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dennis yu

Mastering TikTok Growth with Dennis Yu

dennis yu

Guest: Dennis Yu
dennis yu

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Dennis Yu is a digital marketer, an agency builder and a motivational speaker. Often referred to as the million jobs guy, Dennis recently wrote a best-selling book on advertising on TikTok which piqued our interest. So, we brought him on for a discussion over an Instagram Live session where we discussed his experience working with Facebook, some of the biggest clients he’s had and most importantly we talked about all things TikTok and how to drive growth and engagement.

In case you missed it, tune in to the session below to learn some great tips and tricks on properly leveraging TikTok for growth and virality.

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We can’t thank Dennis enough for joining us and sharing his infinite wisdom on the various topics we discussed. We hope to connect with him again soon in the future for similar community events.

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