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Kamil Rudnicki Talks About His Entrepreneurial Journey

Time tracking is an essential element for increasing work productivity and a team’s performance. It helps them identify performance gaps and improve productivity to drive maximum results. One such app that lets you track time is TimeCamp, and today I am excited to have Kamil Rudnicki in our #ChampLifeSeries.

He is the founder of TimeCamp, and today he is sharing his journey. Let’s find out how his company is helping thousands of customers increase their work productivity and what struggles Kamil faced during this time.

So without further ado, let’s get to it.

Fahad: Hi Kamil, it’s lovely to have you with us! It would be great to start by telling our readers about your background?

Kamil: I started programming when I was 13 years old and created my first programs. Went to the university of economics while also working on creating TimeCamp.

Fahad: What led you to start TimeCamp? What was your inspiration?

Kamil: I started with a different project but together with seed investors, we decided to make an automatic time tracking app, as the idea that time can be captured automatically was very interesting. I am also a data and tasks freak. I’ve been tracking every minute on the computer since 2009 🙂

Fahad: You started out as a programmer, then became the founder of TimeCamp, How did this transition happen?

Kamil: When I started programming as a teenager I was always thinking about building practical applications that people use. For example, some games, applications to change computer wallpapers with calendars, and some pranks. When I went to a bigger city, I started attending startup communities meetings and went to one of the seed capital investors to start something together.

Fahad: What were the challenges that you faced at the start of your journey, how did you overcome them?

Kamil: Finding the time between studying and starting a company. Finding first customers. Making the first scalable marketing & sales process.

Fahad: How far has TimeCamp come since the start of its journey? Any particular achievement that you are most proud of?

Kamil: In general, I’m really happy that I do what I do. Always need to improve myself, as the company grows. It is never boring. When I look that we build something hundreds of thousands of people use every day it’s really satisfying. Also looking at the team of about 45 great people.

Fahad: Let’s take a break from work, how do you enjoy your free time? Any particular activity that might fascinate our readers.

Kamil: Firstly meditation – I believe it changed my life. I can disconnect and look from the perspective. Secondly motorcycles – trips without a clear agenda and being in nature.

Fahad: Who’s the one person that inspires you the most?

Kamil: Ray Dalio recently, the concept of writing principles to follow in life and business resonates with me. Also, he put a general framework for constant learning and iteration I really like.

Fahad: Please share your pro-tips with our readers?

Kamil: Instead of saying “I’m certain”, “probably” say “for 85%”, “I’m 75% certain that this is true”.
Use Excel, database, or Airtable as your todo list with columns duration, start time, with whom, priority (1 important and urgent, 2 important not urgent, 3 not important urgent, 4 not important not urgent)

Fahad: Please share an image of your workspace with our readers.

Kamil Rudnicki workspace

Fahad: Now it’s time for our Rapid Fire Round.

Rapid Fire Round 

Tea or Coffee?Tea
Twitter or LinkedIn?Twitter
Traveling or Watching a Movie?Watching a movie


I am thankful to Kamil for sparing us the time to discuss his journey. We are sure that our followers loved hearing from you! 

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