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Fly Fishing Insider Podcast

The Fin-Tastic Success of the Fly Fishing Insider Podcast

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Fly Fishing Insider Podcast

Podcasts are becoming all the rage— after all, nearly 464.7 million people around the globe are hooked on the scene!

But as simple as it is to start a podcast, getting listeners can be a hassle. This is where social media promotions come in. The most successful podcasts take advantage of online platforms to attract listeners, build momentum, and generate excitement for upcoming episodes.

Christian Bacasa, the Owner and Host of Fly Fishing Insider Podcast, leverages social media to gain traction for his sessions on the skills required to become the best Angler.

Our team sat down with Christian—who is also an integral unit of the Champ family, to get an inside scoop on his success. We asked some questions about his journey and how Social Champ simplified his social media management.

Let’s reel up what he had to say!

A Little Background on The Fly Fishing Insider Podcast

The fishing community is always looking for a fresh catch, and the Fly Fishing Insider Podcast serves this market well. The podcast’s primary focus is to hook the listeners with detailed tips on becoming a better angler. This is achieved through insightful interviews with anglers with expertise in specific subjects related to fly fishing. These experts pass on their knowledge, equipping the listeners with insider tips to perfect their fishing expeditions.

Fly Fishing Podcast- The Origin Story

A Canadian originally launched my business out of British Columbia. After his burnout, I purchased the show and integrated it into what I had been doing with social media. Next up was monetizing the show and making it a true business, where it would at least support itself. Lastly, I integrated a blog looking to monetize further and grow a truly omnichannel approach to educating anglers so they can be the best anglers anytime, anywhere, and for any species.

The Inspiration Behind the ‘Fly Fishing Insider’ Podcast

As an avid fly-fishing angler, I wanted to give back to the community and share what I’d learned. Seeing the podcast was a way for me to learn and share it with the community; it was a perfect fit!

Empowering Listeners Through Experience

My goal is to become the best angler I can be anytime, anywhere, and for any species. I would love everyone around me to grow with me.

Strategies for Podcast Interviews

Usually, I ask each speaker to fill out a survey that tells me quite a bit of the overall detail on the subject. Then, I carried out a comprehensive web research and read a few things. Outside of that, I really try to keep the conversation natural and organic. You are limited on time, so you have to be careful about going down rabbit holes too often.

Fly Fishing Trends

Currently, there are several interesting trends:

  • Information is more available now than it ever was.
  • Gears are being produced of the highest quality, and they are getting less expensive.
  • The interest in the activity is growing wildly.
  • More and more anglers are trying to catch species outside of trout.

Exploring Behind-the-Scenes Stories

More than anything, the experiences with guest speakers have really helped me become the host that I am. They teach you a ton, challenge your mentality, and become great friends. The feedback is incredible. It is quite humbling when someone tells you to keep doing what you are doing because you are a huge help to the community.

A unique story is having a guest speaker call me almost in tears, saying, ‘I never thought being on your podcast would do this, but remember when I shared my overcoming of alcohol addiction?  I had 2 messages on social media this month telling me that I saved their lives and how much they appreciated us sharing that story.

The Role of Social Champ in Our Marketing Strategy

I use social Champs to schedule and simplify my social media. With limited resources, I’m able to quickly add value to each channel in different ways to promote my business. The time savings are incredible. In addition, it allows me to automate several processes, repopulate social posts on applicable channels, and do a lot more in a short time frame.

We are glad to have you with us, Christian!

Social Champ wishes the entire team of the Fly Fishing Insider Podcast good luck in their future endeavors!

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