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How to keep track of your data if you use multiple marketing channels for running your ads? Anyone working in digital marketing knows how time-consuming and expensive it is.

Having multiple marketing channels means having all data distributed across various sources that are hard to analyze and hardly feasible to optimize. As a result, marketing teams struggle to see the complete picture of their ad campaigns’ performance, which is necessary for deciding their next steps and marketing strategy development.

This is why data analysis and regular campaign optimization play a decisive role in today’s business world. But, unfortunately, by ignoring this essential part of digital marketing, many companies are getting stuck with average results without recognizing that they are wasting their resources on ineffective ads and channels.

How to become more data-driven and get the most out of your marketing budget? How to allocate your marketing budget to achieve the highest revenue on investment?

This is where Nexoya comes into play!

What is Nexoya?

Nexoya is an AI-driven marketing analytics tool that allows digital marketers to optimize multi-channel campaigns and maximize their return on ad spend (ROAS). In other words, the tool brings all your data together and helps you get the most out of it.

Nexoya helps you get a solid understanding of how your marketing campaigns across all channels are performing. Thanks to Nexoya’s advanced AI algorithms, users get more insights into their data and can start optimizing their performance and significantly increase return on their marketing investment.

This tool is an absolute must-have for digital marketers who want to make their processes more data-driven and start making real use of their data by achieving goals and increasing overall ROAS by up to 70%.

Having its headquarters in Zürich, the company continues to grow, and in the year 2021, it opened its first office in Germany.

Key features

  1. Data aggregation

    All your data is easily accessible in one tool. Nexoya makes it easy to track and manage real-time data. A user-friendly dashboard and a wide range of available integrations help Nexoya users to gain real value while using the tool.

  2. Simplified Reporting and Key insights

    No more chaos in reporting. Thanks to Nexoya, you get a holistic view of your current marketing performance with just a few clicks. In addition to classic KPI and campaign reports, users can create customized funnel reports.

  3. Predictive analytics & Anomaly detection

    Nexoya’s predictive analytics algorithm allows you to foresee the potential behavior of your marketing KPIs and campaign performance. It helps Nexoya users to understand their data better, identify specific trends, and plan their campaigns more efficiently. Moreover, Nexoya users get instant notifications when the tool detects an abnormal KPI behavior.

  4. Budget allocation & Multi-channel Campaign optimization

    With Nexoya’s campaign optimization feature, users can improve their ad campaigns performance and significantly increase their return on ad spend (ROAS). With the help of artificial intelligence, the tools provide recommendations for the most optimal budget allocation across multiple channels based on historical data.

  5. Correlation analysis

    Correlation analysis is another useful feature of the tool. It helps to see the potential causality between various KPIs and the influence of external factors (e.g., weather) on campaign performance. This feature enables Nexoya users to understand their data better, identify potential opportunities, and, as a result, improve future results.

How does Nexoya work?

It’s easy!

Campaign optimization view nexoya

  1. Connect & Collect

    First of all, Nexoya connects to all your marketing tools. It is a fast and easy process. After completing the integration of your marketing tools, you can see all real-time data aggregated in one place. As of now, you can easily access all your metrics and start analyzing your data.

  2. Learn & Report

    After all your data is connected, you can start creating reports that will allow you to get a holistic view of your KPIs and campaigns across various marketing channels. In addition, you can customize your reports and start tracking your overall marketing performance with the marketing funnel feature.

  3. Analyze & Optimize

    Based on the historical data, Nexoya’s AI algorithm predicts the future KPI and campaign performance. It calculates the best budget allocation that would increase your return on investment, ensuring the most cost-effective use of your budget. The algorithm estimates all possible variations of the budget allocation across your channels. Then, it defines the most optimal for the specified period, taking into account seasonality and trends in your KPI behavior. As a result, it maximizes your win while minimizing your costs.

Our clients

Nexoya is trusted by such well-known brands as Generali, Swisscom, Emmi, Lenzerheide, Kardex, Adunit, Feldschlösschen. You can find more success stories and case studies here.


Depending on the optimization granularity and AI models applied, Nexoya provides three pricing packages:

  • Basic Optimization – 1,600€/month
  • Advanced Optimization – 3,200€/month
  • Unlimited Optimization – 6,400€/month

Find out more information about the packages here.

Tip: You can get a 10% discount on the total price if choosing an annual subscription for every package.

To start maximizing your campaigns with Nexoya, all you need to do is choose the plan you would like to begin with, get a demo to explore Nexoya’s key features, and start optimizing your campaigns!

How does Nexoya differ from its competitors?

Apart from a wide variety of integrations not accessible by other competitors, Nexoya is the first tool that provides AI-based multi-channel campaign optimization. It means that you no longer need to spend hours on data aggregation, performance analysis, and budget planning. With Nexoya, all these processes will take you seconds instead of hours.

Overall, Nexoya’s AI algorithms enable you to improve your KPIs significantly: e.g., increase in ROAS on average by 30% and increase in conversions by up to 70%.

In addition to the algorithm efficiency, Nexoya is a privacy complaint tool. It uses aggregated statistics to train its model and therefore does not work with your data, keeping the privacy of the end customer as the main priority.

Contact Nexoya here.

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