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Schmicko – Experience the Ultimate Mobile Car Care Services

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We all love a clean car but going to the actual service provider can be a hassle. Wating in the long queue for your turn not only feels frustrating but is also a pretty time consuming task. How about booking your car wash service?

Find the right car wash service at your door steps in just 60 seconds. Wondering how? Schmicko is the perfect mobile car detailing service that will come to your home on site. It offers high-quality car care services and comes with affordable pricing. Today we got a chance to cover the success story of Schmicko Car Detailing Melbourne. Let’s discover how Social Champ is helping this car detailing services in the highly competitive world.

How Did You Get the Idea for Your Business? What Services Do You Offer?

Great question! Being quite the car enthusiast myself, I at the time, purchased a new car and fell in love with washing and detailing it to ensure that it can look the best it can be. However, over time as I got more consumed with work, the weekly car wash became a monthly routine then soon enough, neglected for months and I knew straight away that there had to be a better solution. Welcome, Schmicko Car Detailing Melbourne – your on demand booking platform for mobile car care services.

We have since grown to offer regular maintenance washes in the form of a mobile car wash, fleet management washes, full details for the car lovers and so on. We have our main clients distributed across both residential and commercial customers.

How Does Social Champ Help You Deliver Value to Your Customers?

Where do we start? Social champ has been a huge boost in both productivity and more importantly efficiency. There is a difference between being busy and making progress. By using Social Champ, we were able to automate our messages across social platforms with ease, cutting our admin time literally in thirds. This means we are able to buy back some time for other business related tasks, that is an app well worth using.

Can You Explain Your Process of Planning and Executing a Campaign for a Client? What Tools Do You Use?

We use Social Champ to create pull campaigns to lure in more interested leads from our existing customers through upsells and cross sells, whilst also appealing to those who have yet to book but are interested as cold leads. As we all know, we should never put all our eggs in one basket, and by using SC, we are able to leverage multiple social platforms to cast a wide net and appeal to many people across different platforms.

We are glad to have you with us. Social Champ wishes the entire team of Schmicko good luck for their future endeavour.

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