Instagram is advancing content creation by testing a feature that allows creators to gather feedback on Reels before they’re published. In this trial phase, certain users are invited to seek opinions from friends or random followers on their drafts. This update could be invaluable for creators looking for a second opinion and might prevent them from making potentially embarrassing public posts.

Jose Rodriguez reports that certain Reel creators are encountering a unique pop-up, offering them the option to share their unpublished Reels with others for feedback before making them public. The screenshot posted here shows this pop-up in action!

Furthermore, Instagram is testing another method for creators to receive feedback on their Reels before going live. This update allows creators to share their content with non-followers to garner unbiased opinions. While followers can also view this content if shared, the feature is primarily designed to connect creators with non-followers. This could provide valuable unbiased feedback and potentially help increase their follower base.

Although these updates are currently in the trial phase, there is no confirmed timeline for when they will be officially released. Instagram has not yet made an official announcement about these features, but if implemented, they could prove to be highly beneficial for creators.

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