With this new feature, you can extend your media library and add funny stickers of cute cats, friends, and more to your Instagram story!

Instagram Cutout feature
Instagram Cutout feature

Remember those cool Cutout stickers? They have a new look and have been upgraded from still images to videos.

For instance, if you are scrolling through your feed and stumble upon the perfect moment in a video – maybe it’s a friend’s epic fail or a cute puppy doing tricks, you can crop that one perfect moment from the video and turn it into a sticker.

For example, a user, Jonah Monzano shared a post on Threads, and it can be clearly seen that along with video cutouts, users can also create a quick GIF with their videos. Looks like Instagram is providing us with endless creative possibilities.


The visual platform now allows creators to repurpose stickers from other creators’ stories, subject to specific conditions:

  • Creator permission: The original creator must explicitly allow sticker borrowing by enabling the feature in their privacy settings.
  • Content availability: Stickers can only be borrowed from active stories; they disappear from your collection if the original story is deleted.

Please note: Respecting intellectual property is paramount. Only borrow stickers with the creator’s consent and adhere to platform guidelines.

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