main trades:

  • Knowledge of the company’s industry;
  • Influential social media expertise;
  • Flawless communication facilities;
  • Project management.


social media marketing team
A digital marketing superhero should be truly exceptional at one perspective of digital marketing.
In today’s marketing business, you can’t demand a single person to deliver to the essential levels at every duty; there are just too many things to excel at.

They should be concentrating heavily on one section and be the superhero of the area.
Don’t look to choose an SEO specialist and feel they are under modified or not right for your business because they fail to follow branding on copywriting.

As marketing proceeds to develop and reach new levels, and technology changes the way businesses and clients build connections.
You will need a few Batman and Wonder Woman in your social media marketing team should you ever want to become above and beyond your competitors.

Create your brand.
An influential brand makes everything your business does more accessible.
It makes short wins possible and big wins HUGE.
There are moments when making your brand means moving slightly more potential than is strictly reasonable.

Yes, you can rush up the timelines for a product launch, but will the start be as efficient?
You can make a last-minute arrangement to impersonate at a trade show, but if your presentation is subpar, is it deserving?
It’s a fact: Once in a blue moon, a company is compelled into the spotlight and appears to become an overnight achievement.

But how frequently is that the case, and how much work goes overlooked behind the scenes?
It may mean taking the time to strengthen relationships with journalists and industry key evaluation leaders.
Or it may mean consuming a year or more on content improvement and thought leadership.

Also, it may mean advancing in the best partners, rather than the least valuable.
It may mean seeing an immediate return-on-investment, but it may not.

Keep being super!

Picture of Zahra Farid

Zahra Farid

Humbled to say that I'm the most fun and lively character of our #ChampFam, designated as Senior Content Writer. I've five years of experience in content creation. Digital marketing enthusiast and horror movie addict. When not busy creating masterpieces with my words, I daydream about dragons, unicorns, and soup! You can ping me at [email protected].

Social Media Marketing Teams: Building a League of Super Heroes for Your Brand

Picture of Zahra Farid

Zahra Farid

Humbled to say that I'm the most fun and lively character of our #ChampFam, designated as Senior Content Writer. I've five years of experience in content creation. Digital marketing enthusiast and horror movie addict. When not busy creating masterpieces with my words, I daydream about dragons, unicorns, and soup! You can ping me at [email protected].

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