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Social Champ Year in Review 2023
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Hold onto your hats, #ChampFam, because we’re about to take you on an epic journey through the highs, the challenges, and the downright incredible moments that made 2023 an unforgettable year for Social Champ!

From launching the Champ AI suite (exclusively powered by ChatGPT) to working on the Twitter API limitations and rolling out Mastodon integrations, 2023 has been a rollercoaster ride.

We welcomed a bunch of new teammates and shared laughs over games.  All in all, it was a wholesome year full of smiles, high fives, and, of course, good times. But that’s not at all; we also brought a bunch of new features to our tool. This year, the anticipated TikTok Direct Publishing feature finally became a part of Social Champ!

Despite the whirlwind of all the changes, one thing remains unchanged: our sole dedication and commitment to offering you the absolute best version of Social Champ.

Throughout the year, we proudly embraced the culture of continuous learning, ensuring we stay on the top, providing you with the best possible user experience, and meeting all those needs and expectations!

With all the highs, the wins, and a few unfortunate moments, let’s rewind the clock and relive the memories we built together!

Molding Challenges, Building Dreams!

While sailing into 2023, Social Champ geared up with a crystal-clear mission: to obliterate every roadblock in our way.

We kicked off this year with joyful milestones and, of course, extraordinary features. We predicted AI would take center stage someday and planned something BIG for our customers. We’re happy to report that we rolled out our very own Champ AI Suite (powered by ChatGPT), and the response we got from the customers was overwhelming, honestly!

We also cracked the code to perfect posting times —an easy, peasy way to identify the golden hour of the day to schedule your posts. Additionally, with new Twitter competitors popping out each day and Mastodon stealing the spotlight, we proudly onboarded Mastodon integration. Now, we have a powerful clan of nine social media platform integrations.

Moreover, Social Champ introduced TikTok Direct Publishing, which lets you schedule your TikTok videos straight from the platform without going through the TikTok app. We played with the analytics, too, and introduced the in-depth TikTok Analytics feature.

Oh, we can’t forget Instagram and LinkedIn. We launched the most anticipated feature, Instagram Direct Story Posting and LinkedIn also got a new face with the exciting Document Upload feature.

To top it off, we introduced an all-in-one Media Library so that you can now upload and store images and videos directly on Social Champ to access them whenever you need.

So, there you have it,  a whirlwind of wins, innovations, and game-changing features that made 2023 an unforgettable year for Social Champ and our cherished #ChampFam!

The best news so far is that  Social Champ isn’t just molding challenges; it’s racking up impressive awards, and the applause keeps rolling in!

We received a coveted Merit Award at the APICTA – Hong Kong 2023. Our journey didn’t stop there; we made our mark at the Future Go Tech Summit 2023 in Istanbul, showcasing our passion for the tech frontier. We can proudly say our wins just keep piling up, and we couldn’t be more thrilled!


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Growing Numbers in 2023

  1. Twitter Vs Mastodon
    Twitter takes the lead with a whopping 17.67% more posts than Mastodon.

    Mastodon Vs Twitter
    Mastodon Vs Twitter

    Despite the Elon Musk drama, Twitter remains heavy on the scale, proving that even a bit of chaos can’t dim its shine.


  2. Facebook Text-based Posts Vs Facebook Visual Posts (Videos)Text-based posts stole the spotlight with an impressive 24% higher presence than visual posts.
    Facebook Text-based Posts Vs Facebook Visual Posts (Videos)
    Facebook Text-based Posts Vs Facebook Visual Posts (Videos)


  3. Facebook Reels Vs Instagram Reels & TikTok
    Facebook Reels took the crown with an impressive 91.27% of posts on the platform,  making its way to the top, while Instagram and TikTok also continued to hold their charm.

    Facebook Reels Vs Instagram Reels & TikTok
    Facebook Reels Vs Instagram Reels & TikTok

    *We integrated TikTok in 2023


  4. Facebook Videos Vs YouTube Videos
    Facebook Videos Vs YouTube Videos
    Facebook Videos Vs YouTube Videos

    YouTube Videos reign supreme with a strong 59.3%, while Facebook Videos hold their ground with 40.63%.

New Feature Addition in 2023

We have been on overdrive, rolling out updates to take your experience to a new level. First on the list, we have smoothly teamed up with Zapier; our calendar feature got a new face with Sharable draft and became a fan favorite. We successfully pushed out Facebook Stories, LinkedIn Video Subtitles, and more!

Here’s a complete roadmap for the year 2023.

Roadmap 2023
Roadmap 2023

Growing as a Community

Setting out on a journey of community growth in 2023, Social Champ took a digital leap, attending a myriad of virtual events and building connections that stretched far and wide. Our community didn’t just grow; it flourished by leaps and bounds.

Engaging in vibrant chat sessions with well-known marketers, content producers, authors, SEO specialists, influencers, and more became a norm, turning knowledge-sharing into a collective joy.

But that’s not all;  we spiced things up with fun interviews and sponsored community-related events. We wholeheartedly embraced a change in pace, welcoming new experiences and connections with open arms.

One more thing: hosting one-on-one demo calls made a big difference in polishing our product pitch and making our presentations more effective.

And speaking of success stories, here are some voices from our valued customers, sharing glowing reviews for the tool and our incredible team.

Customer Reviews

Customer Review 1
Customer Review 1
Customer Review 2
Customer Review 2


Growing as a #ChampFam

What we used to think was impossible? Totally doable now!

Lesson learned: We can achieve the extraordinary when we are determined and focused. That determined spirit? You will see it everywhere at Social Champ. It truly shines through!

Our team grew exponentially, welcoming a diverse crew of digital marketers, content maestros, customer champions, community specialists, SEO experts, and developers. Together, we operated as one big, harmonious family dedicated to satisfying you with the best user experience. Each team member ventured beyond their comfort zones, discovering new passions we hadn’t explored before.

The credit for this monumental growth goes to you, our incredible ChampFam! Your support and valuable feedback provided us with the space to flourish. Here’s to growing as a ChampFam and conquering new challenges together!

Social Media Holiday Calendar 2024 – An Ultimate Cheat Sheet

Holiday Calendar
Holiday Calendar

This Holiday calendar is so good it might even make you do a happy dance!

Messages & Love From the Co-founders


Sameer Ahmed Khan – CEO & Co-FounderSameer

“2023 was a rollercoaster for Social Champ! It challenged us in the best way possible, pushing us to refine our game and get hungry for even bigger wins.

Last year was all about listening – both to our customers and our own gut instincts. We tweaked our processes until they delivered, honed in on what really makes our tool click for you guys, and now, we’re laser-focused on making Social Champ even easier to use.

The introduction of the Champ AI Suite was a game-changer, adding significant value for our users. Our ultimate goal is to make Social Champ the go-to solution for all your needs. We are constantly tuned in to your feedback, making sure we implement your suggestions and make the user experience seamless.

I think the proudest achievement for Social Champ is winning the Merit Award at the APICTA – Hong Kong 2023. It shows how far we’ve come and how far we can go if we continue to push ourselves creatively and technically.

This year, we’ve welcomed new talent on board, bringing a fresh perspective to our tool. For us, 2024 will also be about making new videos, producing podcasts, and really building our social media presence too! We’re eager to enhance Social Champ even further. We’re all about making Social Champ the best it can be!”

Shakir Ghani – COO & Co-FounderShakir Ghani – COO & Co-Founder

‘’The heartbeat of Social Champ has always been its team, and I am ecstatic about the expansion we have witnessed in 2023, both in terms of our valued customers and our exceptional in-house team members. I can proudly say together, we are laying the foundation for a year that resonates with progress and innovation.

As we step into 2024, our vision is crystal clear – to strengthen our product with cutting-edge AI and data capabilities and provide an even better service for our customers.’’

Zohaib Ahmed Shakir – CTO & Co-Founder

Zohaib Ahmed Shakir – CTO & Co-Founder

‘’As we gear up for the challenges that lie ahead in the Martech market, I’m filled with enthusiasm and confidence in what the upcoming year holds for us. The anticipation is high, and I believe it’s going to be a monumental year for our team, as we continue to enhance our product and introduce several exciting features.

Here’s to a year of innovation, growth, and collective achievements!’’

Lastly, big shoutout to the awesome Social Champ team, our amazing users, and the incredible fans who brighten up social media and beyond!

As we gear up for what’s next, let’s keep the momentum rolling and the good vibes flowing!

See you next year!

Sameer Ahmed Khan

Sameer Ahmed Khan

I'm CEO & Co-founder @ Social Champ, the most straightforward tool designed to manage all your socials from one place. Apart from being a full-time entrepreneur, digital marketer, and motivational speaker, I love experimenting with ingredients to perfect my beef steak recipe. You can ping me at [email protected]

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