Meta has tweaked its AI tags. The original “Made With AI” label, which caused some dissatisfaction among content creators, has been replaced with a new “AI Info” tag for AI-generated content.

Since its introduction, this tag has been the subject of ongoing feedback and criticism for mistakenly labeling human-generated content as AI-produced. Although the “Made With AI” tag wasn’t meant to suggest that content was entirely AI-generated, that’s how many people interpreted it.

As a result, even content that was only slightly edited or enhanced with AI assistance ended up with the label, primarily impacting artists and photographers.

As per Meta:

“We’ve found that our labels based on [industry standard AI] indicators weren’t always aligned with people’s expectations and didn’t always provide enough context. For example, some content that included minor modifications using AI, such as retouching tools, included industry standard indicators that were then labeled “Made with AI.” While we work with companies across the industry to improve the process so our labeling approach better matches our intent, we’re updating the “Made with AI” label to “AI info” across our apps, which people can click for more information.”

This updated label now clarifies what alterations AI has made to the content, providing accurate information to viewers. Creators should now find these AI tags more acceptable, as the likelihood of false positives has been reduced. If you’re curious about why your content is marked as “AI Info,” you can click on the tag to see the specific changes made with AI’s help.

This approach is a significant improvement over the previous system, which simply tagged both human-generated and AI-edited content as “Made With AI.”

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