YouTube Shorts: Everything You Need to Know About Them

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Ever since Instagram created a buzz with reels, it is evident that short-form content works wonders today. The realization has caught almost all the social media platforms encouraging them to introduce advanced features for producing video content, with the bulk creation managed by a reliable social media management tool.

Similarly, the highly acclaimed free online video-sharing platform YouTube has also jumped on the bandwagon of promoting trendy short-form video content by introducing Shorts.

How does it differ from regular YouTube videos? It’s almost the same, but the results make a difference. This article will walk you through the soul of YouTube Shorts and how you can integrate them productively.

YouTube Shorts – The Basics

YouTube Shorts - The Basics

So, what are YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Shorts are short-form videos created in a vertical orientation with any camera-integrated gadget. These Shorts support 60 seconds and can be directly uploaded with the YouTube app. A wide range of built-in creation tools is available within the platform to enhance the Shorts using animated text, musical overlays, app-based recording, and video segmentation.

The best part of YouTube Shorts is that they can be viewed anytime and do not disappear after 24 hours. You can engage your brand in maximum interaction with subscribers, followers, and visitors.

Viewers of your YouTube Short can like, comment, and share your content, driving increased leads. Shorts can do wonders for your brand’s marketing if you have a channel and a marketing strategy for this platform. Creating Shorts allows you to find new potential customers and massive engagement on your content.

YouTube Shorts are not limited to any content niche. You can create Shorts featuring news, entertainment, sports, or facts.

YouTube Shorts – The Significance

Benefits of YouTube Shorts

So why do you even need YouTube Shorts?

 YouTube Shorts can significantly improve the digital presence of a brand. Let us dive into how they do wonders.

  1. They Make a Huge Difference

    The Shorts make a huge difference for brands because they can transform viewers into your channel’s subscribers. Brands and marketers rely on a huge following, so YouTube Shorts can do wonders for them.

  2. They Can Be An Effective Marketing Strategy

    There are two ways to strategize YouTube Shorts for your brand. One is to create a separate channel entirely to showcase Shorts, or you can integrate them on your main channel so that your mainstream content remains synced with it.

  3. They Help You Reach Wider Audiences

    YouTube, as a platform, engages 2.1 billion active mobile users. As a brand, utilizing this platform with both long and short-form content will help you reach wider audiences.

  4. They Create Awareness About Your Brand

    With the least effort, the broadest possible exposure can be achieved with YouTube Shorts. You can also highlight the unique products and services that your brand offers to audiences through captivating storytelling.

    The brand’s audience will be able to interact with your content with YouTube Shorts on board. Boosting regular traffic and sales will also benefit your company in generating ideal profit margins.

    So if still, as a brand, you have yet to explore the features of YouTube Shorts, now is the time to jump on the bandwagon and create intriguing content.

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YouTube Shorts – Creative Aspects & Duration

As the name suggests, YouTube Shorts are vertical videos with no more than 60 seconds of content. You can create a continuous 60 seconds video and post it as a YouTube Short or make several 15 seconds videos and merge them. However, if you sync music from the YouTube catalog with your Short, the video will only be limited to 15 seconds automatically by the platform.

Fun Fact: Even if you are still confused about creating Shorts, YouTube automatically categorizes any content for 60 seconds or less as a Short. You just need to set the period of your content to less than 60 seconds.

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The Big Question – How Do You Make a YouTube Short?

Now as you are all set to create YouTube Shorts for your brand, it is better to go through these steps before you get started to avoid any barriers.

Step 1: Download the YouTube Application

Only YouTube App provides the option to create YouTube Shorts with no privilege to the website. Therefore, it is essential to have smooth access to the YouTube app. Here is how:

  1. Search for YouTube on the app store of your choice.
  2. Download the official YouTube app.
  3. Create an account and log in.

Step 2: Create Your YouTube Short

Congratulations, you are officially on YouTube!

Let us guide you through creating a YouTube Short.

  1. Go to the app’s homepage, and tap the (+) icon at the bottom.
  2. Tap the ‘Create a Short’ option. Create Your YouTube Short
  3. Hold the red record button to start recording a 15-second video clip.
  4. If you want to record a 60-second video, tap the number 15 above the record button to change the video length to 60-seconds.YouTube Short Recording

The next step is to make your Short creative. Browse the toolbar on the right of the screen to add special effects to your video. This includes many options. You can switch the camera views by tapping the rotating arrows. You can also play with the speed of your Shorts by tapping the 1x button. To create a hands-free video, you can activate the countdown timer by tapping the clock icon. Select the three circles icon to add filters to your Short. Tap the magic wand to add retouching effects to your video.

You can also enhance the background of the video by tapping the person icon and adding a green screen or photo from your library. Tapping the ghost icon can also align transitions between your video clips.

You can also add sound to your video by tapping the sound icon at the top of the screen. However, one thing to pay attention to is that you can only edit a song at the beginning of the video before recording it or afterward while editing it.

In case you feel like you have made a mistake, there is an option to undo your recently performed action by the reverse arrow next to the record button.

Step 3: Editing & Uploading a YouTube Short

Finish recording? Now is the time to give a final touch to your Shorts and get them uploaded.

  1. First, save your YouTube Short by tapping the checkmark.
  2. Add text, filters, or music to make the video appealing.
  3. You can also check what text appears on a specific video part by the timeline icon.
  4. After editing, click on the next button in the top right corner.
  5. Explain what your YouTube Short is about by adding the details.
  6. Select whether you want YouTube Shorts to be public, private, or unlisted.
  7. Select the age restriction for the video, considering whether it is appropriate for the kids.
  8. Publish your video by tapping the upload your Short option.

Scheduling YouTube Shorts Through Social Champ

Scheduling YouTube Shorts Through Social Champ

Social Champ can help you get along with the scheduling of YouTube Shorts conveniently. The best part is that you can schedule and upload YouTube Shorts using Social Champ. Let us walk through these steps to know how.

The first and foremost requirement is to ensure that your YouTube account must be connected to Social Champ.

  1. Log in to your Social Champ account.
  2. Select the YouTube account from the drop-down menu at the top.
  3. Explain what the Short is about and your feelings about it with text, emojis, hashtags, etc.Scheduling YouTube Shorts Through Social Champ
  4. Look at the bottom of the toolbar and click on the icon to add media.
  5. Select the intended video to post as a YouTube Short.Add Media Option on Social Champ
  6. Choose a thumbnail for the video from the Édit Thumbnail Option.Custom Thumbnail - Social Champ
  7. Now decide when to schedule the post and click the post now/schedule button.

However, you need to be critical about the specifications. Ensure the Short duration is between 5 and 60 seconds with an aspect ratio of 9:16. Video dimensions should be less than 1920 px.

And hey, you are done. If you have got these eight steps diligently, you can now easily schedule YouTube Shorts with the help of social champs.

YouTube Shorts – Monetization

As a content creator, the most common thought is how to generate profit from the content you have been investing in days and nights lately. You might think similarly for YouTube, which has garnered a decent reputation as a revenue-generating platform because of its revenue-sharing incentive.

The good news for YouTube Shorts is that YouTube Shorts creators can earn ad revenue from YouTube by participating in the Partner Program. As a Short creator, you will need 10 million views over the past 90 days to qualify for the program. Once joined, you will earn 45% of ad revenue from their videos.

This incentive of profit generation through the partner program is quite a convincing reason to pay attention to short-form content for your business.

How To Get More Views On YouTube Shorts – An Infographic


Quick 10 Tips to Create Trendy YouTube Shorts

Now that you have an idea of the technicalities required to be considered to create a YouTube Short video, let us look at the creative aspects that can help you catch the maximum number of views.

  1. Be Concise & Attractive

    When creating a YouTube Short video, an exaggerated content outline with irrelevant scenarios will not be helpful. The best practice is to engage for the first few seconds of the video, so the viewers feel interested and stay until the end.

  2. Make Valuable Content

    Your YouTube Short video should not be redundant. Do not create content just for the sake of it. Add value to your videos to perfectly align with your brand’s persona and goals. Every Youtube Short should have a “why” behind its making so that you know what to expect from that specific video.

  3. Play With Cuts

    Usually, a one-shot full-sequence video appears so dull that you might scroll it down and move ahead. Play with cuts, move around, switch into transitions, and engage in fun edits to create YouTube Shorts that can hook your viewers better.

  4. Pay Attention to Replays

    Shorts are videos that are played on a loop. Predictably, a viewer will watch your Short in a repeated sequence. Check out how the content will be replayed and design the video accordingly.

  5. Be Consistent

    Posting videos on the YouTube Shorts website is a tactic that can do wonders in terms of organic reach. Publishing videos consistently will help you reach a wider audience.

    Hack: Create content in bulk and organize it all with the help of a content calendar.

  6. Engage With Your Audience’s Persona

    Explore the YouTube Shorts website and observe what your competitors are creating as content. Track what the audience will like the most and invest your time in creating relevant content for your audience. It can be anything from quick reviews, How-To-Videos, industry tips, fun facts, tricks and hacks, trends and predictions, and whatnot.

  7. Utilize Trendy Music & Hashtags

    Edit your YouTube Shorts with trending music so that more people engage with it. Use campaign hashtags widely used within the platform to make the video visible.

  8. Show Behind the Scenes Practices

    The audience begins to relate more with a brand when they know details about its core foundation. Showcase the stages your brand goes through, product creation, packaging, office tours, bloopers, the team reveals, and more in YouTube Shorts to highlight the credibility of your brand. 

  9. Be Mindful of Your Image

    Only relevant content can help the voice of your brand. Be mindful of the alignment between your content and the narrative portrayed by your YouTube Short. Whatever you create must follow the mission of your brand.

  10. Identify Your Hook

    There should be something unique about your content that convinces the viewer to come back to your channel. Identify a hook and keep it a mandatory element of every YouTube Short video.

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YouTube Shorts – A Winner

If you want to optimize your brand’s digital presence, no lie, YouTube Shorts are a reliable option. It is a cost-effective marketing strategy, easy and convenient to implement. No hassle, no tiring hours spent on the execution, all you need is a gadget by your side, and you are all set to create your YouTube Short.

You can bloom your social media with YouTube Shorts as part of your social media video marketing strategy. Find a purpose for your videos, create Shorts and integrate them within campaigns, and offer a call-to-action to customers by directing them to subscribe to your channel. These techniques likely generate more engagement on your YouTube channel, driving an inspiring social presence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Can I Watch YouTube Shorts Without the Application?

To watch YouTube Shorts without installing the application, navigate to the YouTube website, find the “Shorts” button in the left sidebar, and Short videos will start playing automatically.

2. How Can I Make YouTube Shorts?

Anyone can make YouTube Shorts by accessing the option through the YouTube app. Use your phone to record brief videos and upload them directly.
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