Bluesky, the decentralized social network, is gearing up for some major upgrades in the near future. In a recent announcement, the company revealed its ambitious product roadmap, promising to introduce several new features to enhance user experience.

First, the platform plans to integrate a direct messaging (DM) service into the app. Initially, it will operate off the decentralized AT Protocol, offering one-on-one chats and allowing users to control who can message them.

But that’s not all! The platform is also set to introduce video support, allowing users to share and view videos within the platform. This addition is sure to bring a whole new dimension to social interactions on Bluesky.

Additionally, the company focuses on improving its custom feeds feature, allowing users to curate their feeds with more flexibility and control. You can expect to see features like in-app feed creation, better feed discovery, trending feeds view, and the ability to submit and curate posts within feeds.

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