Mehvish Patel on Creating Content That Impresses and Converts

In today’s Champ Life session, we have Mehvish Patel, an upcoming content producer who understands how content works in the greater context of digital marketing. She has worked with clients from a wide range of industries, including edutech, beauty, and finance. Given this wide exposure, it is easy to see how she brings a lot of creative power and digital marketing skills to the table.

Let’s start the interview.

Fahad: Hi Mehvish, thanks for being a part of our Champ series. Let’s start with the traditional question – Please give us the highlights of your career.

Mehvish: The highlights of my career have definitely been the ability to venture into different industries. Content writing and creation is something that everyone needs, no matter what their business is, and I really enjoy being able to learn something new every single time.

Fahad: When did you discover the world of social media? What made you choose it as a career?

Mehvish: I discovered the world of social media when I was pretty young. I didn’t know what went on behind the scenes until I got an internship at a publishing firm where I was introduced to SEO and the ins and outs of SEM.

Fahad: What goes into writing a great content piece that resonates with the audience?

Mehvish: A conversational tone. That is what I have noticed resonates most with any audience. If someone comes across your post, it’s because they were looking for it. As such, your job is to make them stay. Being friendly and using a tone that doesn’t scream “I am the best” can really go a long way.

Fahad: You are a content writer with a sound knowledge of SEO. How has this combination helped you in setting up content strategy?

Mehvish: Having SEO knowledge while writing is a huge help. It allows me to write with a reason. By having the SEO keywords at the back of my mind, I can write content that I know will convert. Creating a content strategy also becomes much easier when you have that SEO foundation to go off of.

Fahad: What are different ways to market content effectively? On a related note, how important is social media in the context of content marketing?

Mehvish: There are many different ways to market content effectively. Content is a broad word because so many things fall under it. The best way to market your content depends on your vision, your company’s persona, and the goals you are trying to reach. Some people do better with videos and podcasts; others use blogs and interesting graphics.

Social media plays into all of this because you need other people to see your content, and these days the only way to do that is social media. The platform you choose should be one where a large chunk of your audience resides. It’s really about trying things out before finding something that works.

Fahad: What would your advice be for someone who is thinking of following the same career path as you?

Mehvish: My advice would be to enjoy it and don’t be afraid!

Writing sounds very daunting to a lot of people, but remember that there is so much more that goes into it. Words hold meaning, and it is your job to give them the meaning that resonates with the audience.

Have trust in yourself and your abilities!

Fahad: What’s the importance of marketing automation tools for business owners? What do you think about Social Champ for automating social media management?

Mehvish: Marketing automation tools are great because they are a combination of strategy plus software. Tools like Social Champ make managing campaigns and ads much easier. It’s essential to know and look at the data you’re working with. To further improve and know who you are targeting, automation tools are your best friend.

Fahad: Who inspires you in both personal and professional life?

Mehvish: Personally, my family plays a huge role in inspiring me. They have supported my career choices which fall into a very competitive industry, so it means a lot. Not to sound cheesy, but my coworkers have to be the ones who inspire me in my professional life. Having people with similar interests and who build you up to be your best really means a lot, especially in the digital industry.

Fahad: Aside from work, how do you like to spend your free time? Any particular activity that might fascinate our readers?

Mehvish: I don’t do anything fancy. I spend a lot of my free time reading and writing. Shocker, I know!

Fahad: Now it’s time for our Rapid Fire Round.

Rapid Fire Round

Your favorite social media platformTwitter; it is hilarious.
Tea or Coffee?Tea or Coffee
Content writing or CopywritingCan I say both, haha?
Your favorite vacation destinationAnywhere with a beach!
Your favorite foodTacos.


Fahad: Who would you like to recommend to interview next on Social Champ?

Mehvish: I’d love to recommend my coworker Allie Leblanc who recently got a new position at Zen this month! She is a content marketer and the best at what she does!

We would like to thank Mehvish Patel for taking the time from her busy schedule and letting us conduct the interview. It was an amazing session with her!


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