Secrets to Building a Successful Blog with Nancy Misra

We know that blogging is getting more popular, especially with young adults! Blogging is an excellent platform for writers, entrepreneurs, and professionals to share their thoughts with the public or anyone interested. It is also a perfect tool for companies that want to reach out to their customers and potential clients. If you’re new to the game, blogging best practices like tone and content are an area that might be completely foreign. This episode of #ChampLifeSeries will provide a few pieces of advice for those new to blogging.

In this episode of #ChampLifeSeries, we have Nancy Misra with us to share a few insights about blogging & how to survive the digital marketing universe.

Nancy Misra is a blogger, entrepreneur & founder of MyBusinessRoute. She had the courage and ambition to set out and create a career for herself from blogging.

Let’s see how she has survived the digital marketing world so gracefully.

Fahad: Hi Nancy, thanks for being with us today. Can you tell us what led you to start My Business Route? What are its core objectives?

Nancy: Thanks for having me for this wonderful interview. I started My Business Route with a vision to empower people to start their own businesses. In 2019, I first decided to start an online business, and from then only, my journey started, and I got more interest in online businesses. The core objective is to provide and make a one-stop resource for everything related to online business.

Fahad: When did you discover the world of digital marketing strategy and blogging? What drove you to choose it as a career?

Nancy: When I started exploring this online world, I found a common thing among all the online businesses, “digital marketing.” With the help of digital marketing, people can now market their businesses online with no or minimal cost. This fascinated me a lot, and then I figured out that online business is my passion.

Fahad: Share one thing that excites you most about blogging.

Nancy: I want to tell you more than one thing that excites me about blogging – One is you can share your thoughts, your vision with the world, and the second is you can market your online business on Google without spending any money.

Fahad:  As an experienced blogger and digital marketing strategist, what would be your advice for brands who are just starting on social media? Share a few Dos and Don’ts.

Nancy: I have been blogging for two years now, but I can say that if you want to start blogging as a career, you need to build consistency first. Because most people get fail in blogging because they are not consistent enough. Blogging does require patience. You can’t imagine success in one day; of course, it takes time.

There are some tips you should follow:

  1. First Learn, Then Apply – You can learn blogging for free from the Internet. Some so many people are sharing their thoughts online. There are some digital marketing gurus like Neil Patel, Brian Dean, whom I really admire. So, I also suggest you learn from them.
  2. Stay Patient and Consistent – If you listen to all the successful bloggers, they definitely say something about patience and consistency because it is the most important thing to follow.
  3. Never Run Behind “Get Rich Quick” schemes – When you start to explore online, you will come across many people who would sell these types of schemes. But never get trapped in such things. Focus on your hard work, and you will become successful one day.

Fahad: What are the key factors that can be used to leverage social media for personal branding?

  1. Build Omnipresence– It means that whether you want to start a blog or YouTube, you need to be present everywhere. As competition has increased, it’s essential to be present everywhere.
  2. Give First then Ask– This is my core value that I always used to follow on my social media platforms. If you follow me on Instagram or YouTube, you will automatically get what I want to say. I always try to give the best possible values I can provide to my audience, and then only I ask them to follow me or subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Fahad: How essential are marketing automation tools for any business? What would you say about Social Champ?

Nancy: I think it’s crucial to automate your social media accounts if you find no time to manage. And for this, Social Champ would be a great choice. I found it super easy to use, and the interface is user-friendly.

Apart from that, I also liked its 7-day free trial, so once you get satisfied with its features, you can purchase it later.

Fahad: Tips for newbies who want to pursue their career in digital and content marketing?

Nancy: First, see that if you really want to build a career in digital marketing. If you really want, start following people who are actually in that field. You can follow Neil Patel, Brian Dean, or if you are more interested in online business, you can follow as well.

Fahad: What is your recommended digital marketing toolkit?

Nancy: I have used a lot of digital marketing toolkits. One of them is MailerLite, an email marketing tool. I really like its features, and it’s also very budget-friendly.

Fahad: Who is your inspiration, both personally and professionally?

Nancy: I found so many people who inspired me in this digital journey. I can’t name one, but a few of them are Marina Mogilko (Founder of LinguaTrip), Sandeep Maheshwari (Founder of ImagesBazaar), and many others.

Fahad: Now stepping aside from work, How do you spend your free time? Any particular activity that will fascinate our audience?

Nancy: I love reading self-help books. One of my favorite books is “Rich Dad Poor Dad.” It was my first book that inspired me to do something of my own.

Fahad: Now it’s time for our rapid-fire round.

Rapid Fire Round

Facebook or Twitter?Twitter
Tea or Coffee?Coffee
Social Media or Social Networking?Social Networking
Traveling or Watching A Movie?Traveling
Copywriting or Blog writing?Blog Writing


Fahad: Finally, who do you think we should interview next on Social Champ?

You should interview one of my favorite, Marina Mogilko, who is my biggest inspiration to start my own online business and blog. Stepping ahead, I’m also looking to start my next venture, which will be a “Creator Resource” platform for the Creator Economy.

Thanks, Nancy, for your time. It was a great pleasure having you on board with us. We hope that our readers also found this interview insightful.

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