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26 Simple & Practical Ways to Increase Facebook Engagement in 2021

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We’ve been talking a lot about Facebook marketing lately. The decline in organic reach, growing audiences, auto post to Facebook, scheduling tools, reach & campaigns, Facebook algorithms & trends – basically everything to survive & combat the challenges faced by social media marketers while marketing their product/service on Facebook in 2021. In this blog, let’s have a refresher on different ways to boost Facebook engagement.

Before diving into the list, note that you need to mix and match these tactics to find the ways that work for your brand. Also, the combination that works for your brand might not work for a similar brand (even in the same industry) because of the differences in the target audience, the product/service offering, and of course, the set of tools and tactics used by the marketing team.

26 Effective Tips to Increase Facebook Engagement in 2021

    1. Know Your Audience Better!

      Even if you think you know your audience, you might be surprised to learn that your audience analysis could be outdated, and you have no idea of your target audience’s current composition and wants. We all perform market research in the initial stages of our business to learn more about the ideal buyer’s persona. But, this is not a one-time activity. This needs to be done every once in a while.

      Facebook Page Insights & Facebook Creator Studio gives a lot of helpful data about your audience. Study this data cautiously, and search for any unforeseen subtleties that could assist you with making a more significant association with fans.

    2. Post When Followers are Online

      It was believed that there’s a universal best time to post on Facebook: early evening. Not any more! Each brand has its own ideal time(s) to post. That is because the best time to post relies upon a few factors that are explicit to each brand:

      What industry are you in?

      Where is your audience based?

      When do your followers use Facebook?

      A logical method to figure out the ideal opportunity to post is to look at the data in the Facebook Page Insights & Facebook Creator Studio. Under the Post tab, you get information regarding when your Facebook Page fans are online every day of the week.

      facebook insight

    3. Focus More on Quality

      With the users scrolling through content rapidly, there’s no ideal time for low-quality or blur graphics, videos, or text. Focus on quality more than quantity. Don’t post if you’re running out of unique content to post. You don’t have to change your strategy ultimately to maintain the quality of your content. Post frequency depends on the number of resources you have. If you have enough time & resources, you can even post twice or thrice a day. But, if you’re a small business owner with limited resources, you don’t have to do that.

    4. Quality & Eye-Striking Images

      Facebook posts with a photo see higher-than-normal engagement rates. Facebook recommends a product close-up or a client photo.

      If you don’t have a fancy camera or photography gear—your cell phone is all you need to begin. In case you’re not optimistic about your photography abilities, or you’d just prefer to utilize pictures taken by experts, stock photos are an incredible alternative.

Get Unlimited Stock Images Within The App

Social Champ offers an in-app media library with a fantastic collection of stock photos. Search whatever you want to, edit right away & publish it to multiple social platforms.
    1. Experiment with Videos

      If you’re wondering how to make interactive Facebook posts & increase Facebook engagement, try videos. From the latest statistics & audience behavior, videos perform best on Facebook regarding reach & engagement. Experiment with square videos. Add captions to your videos. Most of the Facebook videos are played without sounds. To convey your message clearly, add subtitles to your videos.

    2. Go Live From Your Facebook Page

      Facebook is pushing their Live videos a ton in this previous year. They changed their algorithm to rank live videos higher when they are live as compared to when the session is over. Facebook revealed that “Individuals invest more than 3x times energy watching a Facebook Live video on normal contrasted with a video that is as of now not live” and “people comment on Facebook Live videos more as compared to regular videos.”

    3. Ask Questions

      A fascinating question is an incredible way to start an active comments thread to increase Facebook engagement. Here are a few plans to kick you off.

          • How do you [complete this action]?
          • Why do you [like this occasion or brand]?
          • Do you agree with [a striking announcement, occasion, individual, etc.]?
          • What’s your most-loved [fill in the blank]?
    4. Keep Your Posts Simple

      Sometimes a simple text-only status can go LARGE! Keep your posts as minimalistic & straightforward as you can. You don’t have to go over the board every time for interactive Facebook posts. A simple status to appreciate, acknowledge or motivate is just the kind of stuff your audience is looking forward to. Keeping in mind, everything’s tied in with knowing your fans and the best time to post for them.

      keep your post simple

    5. Stay Specific

      Focus on what kind of content your fans react to – and what posting times will, in general, get more comments, likes, and shares. Facebook’s news feed algorithm links the organic reach to how much Facebook engagement your posts get. So the more likes, shares, and comments you get on your posts, the more fans will see your future posts. This means you need more clicks on your posts. And for that, your posts should be short, basic, and interactive.

    6. Share Curated Content

      It may feel peculiar sharing other brands’ content. That is the way we felt at first. Yet, when trying different things with sharing excellent curated content, the outcomes changed our perspective. By sharing top-performing posts from locals like Techcrunch, Inc., and Quartz, we had the option to contact a much greater audience. You can find many curated content best examples on Facebook by different brands.

    7. Learn From Other Facebook Pages

      You might have heard of this Facebook feature: Pages to Watch. This can help you a lot to keep an eye on your competitors & learn from the best. Pages to Watch lets you compare the performance of your page & other pages at a glance. You can quickly check each page’s top posts by clicking on their name. You can learn a lot from their posts & refine your Facebook marketing strategy according to it.

      facebook engagement pages to watch

    8. Be Real & Human

      In a world full of algorithms & bots, your only chance to stand is by being as human as you can. Stand up for your values, share some behind-the-scenes, show them honest emotions. Facebook audience is hungry for relatable experience & authenticity. Give them what they want, & they will give you the Facebook engagement you want.

    9. Use CTAs in Your Posts

      You might have noticed some of the most interactive Facebook posts are the ones with “Tag Your Friends!” or “Click on the link to know more.”

      Including a CTA – Call To Action in your posts reminds your followers that you want to hear from them.

    10. Keep an Eye on Everything

      There are tons of opportunities on Facebook to understand what your audience likes the most. Yes, some experts & stats might show that video posts get more engagement. But, it might not be the case for your brand. Or maybe you haven’t tried it all yet? Have you tried a TikTok video or a 360-degree video? The key to success here is testing & keeping an eye on everything you’re trying. Tracking down the results. A/B testing & Analytics should be an important part of your process.

      You can use Social Champ’s analytics feature to have a clear view of what type of posts are getting the most Facebook engagement & which part of your marketing strategy needs improvement.

    11. Boost your Top Performing Posts

      Having a budget for paid Facebook advertising is essential these days. If you have a budget, consider boosting your top-performing posts. With the right target audience, you can make a huge difference. Also, you don’t need a lot of money for this. With a daily $10 to $50 budget, you can get increase your reach & boost your Facebook engagement.

    12. Traffic From Other Sources Too

      Make sure people can find you easily on Facebook. You might be active on other social networks as well. Try to link your Facebook page there too. Link your social networks to your Facebook page. If you’re active on your blog, add a Facebook plugin or embed a Facebook post directly. Make sure you’re driving all the traffic in the right direction. Not just on the web, add your Facebook handles offline, too, such as in your business cards or packing slips.

    13. Use Facebook Groups

      Creating a dedicated Facebook group for your customers can help you a lot in building a strong community. You can create a support group to interact with your fans. You can also participate in other communities with meaningful interactions.

      Our team has also created a Champ community where they interact with the audience by answering their queries, going live, & doing interactive activities. It’s a public community for all social media enthusiasts. Our community team keeps the audience in the group updated with all the latest happenings about Social Champ. If anyone has any queries related to our platform or any other similar product, they can ask in the group. Our ultimate goal is to help and grow together. We should also have a group to build a community on Facebook.

      Social Champ Facebook group

    14. Keep it Short

      Keep your posts as brief as you can. Most of the users are using Facebook on mobile. If your posts have lengthy captions, there’s a good chance that they might miss the message or CTA. Or the most common one, they might lose interest.

    15. Upload Videos Directly to Facebook

      Instead of sharing YouTube video links, try posting videos directly on Facebook. If a video is posted natively from Facebook, it starts playing while scrolling. This has more chances of getting the user’s attention rather than a link to a YouTube video. Keep your videos short. The ideal length is 60 to 90 seconds.

    16. Optimize Videos, Create Playlist

      While posting a video, make sure to add keywords in the title, tags & description. By this, your video will appear more in the relevant feeds.

      Also, once you have a collection of optimized, native Facebook videos, the next thing to do is make a playlist. It helps users find out the video they’re looking for easily, & also, the next video played will be relevant too.

    17. Exclusive Content For Facebook

      Another way to grab attention is to post content that is exclusively for your Facebook page. For example, you’re offering a discount for your Facebook followers only. Or a teaser of an upcoming project/product just for Facebook fans.

    18. Use Facebook Stories

      If you’re a startup or any product-based company, you can use Facebook stories to share your inside stories. A Facebook story lasts for 24-hours just like an Instagram story. And according to the study, 500 million people use Facebook stories daily.

      It can be an informal way to introduce your fans to your brand & build a stronger connection.

    19. Get a Verified Badge

      Facebook users trust pages & brands more who have a blue tick, i.e., verified badge. Get a verified badge for your Facebook page to let the visitors know that they can trust you & feel safe while engaging with your posts. Many big brands have different Facebook pages (fake or made by fans), but the verified badge can be trusted for authentic information.

    20. Avoid Click Bait

      It might sound tempting to add clickbait links in your post to increase Facebook engagement, but it’s not a good strategy. Please don’t go for it. It’s okay to ask genuine questions or feedback. But asking for comments is considered a faux pas. Also, the Facebook algorithm downranks such posts.

    21. Respond to Your Fans

      If somebody has commented on one of your posts, try to answer. Nobody likes being overlooked, and fans who engage with your posts need you to participate consequently.

      Make sure you have a social media tool & a dedicated resource set up to screen and react to all comments. Sometimes, a simple comment can make a lot of difference.

      Respond to your friends

    22. Host Giveaways

      Usually, giveaways & contests are a great way to get Facebook engagement. You can do them every once in a while. You can add relevant gifts or coupons. You can even collaborate with different brands for a giveaway. Collaboration can bring diverse audiences. There are many amazing Facebook giveaway examples you can follow or take inspiration from. See what works with your niche & what your audience likes the most.

Wrapping it Up!

Have Fun!

These are some of the most used & practical ways to increase Facebook engagement & create more interactive Facebook posts. Just remember the key to success is trying & testing different things & having fun. While working on your social media content calendar, or strategy, don’t forget to have fun & enjoy a little bit. Starting with the least, you can experiment with a funny meme.

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