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Divine Marketing Group

Divine Marketing Group – An Ultimate Marketing Solution for Small Businesses

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Divine Marketing Group

Ever since small businesses and startups created their place in the industry; there has been an incredible requirement for marketing services to boost the brand’s entity. A brand can only create a credible and visible presence once it incorporates the right marketing strategies.

As a brand owner, you might feel lost when planning the marketing strategies your brand needs to accomplish its goals, and here is when you should think of joining hands with a marketing service.

Having proud expertise in the provision of critical services to small businesses, Divine Marketing Group is a marketing service that offers creative and technical services to brands. It is a go-to stop for all, be it logo designing, website designing, email marketing campaigns, blogging, social media advertising, or building trends and campaigns. 

We are glad that we got the opportunity to cover what it took for the Divine Marketing Group to be successful in the opinion of the Owner – Cindy Nanez.

Let us explore.

Origin of Divine Marketing Group

I personally always had a desire to help people and bring a service that would support small business owners. When I moved here from California, I saw a huge need for the small businesses in Clayton and in the Triangle area. Small business owners needed support because I came here in the recession and a lot of businesses were falling apart. They weren’t sure they could keep their doors open, and I wanted to bring “Divine” intervention to the business owners struggling with their brand and how to get people to come to their business. These business owners loved what they were doing and loved how they served the community, but they had trouble getting the word out and enticing people to come to them during the recession. I felt that starting this company could fill a void in the community during that time. There was another piece that this company brought which was hope and friendship. The business name came to me in a dream, and even without me saying it, my spiritual mom came to me and said it was time for me to start the business that God put on my heart.

Services Offered by the Business

As the owner of Divine Marketing Group, I strive to help small business owners build & expand their branding/marketing efforts locally and online. My passion is to teach others how to grow their small businesses and help give small business owners & management teams access to the tools that will help them become more successful. I have a strong desire to help people reach their true potential. Our company offers marketing planning, website design, branding, logo design, email newsletters, social media marketing, digital advertising, video marketing, photography, and more.

Hurdles & Challenges

As a business owner, a major challenge was balancing a family and starting a business. Having a business is like having a child and you have to take care of it like a newborn. It takes a lot of time and energy to put into it. Thank God I had a wonderful husband who was very supportive and 100% supported me starting DMG. It still put strains on our marriage and challenged us to communicate more to keep pushing forward. At the time I started the business, I had a brand-new baby, and she was only 4 months old. The time I spent away from my daughter was difficult. We decided that if we sacrifice now, we know the blessings will come later because in our hearts we knew we wanted to help people. Trying to balance family and work was one of the biggest challenges. Being a multi-racial woman in a new place where no one looked like me was another challenge. Also getting into accounting for the business, as well as trying to hire on people that shared the same vision and passion were other challenges.

Approach Towards SEO & Social Media Campaigns

We set our clients apart by establishing close working relationships and partnerships. We make sure we identify and understand our client’s brands to then give them a clearly defined presence online and help increase their SEO. By working closely with our clients to understand their needs and their brands, then we can give them the digital presence they need to succeed. We walk our clients through a specific branding roadmap and marketing plan, so they know the steps they need to follow in order to nurture new leads and move new clients through their sales funnel.


We have survived a recession and a pandemic, and we consider that a victory! Our business has been open for 14 years. I received recognition as a Triangle Business Journal Leader in Diversity in 2021. DMG was recognized as Ambassador of the Year from the Clayton Chamber of Commerce. DMG lead the initiative to create a Shop Local campaign in Clayton, NC. Through the growth of DMG, we created the DMG Dream Center which is a co-working space available to our community to come create and innovate. Our success has also enabled us to give back to various charities including Water the World, Generosity Feeds, Children’s Cup, St. Baldrick’s, iChoose Pregnancy Support Services, House of Hope, A Company of Women, and many more. We take pride in giving back to our community and internationally.

Main Players of the Team

As the founder, I was the first key member of the team. We have grown into a team of six, and we are currently hiring! We would love to talk to more creatives in the Triangle area of North Carolina.

Biggest Learning Outcome

We have a saying here “Go where you’re celebrated not tolerated.” Surrounding yourself with the right people whenever you are giving birth to a vision is so important.

Thoughts About Social Champ

We have gone through growing pains as a business, from using Hootsuite to trying new platforms, and none met the needs we had as a marketing firm until we found SocialChamp. SocialChamp staff worked with us one-on-one to find the best plan that would work for our agency. The effort they made to support us and walk us through our challenges to find a solution was phenomenal.

The Business’s Recipe for Success

Being a family. We are a family, and we pray together, fellowship together, laugh A LOT together, dine together, dream together, and encourage each other. We build each other up and support each other’s goals and dreams. If we can be the best versions of ourselves here as we work together, then we can bring that best effort to our clients and bring them into our family too.

Goals for the Upcoming Years

We see DMG expanding locally, nationally, and internationally. Our goal is to open additional offices on the coast of North Carolina, in Southern California, over in the UK, and in South Africa. We believe people all over the world can benefit from, not only the support of our services, but also from our team’s unique approach and compassion for supporting others’ dreams.

Social Champ extends warm wishes to the entire team of Divine Marketing Group for their future ventures.

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