Reach Out to More Food Nerds Using Social Media

Digital presence for eateries and chefs is as essential as knowing the right ingredient for your recipe.

Social Networks - The Perfect Ingredient for Your Digital Presence

Having an active presence on social media is not just about selling more coffee! Social media has affected the decision-making process of a diner. Today, more than 90% of the US diners choose a place to eat based on online reviews.

With the help of social media marketing, you can create the hype of your cafe’s coffee or restaurant’s special steak.

Reforming the concept of shopping
Generate Traffic, Increase Sales

Show Off the Sizzle, To Sell The Steak!

As a restaurant owner, to get more positive reviews and increase sales, it is crucial to know when to sell the sizzle and when to sell the steak. When it comes to food, you can encourage people to buy on emotions and justify them with facts. Use emotions to create your food story. What makes your steak unique than the next door restaurant’s steak? Connect a story to your food that adds the wow-factor. Make your food story look great on social media to create hype online. Make your audience be part of the story. Let the social media posts about your menu make people go WOW! Talk about your unique flavors to define your restaurant’s online reputation.

Highlight the artisan ingredients and flavors to encourage the customer to experience the dish.

Turn Food Into Art That Creates Visual Hunger Through Social Media

A Digital Portfolio – For Chefs and Eateries

The value spawned by a strong and influential social media presence can have many benefits to grow the business. Social media accounts act like an impactful digital portfolio for eateries to brag about their menu, for emerging chefs to reveal their culinary skills, for food bloggers to share their reviews.

Share your novelties and finesses that are part of your cooking procedure on social media to create the hype among the audiences.

Share Meal of the Day to Attract Foodies

Online reviews, blogger’s recommendations, food photography, has a tangible impact on diners. When you post consistently on your social profiles, it gives your customers a reason to engage and stay connected with you. Share your meal of the day, weekend offers and what’s in for dessert. People will find it interesting and will start tagging their friends in the comment section and sharing it on different groups. Show them the best deals you’re offering. Use live events and offer something unique on each occasion.

Take the perfect shot of the icing on the cake, or the topping of your pizza, and make them hungry just by showing it.

Know your Clients Better Through Social Media

Social media not only offers the opportunity to promote the eatery, but it also provides a better understanding of your core customers. You can start getting a better perspective into what your customers are liking and what they are not interested in. How they are interacting with your café online by measuring the likes, reactions, comments, and shares on your posts. You can target your local audiences through social media.

To keep track of your top-performing content and dive deeper into the data, you can use Social Champ’s analytics.

Use FOMO Marketing Techniques to Get More Visitors

Seeing everyone talking about a particular place to eat, creates a fear of missing out for those who haven’t tried it yet. More than 70% of millennials experience FOMO. Using it in marketing can be a real game-changer for your restaurant to stand out in even the noisiest of industries. Offer something that encourages them to visit the place. For example, a discount on every social media check-in, tag your friends and win a free meal, tweet the favorite deals in the house with hashtags, show the calories check on the menu, show them behind-the-scenes of how the food is made, give them live cooking sessions from the kitchen, share what makes your place exciting to visit. Take the online feedback about their food experience and how they like the ambiance. Invite food bloggers and critics to provide their feedback.

The more hype people create of you on social media, the more people will add your place on their list!

Brag About Your Restaurant’s Menu

The food industry focuses on attractive visuals of the cookery. The key to making people believe how great your food tastes is to let them know how it looks! Use social media networks to brag about your restaurant’s menu. Make sure you have visually-appealing pictures of your food. Make the whipped cream on your coffee Instagram-able.

Let your inner food stylist take charge, by clicking scenic-parts of your café’s, well-lit and well-dressed plates of the most appetizing cuisines you’re offering.