Techstars Toronto 2022 – Social Champ’s Founders Meet the Mayor of Brampton

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On May 5th, the Mayor City of Brampton, Mr. Patrick Brown, and his delegation visited the City of Lights to meet the Techstars Toronto-backed companies, among which Social Champ was one chosen startup.
Mayor of Brampton Meets the Founders of Social Champ

A one-on-one conversation took place between the Founders of Social Champ and the esteemed delegation. They conversed about the possibilities of expansion in the global market of Brampton and put forward the ideal scenarios of innovation ecosystems to enhance bilateral cooperation.

They also discussed how Brampton’s Landscape of the entrepreneurial ecosystem is all set to facilitate incubators and accelerators by providing them with advisory services, access to capital, coworking spaces, and investment attraction.

A notable mention was BHIVE, a business incubator for international entrepreneurs looking for extended support to expand their business dynamics in the vicinity of North America. The founders were explained its capacity and how this incubator can play a significant role in uplifting the presence of international startups in Brampton’s locality.

The delegation had its arrival at the Katalyst Labs Karachi, where they were welcomed by the Founder & CEO of Katalyst Labs – Jehan Ara.Mayor of Brampton Meets the Founders of Social Champ 1

The company of Mayor Brampton comprised of dignitaries, including Rodney Power – the City Councillor, Clare Barnett – Director of Economic Development, Sri Vallipuranathar – Special Advisor City of Brampton and Yeshwa Younas, Coordinator, Mayor’s Office, to name a few.

Mr. Sunil Sharma, Managing Director of Techstars Toronto, played a vital role in lending support to Brampton’s delegation and arranging the aforementioned meetings with the startups.

Currently, Social Champ is exploring various opportunities within the global market and focusing on the agenda of uplifting its growth.

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