Social Media - The pinnacle of engagement for nonprofit organizations

Grow your community, connect with new potential supporters, raise awareness, and reach out to more donors on social media.

Social media for nonprofits: Make the change happen

Struggling to make your cause known and get more support and donation for your nonprofit organization? Why not try social media platforms to make the change happen. Social media is growing 3x faster than email for nonprofits.

Using social media properly gives you the chance of finding and connecting with more people who can help you with your mission.

Reforming the concept of shopping
Generate Traffic, Increase Sales

Remember the three A’s: Appreciate. Advocate. Appeal

The primary focus of your organization on social media should be donor appreciation. Put their efforts on display. Let them feel good about their philanthropic activities. Second is the mission you will be advocating on social media. Share information that educates users about your cause, outside the context of fundraising. Follow different groups, participate in discussions that support the topics relevant to your nonprofit. Third, and most important is the appeal.

Leverage influencers on social media for higher visibility. Let your brand be part of their personal brand!

Work towards a better world and inspire others to do so

Power of social media and the good in society!

There is still a lot of good in the world. All you need to do is show your message to the right audience. People can be easily motivated and encouraged through social media. Use your social media platforms to provide updates regarding humanitarian subjects and developments. Share the pictures of the progress you’ve achieved on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to encourage others to participate.

Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.

Social media - The game-changer for online fundraising

Each blog post, picture, video, or comment you offer is an opportunity for somebody to respond. Why not ask donations directly from Facebook or Twitter? You don’t have to be generic like “Please consider donating today.” Instead, you can let the users know what supplies you’re short of and ask them for donations for the specific item. Share the stories and pictures to let the donors know the donation impact.

Marketers are looking for new digital methods of new customers and fundraisers for donor acquisition. What a volatile combination!

Keep your message relevant and empathetic

To draw the attention of a new group of people towards your cause, you need to make sure your social media posts are defining what you actually care about. For example, if you’re an organization working for homeless animals, your social media posts should be empathetic, have emotions to grab the viewer's attention, and should have the reason why users should come to you.

The marketing pitch shifts from “buy this to improve your life” to “you need to do this to improve the world to be a better place.”

Use data and facts related to your mission

Referring facts and stats help users to understand the severity of the social cause you’re addressing. It also convinces them to contribute by volunteering, supporting, or donating. To encourage them, highlight the donor or volunteer of the month or week and share the impact of their donation or activities. Mention your sponsors and post a thank you post on your sponsor’s page or profile.

Don’t use social media as a megaphone for your brand. Seek out for conversation.

Short on social media staff? Be the one-man show

Most of the non-profit organizations are not ready to hire an online PR agency or a social media manager to post and run social media campaigns. If that’s the case, then don’t worry. Time for the one-man show. You can use Social Champ to manage all your social accounts from one place. Social Champ also offers a 40% discount for non-profit organizations on the purchase of any plan. Save time and make your social media management effortless with us.

Don’t miss the open opportunity to spread awareness, join hands with others to support the cause, drive donations, and make this world a better place.