How AI Tech is Transforming Industries with Robert Scoble

How AI Tech is Transforming Industries with Robert Scoble

Guest: Robert Scoble
Twitter | Instagram

Robert is a huge advocate for all things AI & AR. He’s the CSO at Infinite Retina, a company that focuses on Spatial Computing strategy. Given his background and lived experiences, we thought he’d make the perfect guest for this Twitter Space where we discussed all things AI, AR & ML as well the role they’re currently playing in modern industry. We also talked about some very interesting upcoming concepts that make use of this technology and will revolutionize how we use it.
This was an exciting one; be sure to tune in below if you missed it live.

An immense thank you to Robert for coming on and sharing so much of his experience and knowledge on the subject. We hope to have him on again very soon for future community events.

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