Weekly Social Media Roundup: Instagram Testing to Roll out Auto-Generated Captions and Much More! 

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Here’s to another week and another social media story roundup from around the world. Social media never fails to amaze us. In contrast, we are always on our toes with binoculars in our hands, searching out some trending news from the social media world.

Now that we have rounded up top trending news from around the web so that you can always be in the loop for the upgrading and changes of new features or trends and never miss out on the social media industry’s happenings and changes.

Take a look over the highlights;

  • Instagram’s new feature to auto-generate captions
  • Twitter is now supporting 4K images.
  • WhatsApp’s updated privacy policy is mandatory as of May 15th, 2021
  • Facebook to launch Instagram Lite of only 2MB
  • Snapchat shares new research on Gen Z.


Instagram Testing to Roll out Auto-Generated Captions

Who isn’t curious to use the latest feature rollout by Instagram? A different and unique addition is all on the way. Instagram just revealed that it has been testing an auto-generated caption feature. This feature will let the users add auto-generated captions on the video stories just as you add stickers on Instagram.

Once you have added your story, swipe up for the caption stickers. When the sticker recognizes your video dialogues, it will display auto-generated captions for your IG story. Moreover, you can switch the fonts of your captions. Be more expressive with Instgarm’s auto-generated captions.

This Instagram’s new feature was shared by Social Media consultant Matt Navara who tried out this new feature in this video and demonstrated how the new Instagram feature would work.



Instagram hasn’t launched this feature yet as it is in the testing process right now.

We hope this new feature rolls out soon and works out smoothly so that we all can enjoy the new auto-generated captions as it looks so cool.

Twitter is Testing to Support 4K Images on Tweet Timelines

Twitter Images displaying a condensed image and a 4K image

What you see is what you get,” says Twitter. Check out what’s cooking.

Twitter keeps updating its services, but this time it has come up with the server-side that provides high-quality images.

Twitter images are automatically cropped and displayed in a condensed form on the timeline. Once you tap over the image, you get the full display of it. But now, Twitter is working to give an accurate preview of the image while posting your picture. Now it’s easy to view all the pictures with 4K resolution.

Well, this new image format is being tested these days by Twitter. This image format option will be available for both Android and iOS users. You can now view the full 4K image without tapping, but this feature will only be applied to a single image tweet.

Here is what Twitter says,

Have a collection of higher-res photos waiting to be shared? We’re testing ways for you to upload and view 4K images on Android and iOS.If you’re in the test, update your high-quality image preferences in “Data usage” settings to get started.


WhatsApp Alerting Users to Accept Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy

WhatsApp is sending reminders to all the users to accept updated privacy policy before May 15 to continue using WhatsApp. Is it an alert or threat? Only time will tell.

WhatsApp’s new updated privacy policy was the storm’s eye when it was released. It ensures that WhatsApp is going to share the data with Facebook.

But it was delayed due to the intense public outrage against the new updated privacy policy, and many users even shifted to different messaging apps deleting WhatsApp.

Later on, WhatsApp released a clarification that it cannot read the users’ private conversations as all chats will be end-to-end encrypted, and no data will be shared with Facebook. WhatsApp seems to remind the users to accept the upgraded privacy policy if they wish to use WhatsApp before 15th May.

Let’s see the next step WhatsApp will take if the users still do not accept the privacy policy. Oh, wait!

Did you accept the updated privacy policy? Do let us know in the comment section below.

Facebook to Inaugurate Instagram Lite in 170 Countries

Facebook to Inaugurate Instagram Lite

Image Source

After the successful launch of Facebook Lite, Facebook is now set to launch Instagram Lite in 170 countries. The primary purpose of launching Instagram Lite is to help people with poor internet connections to access the photos and videos sharing social network services.

Moreover, the new IG Lite itself requires just 2 MegaBytes (MB), which will run smoothly even on the slowest 2G networks. This new App will be launched in India, Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Instagram Lite is launching with all the bells and whistles editing, sharing, uploading, adding stories, sticks, and much more. What else do you want in just 2 MBs? Instagram LITE is all geared up to be launched soon.

We wish GOOD LUCK to the entire team of Facebook.


Snapchat Shares New Research on Generation Z

Snapchat Shares New Research on Generation Z

Snapchat with Oxford Economics released a report which scrutinizes the position of Generation Z. It states that Generation Z will play a substantial role in driving the post-pandemic recovery and shed light on how this Generation will become a central point for marketers moving ahead.

The workforce from Oxford Economics interviews six significant countries, including Australia, France, Germany, Netherland, the US, and the UK. These countries supplemented their views and opinions with varied different sources on the rising effect of Generation Z.

The report consists of 50 pages highlighting the importance, studies, and varied areas over Generation Z’s rise and its effect on the future.

Well, the report clearly says that Generation Z will be the future of Marketers. To all those Gen Z people out there, you need to read the report shared by Snapchat with Oxford Economics.

Do you qualify as a Generation Z? Do let us know in the comment section below.

Time to wrap up! Till then, try out these new updates and features and share your experience in the comment section below. See you next week!

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