Promoting your YouTube videos has become easier with YouTube’s new feature that allows you to create ad campaigns directly in YouTube Studio. This streamlined process is simpler than running ads through Google.

This feature is similar to Facebook’s “Boost,” enabling your content to reach a broader audience. In YouTube Studio, you’ll find a “Promotions” tab where you can easily launch new ad campaigns to expand the reach of your uploaded clips by configuring targeted options.

“Creators have used promotions to grow views and subscribers faster, get more views on content where they showcase a product or service, with a goal of increasing sales, or to reach a specific audience, such as a new country. Promotions are in addition to your channel’s organic reach and discovery on YouTube, and as such, any subscriber or watch time gains from ads won’t count towards your YouTube Partner program eligibility.” — YouTube Representative

So, the next time your content gains attention on YouTube, you can easily boost it by running an ad campaign. This will also allow you to track the effectiveness of this feature and, if it proves successful, you can increase your ad budget to reach a larger audience and boost engagement with your content.

This feature is available to all accounts that meet the criteria for advanced features. With a subscriber requirement of just 1,000, many YouTube creators can take advantage to run their ads.

It is already gaining popularity among creators, so it’s easy to imagine how many YouTube creators will be eager to try it out. Currently, it’s available for desktop users, while app users will have access once testing is complete.

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