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Did you know that 48.1% of users use branded hashtags to find new products? This means you’re a hashtag away from making a sale! Our Champ-ion hashtag generator for Instagram is here to help.

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    Full Disclosure: This tool may feature offensive or inappropriate themes that do not align with Social Champ’s views. By using this tool, you agree to maintain full responsibility for using any of the content generated by our hashtag generator. This includes, but is not limited to, compliance and applicable laws, as well as third-party rights.

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    Generate personalized hashtags for your videos and images in seconds. And if you’re ready to post, Social Champ’s All-in-One Calendar awaits your presence!

    What is an Instagram Hashtag Generator?

    The best Instagram hashtag generator helps you create a list of hashtags for your post. It takes a peek at your industry’s trends, checks out what your competitors are up to, and even considers your favorite keywords to whip up the perfect list.  Social Champ’s tool has got the most trending tags in five languages – English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian!

    What Is the Best Instagram Hashtag Generator?

    Social Champ is popularly referred to as the best Instagram hashtag generator, as it provides you with tailored results. But that’s just the beginning – you can also elevate your Instagram strategy with the All-in-One Calendar for streamlined post planning. Enjoy the perks of free analytics, detailed reports, and smooth team collaboration features, all in one user-friendly tool. Social Champ isn’t just about hashtags; it’s your go-to for a hassle-free posting experience. 

    How do I use this Instagram Hashtag Generator?

    Using our free Instagram hashtag generator is super easy. Here’s what you need to do: 

    Step 1: Select Your Language

    Social Champ is all about inclusivity. Our tool currently provides hashtag generation in five languages: English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian. 

    Step 2: Describe Your Content 

    The Instagram hashtag generator provides tailored results based on the information you feed it. All you need to do is describe the content’s objective, the type of post you plan to publish (this can be a carousel post, Reel, Story, or Feed), and the post’s topic. The tool will deliver customized results!  

    Step 3: Add Your Keywords  

    Give the generator some context with keywords. This helps us tailor hashtags that resonate with your audience. This makes sure your post pops up when your audience searches for it!

    Step 4: Paste Them on Your Caption

    Once you have your list of awesome hashtags, cherry-pick the ones that fit your post perfectly. Copy and paste them at the end of your caption, and voila! You’re all set to start trending on Instagram.

    What Are the Benefits of Using Instagram Hashtag Generator?

    Social Champ’s free Instagram hashtag generator comes with several benefits, including: 

    • Increased visibility for your content
    • Better engagement on your posts
    • Decreased time spent on hashtag research 

    What Are Some Tips for Using Hashtag Generator for Instagram?

    Tip #1: Find On-Trend Keywords:
    Search for trending keywords on the Instagram Explore page. You can search for recommended terms for your industry, enter them in our Instagram hashtag generator, and discover precise tags for your post!   

    Tip #2: Check the Volume:
    To add tags that are trending, be sure to use high-volume terms. To check the volume, use Instagram’s tag search tool. 

    Tip #3:
    Pick Out the Best Tags: Once you extract the hashtags from our Instagram Hashtag generator, pick out a combination of generic and specific tags. This way, you can target an audience searching for broad and particular topics. 

    Tip #4:
    Use 3-5 Tags: On Instagram, you can add around 30 hashtags on a single post, but that number can be overwhelming for both you and the user. So, the platform recommends adding at least 3-5 tags per post. 

    Is it a free Instagram Hashtag Generator?

    Yes! Social Champ’s Instagram hashtag generator is completely free to use. All you need to do is open the tool URL, feed some details, and start generating! 

    How do I use the Instagram Hashtag Generator for Instagram reels?

    Hashtags can definitely boost the visibility of your reel. To use our Instagram reel hashtag generator, take the following steps:

    • Select language— remember, localized tags may be trending in certain regions! 
    • In the description, mention you’re looking for hashtags specifically optimized for reels. Next, give details about your topic, your audience, and a little information on your competitors. This combination will help you generate perosnalized tags. 
    • Add keywords that best describe your reels. You can use Instagram’s search bar to discover suggested hashtags. 

    How do I use Instagram Hashtag Generator to get more followers on Instagram?

    If you want to use the best hashtag generator for Instagram to increase followers, take advantage of the following tips: 

    • Add hashtags to your Instagram stories
    • Ask your followers to use your hashtags 
    • Check if your hashtags are allowed on Instagram. You can do this by searching the tag on Instagram’s search bar. If a hashtag is banned, the platform will issue a warning. 
    • Use a combination of trending and specific hashtags 
    • Only use tags specific to your business.

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