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Stephan Pavlov

In Conversation With Stephan Pavlov on His Entrepreneurial Journey

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Stephan Pavlov

Today, we got the opportunity to talk with Stephan Pavlov, the founder, and the brains behind Cad Assist Ltd. His company is one of the largest distributors of CAD software in Bulgaria and serves a large number of professionals with easy and convenient purchases of CAD software. Let’s find out how Social Champ is helping him deliver value to his audience.

How do you get the idea for your business? What services do you offer?

My father originally founded the company, so basically, I am a second-generation CAD reseller. Our services include distributing software and providing training and support to our customers. We have been doing that for more than 20 years, and we are one of the leading CAD resellers in Bulgaria.

Can you explain your process of planning and execution of a campaign for a client? What tools do you use?

In our case, we are the client, so I can tell you our process of delivering a promotional campaign. Firstly we start by creating the general message of the campaign and all of the surrounding texts for it. Then we prepare all of the visual content for it. And lastly, we arrange our mailing and social posts. And here comes the power of SocialChamp.

How Social Champ helps you deliver value to your business?

Social Champ is extremely useful to maintain our social media accounts, as we are partners with more than 20 software developers. For some, we have to have a dedicated social profile. We are talking about 150 posts monthly, and if you try to set them up separately, you are destined to fail. Another HUGE bonus is that you can schedule LinkedIn posts, which LinkedIn doesn’t allow you to do natively.

Thank you, Stephan, for taking out your precious time; we at Social Champ look forward to serving you and many others for the years to come.

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