A 5-Point Checklist to Elevate Your Social Media Content Creation

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Social Media can be overwhelming, with new trends and campaigns popping up every day!

But is there anything that can help your brand stand out among the rest? Yes, there is.

Every brand is identified by its impact and impression on the audience. For example, if you run a restaurant, your social media presence will speak about various cuisines, recipes, nutrition tips, food reels, and other things. However, it is important to understand that with a creative subjectification of the overall theme of your social media presence, you must create impressive and unique content to grab the reader’s attention.

But wait, isn’t it the product/service that is the most important?

Well, the answer is no.

Does Content Really Matter?

If you are new in the business of social media marketing, your primary idea of success would be the formulation of a strong marketing strategy. However, no marketing strategy is strengthened until the foundation is based on excellent content writing.

With a critically evaluated and creatively formed content marketing strategy, your business can achieve brand awareness, lead generation, improved engagement, and customer retention milestones. All you need is an easy-to-follow content marketing checklist based on the best social media practices and a credible social media automation tool.

5-Point Checklist to Improve Social Media Writing5-Point Checklist to Improve Social Media Writing

An excellent content copy speaks volumes. It tells the story and vision of your brand and brings to the viewers the best that you aim to offer to your buyers. But do you think your content is engaging enough to grab attention and retain a customer?
No? Well, worry not.

Read this 5-point checklist to improve your social media writing practices.

  1. Know Your Brand’s Voice

    Every brand has its unique idea and tone of conversation that makes it stand out among the rest. No matter the kind of business you pursue, there must be something unique about your brand’s vision. Hence, create content by integrating the natural theme of your brand.

    If you see some big brands, you will experience a sense of uniqueness in their generated content, be it a caption, tagline, video, or audio podcast. The tone of voice, subjectivity, and even creative gradients are consistent to maintain the theme.

    Hack: Remember, tone down your way of writing according to the social media platform you are using. For example, go all creative, silly, and poky on Instagram, but for LinkedIn, make sure you appear as professional as possible.

  2. Keep It Short & Simple

    Believe me, no one is scrolling down a social media app ready to read long and boring content pieces.

    The best way to promote your message to the audience and get relevant attention is to keep your social media writings short and simple. Do not overdo it by putting in difficult words and phrases.

    Instead, be creative with your approach. Write your agenda, tell the audience what is in it, add a CTA, and you are done!

    Hack: Plan your content according to the limitations defined by each social media platform in advance. This will save you a last-minute reduction of content length. For example, the caption for LinkedIn ad posts should be no more than 20-25 words, or else the extended caption will appear within the see more pattern.

  3. Speak as Gen Z Does

    Our version of the famous saying suggests,“ When targeting the youth-centric audience, do as they like it.”

    With Gen-Z taking over the ideology of millennials, they have revolutionized the internet traditions and usage of social media platforms in quite different ways. Adapt their language, emojis, activities, and ideas that resonate with them the most and have the most of their interest.

  4. Be Yourself

    Take inspiration, but do not replicate the ideas!

    Make your brand’s persona on social media platforms original and intriguing. You might find many relatable and must-try content pieces on the internet, but replicating them would be useless.

    Hence, design your content according to your brand’s niche, making it look as crisp and original as possible.

  5. Use a Clear Intent

    Writing social media content should not be baseless. You must have a clear intent behind the creation of the content piece. So, the best you can do is to know the end goal. Put it in front of you, and then create content accordingly.

    Use an evident call to action. It can be anything from asking people to sign-up for your newsletter or an important announcement of the new product/service you are launching. No matter the intent, keep creativity and intriguing elements in your content above all.

Types of Social Media Writing

Types of Social Media Writing

Effective and high-performing content can boost your business greatly. However, a fair share of challenges, such as time consumption, value for customer experience, and competitiveness, might create hurdles for you. Therefore, in order to propose a sound solution to these hurdles, content strategy, including mixed content types, can do great for your business.

Below are some of the mainstream social media content types you can try.

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  1. Blog Posts

    Advantages: This content type describes the offered features of your product or service efficiently. Write the blog pieces with critical expertise, add internal links to your resources, and promote your business to a suitable capacity audience.

    Disadvantages: This type of content is competitive, as there is a good deal of blog content out there. To stand out, you must look for topics that are as unique as possible.

    Hack: Well, to execute blog posts in the best possible way, keep looking for trending searches. Look out for FAQs that most of your audience is searching about. This will help you generate compelling ideas.

    Best-Suited Platforms: Since blog posts and articles are usually longer than 1500 words, Facebook and LinkedIn are the best platforms to create and publish blog posts on. You can repurpose the originally posted blog posts on other social media platforms, such as Twitter or Instagram, with an excerpt and link, driving traffic to your website or blog page.

  2. Electronic Books

    Advantages: If you want to create a resource pool for your business to help the audience know more about your industry expertise and make the best use of your business, then Ebooks are one of the best ideas to implement. A usual perk is a fact that E-books are longer and are often created by businesses. Hence you will not find heavy competition in this content type.

    Disadvantages: This content type is more time-consuming and requires a lot of intense research to be finally created. Moreover, a common perception suggests that no audience likes to read long books, including in-depth information. So, you might require a lot of effort to find an appealing idea that is capable of generating maximum leads.

    Best-Suited Platforms: LinkedIn is a promising and most-use platform to learn about businesses and professional advancements. It can be a beneficial platform for sharing E-books and gaining sufficient responses. You might try Facebook and Twitter as secondary options as well.

  3. Social Media Posts

    Advantages: Social media posts are the best idea to keep your social media presence alive. It is quite certain that you can create long-form content every day. Hence, the best you can do is create social media posts that engage your viewers and keep you running on the news feeds. Social media posts can be anything from a quote, a meme, a fact, an answer to a frequently asked question, and so on.

    Disadvantages: Social media posts are quite tricky. You can not bet for them to engage viewers in the maximum possible capacity. So, you must be careful while creating a social media post to ensure creativity and originality.

    Hack: Choose the best-performing time and upload a social media post. This will help the post reach a relevant audience and grab better attention. You can also keep track of trending ideas and competitor insights so that you do not miss out on any post idea that can bring you good engagement.

    Best-Suited Platforms: Instagram and Facebook are so far the best platforms to post short-form content. Twitter and LinkedIn can be considered secondary platforms for this content type.

  4. Social Media Ads

    Advantages: Creating eye-grabbing stellar ad copies is the best way to promote your business. If you know the art of selling, your product or business will earn the best profit for you with social media ads. All you need is a creatively penned content piece with an on-point call to action.

    Disadvantages: However, social media ads can cause your business a good deal of negative outreach. They are susceptible to misleading information if not created critically. You might also require a budget to promote these ads.

    Best-Suited Platforms: Google and Facebook tend to be leading platforms for business advertising. In addition, you can also run social media ad copies on the platforms that bring you most of the organic reach.

  5. Infographics

    Advantages: Visual content is more appealing in every aspect. No matter how complex the idea that you want to convey, create an infographic based on the topic with key points addressed, and you are done with an engaging and informative piece of content for your audience.

    Disadvantages: This content type doubles the effort as it requires both visuals and content to be made. Hence, you require more people with different skill sets to create infographics.

    Hack: Want to make the process of creating an infographic easier? Create an outline first. Then, hand it over to your designer and writer so that they can work in sync.

    Best-Suited Platforms:  Facebook is the most-suited and reliable for posting infographics considering the fact that around 34% audience considers infographics as the most reliable content type. Additionally, you can consider Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter as well.

  6. Newsletters

    Advantages: Newsletters serve as an evergreen content type. This type of content enhances your analytics and delivers stronger engagement with a little bit of customization now and then. The creation of newsletters also allows you to keep your audience and customers updated with what is latest and new on the company’s platform.

    Disadvantages:  Newsletters require intensive research to produce top-notch content that can make the reader interested in the information. Hence, both of these elements serve as a major pain point.

    Best-Suited Platforms: The best utilization of newsletters is to email them to your customer database. This will not only make them engage with your content but will also increase the credibility of your brand.

Tips for Writing Intriguing Social Media ContentTips for Writing Intriguing Social Media Content

Now that you are well-versed with a powerful social media content creation checklist, here are some quick tips that can make you a successful content marketer.

  1. Know the Customer Demographics

    Know how you create content by creating a solid demographic database of your customers.

  2. Use Hashtags

    Create branded hashtags for your business, incorporating the theme and vision of your business into it. Use hashtags to promote your content and scale the accessibility by the audience.

  3. Use One-Liners

    Do not put it all in the caption. Instead, create intrigue for people to capture their interest. Use satire, humor, or provoking punches in the one-liners leading the reader to the link of the original content piece.

  4. Use More Visuals

    Posting raw captions is usually missed while scrolling the feed. However, putting a relevant image with each post not only captures attention but also enhances the quality of the content.

  5. Do Not Confuse the Reader

    Never ask multiple questions or give multiple instructions in a single post. This will confuse the reader, eventually making him lose interest.

  6. Be Creative, Not Fancy

    Be creative with the writing style but do not overdo the use of emojis, fancy font colors, and styles. Opt for a simple yet attractive approach.

  7. Respond to the Feedback

    Reply to the reviews of the audience on your content. This is very important to make your audience feel valued and to gain credibility. However, do not overdo it. Maintain your brand’s image and take it slow with sweet and simple responses like “thank you”, “glad you liked it”, and more.

  8. Proofread Your Content

    No matter how good you are as a writer, mistakes are never an exception. Use a content proofreader and evaluate the correctness and readability of your content so that your content copy comes out neat and crisp.

Tools for Social Media Content Writing

Integrate tech into your everyday tasks and enjoy the fruit like nothing else!

Social media content creation has become much easier with various content creation and management tools available in the market. Read ahead and note down some try-worthy tools for a fun content-creation experience.

  1. Social Champ

    Social Champ

    Social Champ allows users to easily create, edit, and publish content across all social media platforms. There is no need to get into the chaos of creating and scheduling content pieces. This tool offers a flawless content calendar to organize your content schedules and ensure consistent posting on your social media channels.

  2. GrammarlyGrammarly

    Correctness, concreteness, and conciseness are all a content marketer dreams of. Try Grammarly and get all of this done automatically. This tool maintains the overall correctness of your content, ensures a consistent tone, and checks for plagiarism.

    You can try the free version for basic tasks, while the advanced features are accessible within the paid version.

  3. Hemingway AppHemingway App

    The Hemingway App makes your content bold and appealing to the readers. Make your content piece go through this tool and enjoy a crisp version with better readability for your audience.

  4. Typeform


    Be it a survey or random questions, Typeform helps users generate creative questions in different formats to ask the audience. You can share the tool-generated questions across all your social media platforms easily.

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Create Exclusive Content With Social Champ

Social Champ never disappoints!

With ChatGPT taking over social media content creation, the tool has offered a Champ AI feature integrated with dynamic capabilities. The features include a text generator that helps you create content according to the instructions. It also offers a text-to-image generator to create digital artwork for social media posts. In addition, you can use a sentiment analyzer to analyze the tone of your content piece and give a verdict so that you can make the necessary improvements.

Make the best use of this feature and enjoy a great experience creating exclusive social media content with a few clicks.

Examples of Quality Content PiecesExamples of Quality Content Pieces

Now that you are well-versed with the most-performing content types on social media and how you should create them implementing the best tips and tricks, here are a few examples of the ‘winning content’ that can get inspiration from.

  1. Quality Blog PostsChristmas Marketing Ideas blog featured Image

    Usually, the sooner a blog post gets featured, the better it is in terms of performance. Here is an example of a featured blog post on Christmas Marketing Ideas by Social Champ.Blog Outline

    The blog includes a well-defined, interesting, and on-point outline to catch the interest of the reader in the first half. In addition, it has equally distributed visuals to support the content. Hence, this blog post is an ideal one to take inspiration from.

  2. Crisp Social Media PostsCrisp Social Media Posts by Social Champ

    A winning social media post is short, simple, and catchy. Check out this example of a crisp social media post uploaded on the Instagram handle of Social Champ. It includes a hook in the first line, the main idea of the post, and an intriguing CTA. The tone is light-hearted and easy. Hence, an ideal example to consider as a sample.

  3. Rewarding Ad CopiesMcDonald's Ad Copies

    Mcdonald’s is loved and adored by everyone, why? Because they connect emotionally with their audience. This example includes a hook with the main purpose of the message and call-to-action to keep the copy fun and emotionally attractive.

  4. NewslettersNewsletters

    Newsletters that makes the viewers yearn for more include insights on trending topics, concrete point of view, and well-researched, and critically crafted information. This newsletter is a great example with appealing visuals, highlighted products and services, and a brief overview of the company for the reader.

  5. Appealing InfographicsAppealing Infographics by Social Champ

    Here is an example of aesthetically pleasing infographics on TikTok. The visuals and color gradients are chosen according to the platform’s aesthetics. Short descriptions are used in terms of content to demonstrate the tips. Hence, this content piece appears fun and informative by all means.

The Final Verdict

Businesses grow only when you put your heart and soul into them. In order to be a successful business manager, implement smart strategies. Give direction to your business by incorporating a strong social media content creation strategy. Implementing the righteous and relevant tips will work the best for you and help your team make the most out of their skills in less effort and time consumed.

Happy Content Creating!

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