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7 Proven Ways to Increase Twitter Engagement

Boost Twitter Engagement
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When it comes to big league players in social media, Twitter stands tall among its competitors with the platform having 330 million monthly active users and an average of 500 million tweets posted daily. It’s not a hidden fact that Twitter holds an enormous opportunity for those individuals and brands who are able to use it to its full potential.

This is exactly why big brands, such as Oreo, Coke, Nike, and others focus on keeping their Twitter account active and have teams dedicated to Twitter marketing only.

However, most marketers find it hard to increase their Twitter engagement and increase the level of Twitter automation. Therefore, we know that growing your social media following could take time. But focusing on driving more engagement could lead to better visibility, lead generation, and increased brand awareness.

Let’s further discuss why Twitter engagement matters and how you can enhance your reach with it.

What Is Twitter Engagement and Why Does It Matter?

To explain it in the most simplest way Twitter engagement simply means the number of times a user has interacted with your tweet. There are multiple ways a user can interact with your tweet, including:

  • Liking your tweet
  • Retweeting your tweet
  • Mentioning you or your brand in their own tweet
  • Replying to your tweet
  • And finally clicking a link within your tweet

All of these count under Twitter engagement and defines your overall engagement rate over Twitter, which is the number of engagements divided by overall impressions on your particular tweet.

Before we jump on the bandwagon and try to find out how we can increase Twitter engagement we must first understand that the average engagement rate on Twitter may range between .09% to .33% which is quite low as compared to other social media platforms. That means an increased focus would be required in planning your social media strategy.

An increase in your engagement rate may not only help with drawing the attention of your target audience it may also act as social proof for those who want to interact with your brand but haven’t done so.

People often take notice of tweets that have a high number of likes and retweets and act as a catalyst in getting others to engage with your tweet, keeping in mind this can prove to be quite valuable for a brand when it comes to building a large following on social media.

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How to Measure Twitter Engagement?

The short and simple answer to this question is “Twitter Analytics”. Twitter analytics is a key component in determining the overall performance of your content. With the passage of time, Twitter has completely revamped its analytics tool and now it shows you everything associated with the content that you have tweeted.

It can show you the overall impressions that your tweet has gathered and the engagement it got from being displayed that number of times, which is typically your engagement rate.

This could help you understand the overall performance of an individual tweet and filter the ones that have performed from the ones that didn’t.

Social Champ Twitter insights

(Source: Social Champ Twitter)

How to Increase Twitter Engagement?

Now that you are familiarized with what twitter engagement is and how impactful it can be, let’s focus on strategies that can help you increase your overall engagement rate. These strategies would cover everything related to how you can yield the best results out of your tweet.

  1. Engage With Others

    A good way to increase your Twitter engagement is to actually engage in tweets and conversations form other users. It gives a sense of consideration and encourages others to start a conversation that can help build a relationship between a brand and its followers. Retweeting a tweet or commenting on tweets from others can help your brand get noticed and get good engagement as users would now pay more attention to the content that you post.

  2. Get Creative With Visuals

    In today’s busy time a user has less time to scroll over each particular tweet. A user’s time span where he scrolls overs is very short-lived and unless your tweets stand out it’s highly unlikely that it would get noticed. It’s a known fact that a visual tweet gains more attention than an ordinary text-based tweet. For instance, did you know that Tweets with Gifs are 55% more likely to get engagement compared to tweets that don’t.

    So, you should now consider including a visual element such as a picture in your tweet if your objective is to get high engagement. Most brands now incorporate memes in their tweets to get the most out of their tweets since they have a virality effect in them.

  3. Hashtags Are Your Best Friends

    Hashtags are a key component when it comes to getting your content discovered. Using hashtags could not only get new users finding your content it could also encourage others to engage with your tweet.

    According to a survey, Tweets that have one hashtag are 69% more likely to be retweeted than tweets with more hashtags.

    Hashtags can not only help you reach your target audience, it can also lead to a large number of impressions and an increased engagement.

  4. Use Polls

    If you are still confused on how to increase Twitter engagement, you might want to consider using Twitter polls. Polls allows you to ask questions that can revolve around any specific topic or industry and can get users to engage with your content since they can vote by just a click and it’s quite easy.

    Social Champ tweet

    (Source: Social Champ Twitter)

  5. Find the Perfect Posting Time

    Just like other social media platforms, it’s very crucial to find the perfect posting time at which your audience is most likely to be active. Although Twitter doesn’t give analytical data on this, testing posting times could help you get the most impressions and engagement on your tweets.

    Using a social media scheduling tool like Social Champ can not only help you post on your ideal time by scheduling your tweet it can also help you distribute your content using the recycle feature over other social media platforms as well.

  6. Recycle Your Content

    If a content you posted previously performed well, then you might want to consider that your content may still get engagement, many brands repurpose their content and recycle it to get the maximum output from their tweets.

    If it has previously gotten results then that doesn’t mean their post life has ended and it can’t be used again. Since millions of tweets are being pushed every second it’s likely that someone might have missed it the first time and reposting it could grab the attention of users who haven’t seen it before.

  7. Increase Your Reach With Twitter Ads

    Twitter ads are a great way to serve your content to a large audience, it allows you to reach your target audience and place your content right in front of them. Since your content is being pushed to a new audience and the impression count is increasing, it’s highly likely that your content would get discovered and drive more engagement.

    Twitter Ads

    (Source: Social Champ Twitter)


As you are now familiarized with these basic strategies, you can use them in your marketing strategy to boost your Twitter engagement. Getting good engagement on your tweets is a meaningful sign that your Twitter account has started growing and it can serve as a viable source to acquire new business and help create brand awareness.

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