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Search engine optimization (SEO) has become more than just another marketing tactic. For many businesses and brands, it is the core of their marketing strategy that ensures a high position in search engine results and, as a result, consistent traffic, customers, and revenue.

That’s why digital marketing managers prioritize SEO processes and make sure that all their digital territories (mainly, the business website) follow the fundamentals and the current best SEO practices. And great digital marketers will work closely with their SEO agency or consultant to execute these practices.

The Need for Digital Marketing Tools

These days, digital marketers use a host of tools to manage the various aspects of marketing products and services of their brands. A typical digital marketing toolbox includes a social media management tool, email marketing, and SEO-focused tools. These four categories of tools are further supported by on-platform tools offered by social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Digital marketers require these tools (social media management, email marketing, and ad management) to make sure they have time for creative thought by offloading the mundane tasks to these tools.

Introducing RankRanger

RankRanger is a powerful tool built for businesses and agencies focusing on SEO as a core business process. As such, the tool offers all the features that these businesses require to make sure that their websites remain at the top of the SEO game.

While the feature list might be similar to other top-tier SEO tools, RankRanger offers a significant edge over the competition because of the robust structure of the tool and the focus on the delivery of enterprise-level services.

As a result, you get a robust tool covering all aspects of website SEO and allows your digital marketing teams to track all essential metrics that make or break any website’s reputation in search engine results.

Let’s take a closer look at the main features that RankRanger brings to the game.

  • Keyword Research

    The primary purpose of any SEO tool is proper keyword research. This is where RankRanger outshines the competition. The tool offers a complete keyword research suite that allows you to fine-tune your keyword research to discover the keywords that work for your brand.

    Keyword Research In many cases, the team needs quick information about a potential keyword. This is where the unlimited reports option comes in handy. If you have a list of keywords that you need to track for the business, add it to the keyword lists, and the tool will keep track of the lists.

  • Rank Tracking

    RankRanger simplifies the most tedious task any SEO team has to perform – SERP position tracking. The tool generates a daily keyword report that lists all the business’s keywords vital for their traffic. In addition, the tool generates rank trends insights that present the patterns that can help you plan your next SEO strategy.

    The tool tracks the top 100 competitors and generates a separate report for your analysis to keep an eye on the competitors. Of course, you can track the performance of your website from any location (great help for businesses that operate from multiple locations).

  • Social Analytics

    The tool offers detailed analytics of all connected social media accounts. While this is not directly related to SEO, it offers an important insight into how the brand’s social media accounts contribute to the overall search engine position of the important website pages. The tool supports all major social media networks, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

    As you can imagine, analytics are detailed and allow you to focus on integrating social media and SEO for a comprehensive 360-digital marketing strategy.

  • On-Page Readability Test

    The on-page analysis is perhaps the most fundamental aspect of SEO. It allows the team to add improvements to any website page or blog post so that it can rank higher in Google search results. Rank Ranger excels in on-page keyword density analysis to determine the right keyword density and whether the keyword relates to the page’s contents.

    On-page audits also check for effective keyword usage and placement so that you do not have to search and determine the density of target keywords manually. What’s more, you can also carry out a competitor analysis for their website pages to find out the keywords that they may be targeting. This simplifies keyword Research and fills in the gaps in your keyword data Bank.

    RankRanger comes with a readability analysis tool that scans the text of your landing page and grades it according to the accepted standards. This is a great feature that ensures that your content is readable and understandable by the broadest audience.

  • Data Integrations

    The main strength of RankRanger is the support for integrations or with a range of tools that digital marketing agencies and digital businesses generally use daily.

    The first set of integrations is with analytics platforms that monitor website performance and user behavior to have detailed information on how incoming visitors are interacting with their landing pages and website widgets. At the moment, RankRanger supports integration with Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, and IBM CoreMetrics.

    RankRanger supports integration with search consoles such as being tools and Google search console.

    The second set of integrations supports PPC and performance marketing campaigns. At the moment, RankRanger supports Bing ads, Facebook ads, and Google ads, the three platforms most commonly used by businesses for digital advertising.

    Since email marketing is such a massive part of any digital business, RankRanger supports several popular email marketing solutions, including Mailchimp, Aweber, and Constant Contact.

    Finally, RankRanger supports integration with other popular business solutions such as Yext, Google Sheets, Google Business Profile, and Call Rail.

  • Link Tracker

    The backlink profile is an essential idea in Search Engine Optimization. In many cases, the team uses a separate tool to track the backlink profile of the website. However, this can result in increased workload and errors in reporting that could introduce problems within the SEO strategy. Link Tracker

    With the RankRanger link tracker, you can set up a list of links that you wish to monitor. The list is monitored automatically, and you get detailed numbers for the Stored links.

  • White-Labeled Reports

    Reporting statistics and performance numbers is an essential aspect of SEO. RankRanger goes beyond the simple reporting of statistics that you think are important for the campaign’s performance. What’s different about the process is the availability of customizable dashboards that offer complete control over the look and feel of the final reports. You can add your own CSS and HTML so that you can essentially white-label reports.

    If you are an agency with multiple clients, you can offer customized portals that the customers can log in and see the performance of your campaigns themselves without having to go through your support team. This is a great value addition for agencies that can potentially attract more customers and help grow the brand. White Labeled Reports

    RankRanger allows you to create automated PDF reports that are generated and dispatched at the frequency of your choice. Essentially, you can now set up daily, monthly, & even quarterly reports and send them directly to your clients without worrying about formatting and missed emails.

Pricing Plans

RankRanger comes in four pricing plans that progressively offer more features and support.

  • Lite for $79/month (500 Keywords & 15 Dashboards)
  • Standard for $149/month (1,000 Keywords & 30 Dashboards)
  • Pro for $699/month (5,000+ Keywords & 100+ Dashboards)
  • Premium for $2700 (25,000+ Keywords & 250+ Dashboards)
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