TikTok Trends Digest
Screenshot of TikTok for Business Webpage

TikTok has revealed the launch of their latest feature, ‘Trends Digest.’ This new addition offers users an all-inclusive suite of tools designed to enhance their content creation on TikTok reels.

In their latest announcement, TikTok elaborated on the distinction between fleeting trends and enduring ones: 

When it comes to defining trends on TikTok, there’s a difference between what’s trending now and being on-trend: we refer to these as ‘Trend Moments’ versus ‘Trend Signals.’ Numerous small Trend Moments make up a larger Trend Signal. Focusing on Trend Moments can be a challenge as keeping up with trending content requires a high level of reactivity. On the other hand, Trend Signals represent a more accessible entry point for brands to stay on-trend by building a solid foundation and understanding of trending content.”

TikTok describes ‘Trends Digest’ as a great resource for content creators aiming to uplift their brand building. By exploring trending sounds, visuals, and storytelling techniques available through ‘Trends Digest,’ creators can more effectively tap into current trends and craft resonant, engaging content.

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