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Key Takeaways From the Experts of Social Media Marketing World Conferences

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If you’re a social media professional, you might have already heard of the most happening event of the year. The social media marketing conference Social Media Marketing World 2020 organized by Social Media Examiner is without any doubt the biggest & most incredible live event in the social media world. The event covers almost every top social media influencer in the world all under one umbrella. The three-day event, packed with almost 7,000 social media professionals, is happening in San Diego this year. From 1st to 3rd of March 2020, all the social media heroes would be there to give you the best insights on social media marketing.

Are you Excited for #SMMW20?

According to research an average person has around 5 social media accounts (on different media networking platforms). On average a person spends 116 minutes daily on social media. Apart from a few of the users, mostly social media is changing.  From the marketing point of view as well.  There is a significant shift of marketers from traditional marketing techniques to social media marketing.

A startup or an already established company, the digital marketing landscape is in “Constant Flux” for everyone.

To be a digital marketing professional, you first need to be a student. To increase your brand awareness & engage better with your audience, you need to adopt & adapt new social media marketing techniques as quickly as possible. If you’re also looking on expert advice on how to embrace these changes, then Social Media Marketing World is the perfect event for you. No activity is comparable to this one event held by Social Media Examiner.

If you are lucky enough to attend the event, here are a few keynotes that you might have missed. And if you didn’t get the chance to participate in the game live, then don’t worry Social Champ will be giving you the keynotes of the whole event of social media conference San Diego #SMMW20.

Experience the best of this phenomenal event with the world’s top social media expert’s advice & tips.

Grab your favorite reading spot & a cup of coffee, we are taking you through the journey of three days Social Media Marketing World 2020 conference happening in San Diego!



Ann Handley – An Unconventional Path to Sustainable Social Media Success in 2020 – @annhandley

  • Authentic is a different way of saying imperfect.

  • Show up as people, not marketers.
  • You can’t build trusting relationships overnight – Social Media is not a quick fix – you need to connect with your audience and invest time to build solid relationships.

  • Don’t seek to get your customers attention, seek to earn their trust. 
  • If your logo fell off your social accounts, would people know they were your channels? Use your marketing voice to build the relationship!

  • More specific = More relatable. Tell a story and use longer form writing when there is a story to tell. Relatable is the social superpower.
  • To build a relationship with followers, ask these questions:
  1. Do they like you?
  2. Do they trust you?
  3. Are they seeing you consistently?

Marcus Sheridan – Timeless Storytelling: How to Tell It and Show It Better Than Ever – @TheSalesLion

  • If what you are doing doesn’t add value, they won’t listen to you.
  • Everything ultimately comes down to trust.
  • How do you tell stories that build your business and your brand? 
  • The importance of being transparent with your customers through your #content.

Sue B. Zimmerman – Advanced Instagram Stories: Techniques to Create Engaging Stories – @SueBZimmerman

  • FUN FACT: To engage your audience on IG Stories, add text!

  • Retention is everything (it helps your performance in the algorithm)
  • Take time to add branding to everything you do
  • Meaningful one-on-one convos lead to endless opportunities

  • Some important reminders about hashtags on Instagram Stories:
  1. – You can use up to 10 w/ text
  2. – Use hashtag stickers
  3. – Don’t make them too small! IG can’t read them
  4. – You can hide them using the color dropper 
  5. – Go broad on Stories but niche in posts
  • The location sticker is underused.  Using these give you chances to be discovered! 
  • Any time someone interacts with your engagement stickers, you can send them an Instagram DM. These are warm leads!

  • 80% of people watch social video on silent. If you’re not using text, you’re not reaching people!
  • Don’t let your Instagram Stories turn from dashes into dots! Great advice about quality over quantity. 
  • Don’t put up videos without text. It doesn’t have to be a transcript. 80% of people are watching videos on silent!

  • Record your story in continuous clips, so one leads into another.
  • Instagram Stories should be seamless, as it makes people want to keep watching to get the rest of the story. This means you have to talk to your phone sometimes. 
  • Ask those Qs before creating an Insta Story:
  1. What’s the purpose of your story?
  2. How do you encourage people to interact with it?
  3. What do you include to reach the highest reach?
  • You don’t need more followers. Make an impact on one person at a time. They will talk about you, which will have a ripple effect.

Alex Beadon – How to Create Unforgettable Instagram Stories – Even When You’re Busy – @alexbeadon

  • Create high value, high-quality content, and show up consistently.

  • Three cornerstones of Instagram Stories: 
  1. – What is the tone? 
  2. – And what do you value and stand for?
  3. – What type of relationship do you want with your audience?
  • Are you taking advantage of highlights on #Instagram? You can name your highlights that help to reference what you do retarget the audience.


  • Be instantly visually recognizable. Have a “look” you always use in your stories. A font, a frame, a color theme.
  • If you’re trying to create good Instagram Stories in less than 10 minutes a day, then you don’t truly understand the value of Stories.


  • A follower is more than just a number. A follower is a human being. This is about a real, two-way relationship.
  • When you do an Instagram poll, give people two answer options that are actually the *same* answer.

  • Instagram Stories need to be about relationships. More than 500 million people everyday use Instagram Stories. Dedicate more than 10 minutes a day to them. They deserve it!
  • Instagram Stories are not the way to grow your following. Instead, spend time engaging with communities with people you want to follow you if you want to do that. 

  1. Be instantly visually recognizable
  2. Don’t upload at the moment to give you more time for editing
  3. Use captions & text creatively (e.g., multiple textboxes)
  4. Check insights to see who is responding and to what
  5. If we are spending less than 10 minutes a day creating our Instagram Stories, we aren’t going to create unforgettable ones.


Jon Loomer – Advanced Facebook Ad Techniques for 2020 and Beyond – @jonloomer

  • Main limitations of the Boost Button: 
  1.  Create Multiple Ad Sets for a Single Campaign.
  2.  Create Multiple Ads for a Single Campaign.
  3.  Objective Flexibility.
  4.  Reach and Frequency Buying.

  • Facebook has had the ability to customize ad creative by placement for a couple of years. 
  • Getting the like is easy. It’s a light action. Anything else requires trust.

Rick Mulready – How to Get More Leads and Sales With Your Facebook and Instagram Ads@rickmulready

  • When you are consistent with video your ad cost will go down!