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Building Email marketing strategy with Chris Smith

Talking about YourChamp and AI Marketing with Industry Expert Chris Smith

Building Email marketing strategy with Chris Smith


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We have a very special guest for our Champ Talks; Chris Smith. He is an acclaimed digital marketing expert, lead generation, and conversion expert, and a best-selling author of the Conversion Code. He has co-founded a SaaS marketing platform called Curator.
We asked a series of questions from our guest, Chris, on our Instagram LIVE hosted by Kulsoom Awan, Community Manager & Tahniat Alam, Customer Success Lead at Social Champ to learn more about his views and thoughts on YourChamp and AI Marketing.

Kulsoom: In your opinion, what is AI marketing? What’s the basic definition of the term?

Chris: The tipping point for AI has been copywriting for marketing purposes. I’m a writer, so I’m a little bit different when it comes to this topic, but most people are not writers. Writing is critical because even if you’re a YouTuber, you got to write a description and a title. Even if you’re a podcaster, you must write the show notes. Writing is such a critical skill. So to me, to answer your question, what is AI marketing? Right now, it is taking your marketing to the next level when it comes to quality and quantity with the help of a robot.

Tahniat:  If a content marketer or copywriter starts using AI to create their content, what are the ethical implications? And how important is it to have access to artificial intelligence when it comes to a business or a brand?

Chris: Think of a watermark or a trademark, or a registered mark. There is going to be a law, a requirement, and a standard when AI is responsible for the content.I can’t remember the number, it might be 70 % if people want to look it up. But if AI wrote 70 % or more of it, you’re going to have to disclose that. Plus, I think one way to think about it would be, and this might be controversial. I’ve never heard anybody talk about it this way, but chat GPT is really just Grammarly 2.0. Grammarly has been analyzing our words and making them better. They just didn’t spit them all out from scratch. But if you really think about what Grammarly’s product roadmap should have been for businesses, it should have been this. And by the way, haven’t Google and Gmail been writing replies for us for a while now?

Tahniat: We at Social Champ recently integrated the Champ AI Suite, a collection of OpenAI tools. What do you think about it? How do you think other similar businesses are going to leverage AI?

Chris: AI being baked into a tool like yours or like Mailchimp or anything that’s social media powering or content powering, that’s where I think it actually has the biggest chance to make the biggest impact. Because if you can get it baked into people’s current flows and processes that they already do, then that is how it will hit that tipping point and become truly valuable for everyone.

Kulsoom: We saw that you enjoyed our baby product, YourChamp. How was your overall experience with YourChamp?

Chris: I would say it’s amazing because it shows you how many total followers you have on all of your social networks extremely quickly. And I know that that sounds easy, but it’s not. And I think people don’t realize that number one it’s a real-time number that changes. So the ability to see what your true reach is, I think it’s very impactful and powerful as a creator because sometimes I think of it in platforms. I think I got 20K on Insta, I got 40K on Twitter, I got 42K on Facebook, etc.  I think what you’re doing is more of, like, what is your impact? And If you were to reach everybody everywhere. You guys can look at mine. It’s yourchamp.Io/Chris. This is the only time in my whole life that I got the username Chris.

Kulsoom: What are your thoughts on the future of AI?

Chris: The future of artificial intelligence is a ubiquitous and positive improvement to the written word and to a digital design that made everything after it better than everything that came before.

We thank Chris, for being part of the #ChampTalks. Your insights have made a significant difference, and we appreciate the time and effort you took to join us. We hope you had an enjoyable time and look forward to seeing you again soon.

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