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#ChampsTalk Highlights: Mili Ponce on the Importance of Social Media Campaign Strategy

Many digital marketing managers and content creators prefer social media campaigns because they can carry out some really creative ideas and get high returns in the form of reach and followers.

The challenge with any social media campaign starts at the planning stage where the nuts-and-bolts of the campaign are decided and the task list lined up. The stakes get high as the brands plan social media campaigns for bringing in new users. These campaigns often have high costs and thus businesses expect high returns.

If you get the planning part right, things could still spin out of control if you do not focus on translating the tasklist into actionable activities. This is where you need to be careful in managing the resources and making sure that the campaign tasks remain on track.

To understand the process of planning social media campaigns, we invited Mili Ponce, a social media-focused entrepreneur and digital marketing strategist. She works with brands (ecommerce in particular) to help them plan and execute social media campaigns with huge ROI.

Here is Mili Ponce in the latest edition of ChampsTalk where she discusses how businesses can use social media platforms for their benefit.

Let’s go!

At this point, this ChampsTalk session came to an end. We thank Mili Ponce for her responses and great participation in the session. We hope this session would help the participants and readers plan better campaigns and execute tasks that get them great returns.

Stay tuned for the next ChampsTalk session.

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