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Will Helton _ Will Helton Marketing

“Social Champ Has Significantly Simplified and Streamlined What I Do”, Says Will Helton

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Will Helton _ Will Helton Marketing

Starting a new business is a scary prospect – you are never sure of the outcome and the journey is slow and arduous.

However, once the plunge has been taken, success comes to those who persist and leverage their strengths in order to convert challenges into opportunities.

In this episode of Our Champs, we have Will Helton, owner of the WillHelton.com Social Media Marketing, who left his job to start a social media agency. While he has exposure to online business, starting an agency is a huge challenge because of the uncertainty in the market.

In this short interview, Will goes into the details of the history of his agency and how Social Champ helps him manage social media accounts for his clients.

Let’s start the discussion.

How You Got the Idea for Your Business? What Services Do You Offer?

I launched WillHelton.com Social Media Marketing in 2010 after working for many years in corporate IT environments. I was tired of working long hours and having no control over what projects I worked on or how they were delivered, so I felt the time was right to start my own business and do what I wanted to do when I wanted to do it.

Because I had been closely involved in internet-based work since the late 90s, it was just a natural fit when I moved what I knew about IT and internet technologies into the social media space.

Specifically, I offer the full spectrum of social media services: Content planning, creation, scheduling, posting, engagement management, reputation management, video, audio, graphics, and voice-over services.

How Social Champ Helps You Deliver Value to Your Customers?

Social Champ completely changed my planning and posting work from the ground up. And by that, I mean it has significantly simplified and streamlined what I do.

I have, of course, used other platforms previously and although they all had their pluses and minuses, Social Champ is the only one that I have found that puts all the right elements together in the right way.

I can very quickly add content, images, videos and once they’re uploaded, I can see in a glance which client has what content scheduled for when. That alone makes my work so much easier.

And by using the bulk uploading feature (via a spreadsheet), I can now quickly onboard new clients by putting their content together in a single document I send to them for sign-off and then upload. Done and done!

We at Social Champ are glad to support Will’s work for his clients. We are planning an extensive addition to our feature lineup so that the users can use our platform to plan and execute high-ROI campaigns.

We invite you to give Social Champ social media monitoring tool a try and see for yourself the value it adds to your client relations and management.

Stop Juggling, Start Prioritizing​​ ​

Try Social Champ to manage and organize everything in a single tab. From posting to scheduling, replying to customers, to tracking numbers - get all done through single tab.
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