Pinterest Marketing – A Powerful Guide for Marketers in 2024

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Are you too busy with Facebook & Twitter that you almost overlooked Pinterest Marketing?
When it comes to using social networks to drive traffic to your website, Pinterest is one of the best networks out there.

If you don’t have a solid plan in place for using Pinterest as part of your business strategy, you’re missing key opportunities to reach potential new customers.

Pinterest is the fastest social networking site in history, with 431 million users. It might not be a giant like Facebook, but with 2 billion monthly searches, the platform can’t be ignored.

Many bloggers, businesses, and influencers are using Pinterest to create brand awareness and lead generation. Additionally, Pinterest scheduler is a huge time saver.

Here are a few reasons why marketers can’t ignore this social network.

From Start-up to Fastest Growing Social Networking Site

Pinterest was launched as a closed beta in 2010. Within nine months, the website already had 10,000 users.

In 2011, as soon as the Pinterest iPad app was launched, it brought in more than the expected number of downloads. Pinterest is the fastest startup in history to reach 10 million unique monthly users and high user engagement metrics.

Pinterest was also listed in “50 Best Websites of 2011” by Time magazine in 2011.
And later the same year, it became one of the top 10 largest social networking sites. Also listed as the best new startup of 2011 by TechCrunch.

Half of the millennials use Pinterest. This social networking site has strong user engagement. According to Statista, Pinterest is on the list of “Leading mobile app publishers in the United States as of March 2019, based on user reach.”

What is Pinterest Marketing?

If you are like most people, you may think of Pinterest as a place to find recipes, do-it-yourself crafts, cute animals, fashion inspiration, and much more. But Pinterest is more than that, it is a powerful social media network with millions of active users making it a goldmine for businesses that are looking to reach a new audience.

But what is Pinterest marketing?

Pinterest marketing comes down to leveraging the platform to help you achieve your marketing goals. It helps marketers or businesses to promote their brands, reach new audiences and grow awareness. This can be done through pinning images, creating exciting boards, and running target ads.

Well, it may look like a daunting task but with a little creativity, you can take your marketing strategy to the next level.

The social media platform allows users to share and discover new interests by posting images or videos. Users can also follow other Pinterest users with similar interests and explore popular trends. And the best part is, that marketing on Pinterest is relatively easy and low-cost, marketers can create a Pinterest account and populate it with high-quality images and helpful content.

Is Pinterest the Right Social Network for Marketing?

Marketing on Pinterest can be a great way to promote your business or product. By creating pins that are shareable and relevant to your target audience, you can reach a large number of people who may be interested in what you have to offer. In addition, Pinterest allows you to target specific demographics, interests, and even locations. With its large user base and ability to target specific audiences, Pinterest can be a powerful marketing platform for your business.Pinterest statistics

Let’s have a look at some striking Pinterest statistics that shows the importance of this popular social media platform:

⦁ Pinterest is the number one social media platform when it comes to mobile engagement.
⦁ 1 of 2 Pinterest users makes purchase decisions after watching a promoted pin.
⦁ Around 59% of people use Pinterest to find information about their purchases.
⦁ The average time spent on Pinterest is 4.45 minutes per visit.
⦁ Around 64% of the referral traffic is driven by smartphones.
⦁ Over 5% of referral traffic comes from Pinterest to your website.
⦁ About 67% of Pinterest users say that they discover a brand from business content on Pinterest.
⦁ Around 77% of Pinners find new products every week on Pinterest.

How to Use Pinterest Marketing for Business

Focusing on visuals (image-centric), Pinterest can be an excellent social network for brands and companies. Those who focus on the brighter and creative side of life; bloggers, photographers, and writers alike will often use Pinterest for creative inspiration.

But the question is how to use Pinterest for marketing to gain sales leads and traffic on the website?

First, let’s take an overview of Pinterest for Business. Before we discuss Pinterest Marketing in detail, here are three Pinterest terminologies that you should know:

⦁ Feed
⦁ Pins
⦁ Boards

  1. Pinterest Feed:

    The Pinterest feed is mostly like any other social network’s feed. It has a collection of content & links from different boards & users.

  2. Pins:

    Pins can be images, videos, or products. Pins link back to the website or the source. So they can be a great source of referral traffic to your website.

  3. Pinterest Boards:

    Boards are the organized collection of pins. When you decide to sort different pins under one name, you make a board for it.

5 Things to Keep In Mind Before Starting Pinterest Marketing for Business

The Pinterest Business account is a little different from the personal account. If you have a personal account and wish to use Pinterest to market your business, the first step is to sign up for an “Official Pinterest for Business.”

If you don’t have a Pinterest account, you can create one in just a few steps. You can convert it into a business account by filling in some additional information if you have one.

  1. Make Sure Your Boards Are Well-Categorizedimagery

    Pinterest is different from your Facebook business page. A Facebook page has a mixture of information posted in chronological order, rather than in order of importance or by topic.
    Pinterest allows you to create multiple boards. One for each category of your products or services. Pinterest keeps users engaged in the generalized content and content that’s specific to their interests.

    According to research, 82% of daily Pinterest users have pulled up pins on their mobile devices to guide their in-store purchase decisions. So, make it fun and feasible for them!

  2. Verify Your Website or Blog

    One of the handiest steps is to verify your website or blog on your Pinterest account.
    It denotes to the Pinterest audience that you own the content pinned from your website,
    It gives you access to Pinterest Analytics.
    Once your website/blog is verified, your visitors will see a checkmark next to your business name. This will increase credibility and take your Pinterest marketing to the next level.

  3. Optimize Your Profile for Location

    If you are managing a local business, your profile must mention the areas you serve and where your business is located. Even include it in the username. Seems pretty neat, right?
    However, you’d be surprised how many Pinterest profiles are created without that detailed location information. This leads their audience to confusion about the services and products they offer.

    For instance, if I am looking for photographers for my wedding in upstate Texas. Specifically, Tyler. A profile that includes Tyler, Texas, and portfolios of photographers will more likely show up in results for me.

    If you only list out what you do in your profile but not where you do it, you’re not getting in front of your target potential prospects. This will ultimately lead to lesser leads.

  4. Study Pinterest Analytics

    Pinterest Analytics is like a treasure for those marketers who analyze their every Pinterest marketing tactic or overall strategy. It gives you information about those viewing your page and pins. Interestingly, Pinterest offers you to learn about your audience demographics, the devices your visitors use, and what your most popular pins are.

    Moreover, you can also see data on your profile’s average daily impressions and viewers, your average monthly viewers, and average monthly engagements.
    However, you can learn more about navigating and understanding your analytics data here.

  5. Optimize Your Pinterest Profile for SEO

    SEO, is one of the most used terms when it comes to social media marketing of any niche. Still, most marketers only optimize their blog or website and opt out of social networks. Optimizing your Pinterest account is perhaps the most difficult to understand part of this process. So let’s simplify it into a few simple steps here.

    ⦁ Keyword Research
    Note the most popular categories and topics for your niche. You may also want to look at competitor Pinterest accounts to see what keywords they are targeting.
    If you are skilled in keyword research, merely use those skills and Voila!

    ⦁ Incorporating Keywords
    Second, incorporate these keywords into your profile name and description. Make it prominent. Avoid keyword stuffing just as you would do with other social networks.
    This will have a broader appeal while being SEO-friendly. Google will show your Pinterest boards and pins if those keywords are searched.

    ⦁ Create Boards Related to your Niche
    Third, create boards related to your niche. For example, create a “best of” board for your content. And then at least ten other boards for repining content.
    Each board should be named according to the topics you aim to cover.
    Include keywords for each topic in the title and description of each board. It is OK to add a couple of keywords to the description in this case.

Make the Most Out of Pinterest Marketing

Keep boards lively and drive more traffic by scheduling pins with Social Champ

10 Pinterest Marketing Tips to Achieve Results

Pinterest is a highly visual platform, which makes it ideal for businesses or marketers in the lifestyle, fashion, home decor, food, and digital marketing niche. However, with the right tips businesses in any industry can succeed on Pinterest. Here are some amazing Pinterest marketing tips that will help you to skyrocket your marketing.

  1. Get the Pin Button

    The Pin Button is a feature that allows you to pin an image from a website to your Pinterest board with just one click. With the Pin Button, you can quickly add images to your boards without leaving the website you are currently on. By adding this button to your website or blog, you can make it easy for others to pin your content to their own boards. Additionally, the Pin Button can help you get more traffic to your website or blog from Pinterest.

  2. Add the Follow Button

    If you are a marketer, you know how important it is to have a strong social media presence. One way to make sure your pins are being seen is to add the Follow Button to your website. This will allow potential customers to follow your boards and see the pins that you post. This is a great way to promote your products or services and get your name out there.

    You can include this button on your emails, newsletters, pop-ups, and blogs. This can be an excellent Pinterest marketing tip for beginners.

  3. Tell stories

    Do you know Pinterest is one of the popular social media platforms when it comes to telling stories? You can use Pinterest to share photos, videos, and written stories about your life, interests, and experiences.

    Additionally, you can follow other users to see what they are sharing and get inspired by their stories. Connect with other storytellers on Pinterest and create “boards” to organize your photos and other images, and then share your stories with friends and family. You can also find ideas for new projects or share your own with others.

  4. ImageryRoom Decor

    If you are looking for some great imagery to help inspire your next project, then you need to check out Pinterest. The social platform is full of images that will get your creative juices flowing. Just do a little research for the type of project you are working on and you are sure to find some great options for your Pinterest marketing.

    By searching for images related to your project, you can get a better sense of what you want to create. You can also use the images as a starting point for your own research. In addition, you can save the images you find on your Pinterest board so that you can refer back to them later.

  5. Descriptions

    Pinterest is a visual-centric platform but you just can’t ignore the text. Descriptions on Pinterest play a vital role, especially keywords as they are used for a Pinterest search function. Keywords make it easy for people to find you and improve your Google ranking. Here’s a perfect example of Social Champ’s Pinterest account.Social Champ Pinterest

    Here are some important tips that will help you with the Pinterest descriptions:

    ⦁ Use long-tail keywords for each pin
    ⦁ Take help from Pinterest analytics & search bar to see what your audience likes
    ⦁ Include keywords in your board title and descriptions
    ⦁ Add a strong call to action
    ⦁ Don’t forget to use the hashtag

  6. Engage with Users

    Pinterest is a great platform to connect with your users and followers. By creating informative and compelling pins, you can drive traffic to your website or blog and increase your following. Additionally, by engaging with your users on Pinterest, you can create a community of followers who are interested in your content. This is how you can engage with users on Pinterest.

    ⦁ Creating original content that is interesting and relevant to your target audience.
    ⦁ Stay active on Pinterest; you also need to be active in the Pinterest community, repinning and commenting on other users’ pins.
    ⦁ Promote your Pinterest presence on other social media platforms and on your website.

    Create thoughtful and engaging content, so you can connect with users and encourage them to interact with your brand. With a little effort, you can turn Pinterest into a powerful marketing tool.

  7. Pinterest Ads

    To make the most of your Pinterest marketing, give a shot to Pinterest Ads. It is a way for businesses to reach out to potential customers on the popular social media platform. By creating ads that are targeted to users’ interests, businesses can more effectively reach their audience and promote products or services.

    You can find a large audience for your business and have the opportunity to really capture the attention at first sight.

  8. Rich Pinsrich pins

    If you are a marketer and you haven’t added Rich Pins yet to your Pinterest account yet, you are missing out on your Pinterest marketing!

    When it comes to adding more context then it would be hard to skip Rich Pins. Rich pins have the extra information attached to the pins. It shows the metadata right in on the pins themselves.

    These are helpful for bloggers and businesses because it provides a more immersive experience for pinners and can help drive traffic to your site. If you are looking to make your pins stand out on Pinterest, then you should definitely consider using rich pins. Additionally, they are more likely to be repinned by other users. Rich Pins are a great way to showcase your products and services on Pinterest, as they can help you increase traffic to your website. Let’s have a look at Sample pin media’s rich pin example.

  9. Buyable Pins

    Want to make your shopping experience easier, then Buyable Pins is the right feature for you. If you are constantly on Pinterest, looking for new recipes, workout routines, and fashion inspiration; you probably wished you could just buy the products you see on the website. Well, now you can with Pinterest’s ‘Buyable Pins’, which allows users to purchase products directly from the website. It can make shopping on Pinterest much easier and more convenient. So if you’re looking to do some online shopping, be sure to check out Buyable Pins.

  10. Content Curation

    If you are like most people, you probably use Pinterest to get inspiration for everything – from what to make for dinner to your next home decor project. But did you know that you can also use Pinterest for content curation? Content curation is the process of finding and sharing the best and most relevant content on a given topic.

Pinterest is a great platform for doing just that. All you need is to simply create a board for your chosen topic and start pinning away.

Be sure to include content from a variety of sources, and don’t forget to add your own commentary and insights. By curating content on Pinterest, you can show potential customers that you are an expert in your industry and that you have a pulse on the latest trends.

3 Tips to Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic to Website or Blog

  1. Based on Your Brand, Find the Peak Hours

    Try and test different timings to find out the best time to post on Pinterest. Mostly it depends on your target audience. Research says that Saturday mornings are the best time to post on Pinterest.
    Find your best time on which your audience is mostly online and engages the most. Schedule your pins on those timings.

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  1. Be Consistent

    Posting consistently is the key to get more followers on Pinterest. Keep your viewers engage with you. Don’t just re-pin the content of others. Pin your content too. Try to post at least 1 to 4 pins a day. One pin a day is a must. Pro Tip: Don’t pin 30 new pins within 5 minutes. Try to spread your pins throughout the day. To avoid spamming.

  2. Don’t Neglect the Words

    Great visuals aren’t just enough if you want to get some serious engagement or drive traffic to your website. Try to make the most of your Pinterest marketing. Include a description and a website link. Add your brand name in the first line of the description. Use relevant keywords in your description so that they’re easy to appear in search. Don’t oversell your product or service. Try to make it sound as natural as possible.

    Check out how beautifully West Elm has organized their boards according to different topics. A perfect example of how to select the topic of your board and update it accordingly.

    If you don’t want to miss any significant holiday session, try automated Pinterest. Use a scheduling tool to be ahead of time.

Pinterest Scheduling Is Now Easy With Social Champ

Create, edit and schedule your pins from one centralized dashboard using the best Pinterest Scheduler in the Market.

Beginner’s Guide on How to Do Pinterest Marketing Right With Social Champ

There are plenty of Pinterest marketing tips and strategies available online. We’ve been on the same road. Keeping our focus on Facebook and other social channels, we almost ignored Pinterest for a while.

Then, as soon as we realized what wonders Pinterest can do, we started working on it. We were continuously trying to improve our marketing strategies. If you’re someone who has just started using Pinterest for marketing your brand, this is for you.

Pinterest Marketing Strategies That Worked For Us

It’s embarrassing to say, but let’s just be honest with you. There was a time when our Pinterest looked like bare land.

This was when we decided to re-furnish our Pinterest account and make it P-interesting. We tried and tested almost every possible tip out there, and here is what worked for us.

  1. Updating BoardsNourish Move Love

    We started by updating our boards. Creating boards for different topics. For example, we have interviews, social media marketing, social media tips, marketing quotes, books to read, office plants, expert advice, our champ fam, and more.

    Here’s how you should start updating your boards for Pinterest marketing. Once you’ve filled in all the details mentioned above, start creating boards. If you have a blog and want to drive traffic on it, start creating boards of blog categories and subcategories. If you’re an eCommerce website, begin with product categories.

    Keep your profile clean. Try to include keywords in the name. Keywords are the phrases that people search when trying to look for a product/service. For example, Nourish Move Love is a health + fitness lifestyle site. These keywords will mostly be full-body workout videos, 30 days challenges, home workouts, and phrases related to fitness and a healthy lifestyle.
    Have a look at their Pinterest account:

    That’s how we took inspiration and kept moving.

  2. Creating New Pinsnew pins

    Once you’ve created boards, the next thing is to start creating new pins. There are a few essential things to keep in mind before designing pins:

    ⦁ Create the right size of the image
    ⦁ Use high-resolution pictures
    ⦁ Make the most of the title and description
    ⦁ Save a Pin

    Pinterest has never recommended an image smaller than 600 x 900. The ideal image size for Pinterest is 1000 x 1500px and an aspect ratio of 2:3. You can create pins with a single image, multiple images, and images with text. Experiment with all of them. Creating pins is simple. You can use any online tool for editing. We mostly used Canva, QuotesCover, and Social Champ’s image editor.

    We did the next thing, using the ‘Save a Pin’ feature to add all the images on our blogs to Pinterest boards. By using this feature, you don’t have to create a new idea. Just hover on any pin or image and choose a board to save your pin.

  3. Scheduling Pinsschedule pins

    So, you might be wondering how many pins I should create in a day? Or how much time should I spend on Pinterest? That was one of the trickiest parts for us too.

    The most important part of Pinterest marketing is to be consistent. We started by adding 5 to 10 pins a day. You can add ten pins per day. Decide the frequency and be consistent. Manually creating ten pins a day can consume a lot of your time and effort. That’s where a Pinterest pin scheduler comes in handy. We used Social Champ.

    Why Should You Use Social Champ to Schedule Pins?

    ⦁ You can plan, create and schedule pins for weeks and months in just a few minutes
    ⦁ You can upload and schedule pins in bulk using a CSV file
    ⦁ Add description, custom title, website link before posting/scheduling
    ⦁ Not just images and GIFs, you can schedule videos too
    ⦁ You can use our media library of royalty-improved free image, GIFs to create pins
    ⦁ In-app image editor and integrations to help you design Pinterest-perfect images
    ⦁ You can speed up your efforts by inviting your team members to join in
    ⦁ You can download PDF/PPT reports of Pinterest analytics

    And that’s pretty much all you can wish to have in a Pinterest pin scheduler.

    Within a month, we started seeing results. Our numbers began to improve. From just 137 monthly views, we went to 2k monthly views and 50+ link clicks.

  4. Using Pinterest Analytics

    Pinterest Business hub is a great way to improve your Pinterest marketing strategy. You can view your top-performing pins, keep an eye on your audience, see the keywords people search for, and what time they are the most active. We used to study our analytics closely to see how the audience is responding to the pins. To keep it fresh, we added a few more boards. If your main focus is to drive traffic to your website through pins, then keep an eye on your link clicks.
    By being consistent and using all the above tips, slowly, the numbers started to improve.

  5. Using Other Social Networks to Promote Pins

    Once we scheduled the pins in bulk, our analytics were reviewed, and we started to use other social networks to promote pins. Many Facebook communities support Pinners and give them the chance to grow organically. Use exchange threads, share others’ pins, and build a community by finding and connecting with like-minded people and businesses. Facebook groups can help you a lot. Link your Pinterest profile with your Facebook page. Connect it with your Gmail account.

  6. Capturing Social Media Holidays & Events

    Pinterest is most used for holidays and events. For example, makeup ideas for Halloween, decorations for Christmas, wedding dresses, travel destinations, birthday decor, etc. Keeping in mind your niche, you can use the holidays to get more traffic and attention. If you’re thinking of Halloween, start pinning two months ahead. On average, people begin to plan holidays or any event six to three months before. Keep your boards alive and fuel up your Pinterest marketing.

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3 Pinterest Marketing Tools to Nail Your Strategy

To get the most out of your Pinterest marketing, you need to make sure you are using the right tools. With the several tools available in the market, it’s important to choose the right ones for your needs. Let’s have a look at some of the best ones.

  1.  Social Champsocial champ

    If you want to keep your boards lively then Social Champ is the best Pinterest tools you need to use to fuel up your efforts. With this tool, you can create, edit, schedule, and analyze pins from one centralized dashboard. It provides detailed analytics so you can track your progress and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly. The tool offers a social media calendar so you can schedule your pins without any hassle.

  2. SproutsocialSprout Social

    Sproutsocial is a tool for Pinterest that helps you manage your Pinterest account and pinning activity. It gives you detailed analytics so you can see which pins are performing well and adjust your strategy accordingly.

    It gives businesses the ability to track their Pinterest activity, measure their reach, and find new ways to grow their audience.

  3. LaterLater

    The next is Later, it is the perfect Pinterest marketing tool for busy businesses and individuals. It lets you schedule and publish pins, track your analytics, and collaborate with team members all in one place.

    With Later, you can easily schedule and automate your Pinterest pins, saving you time and effort.

Over to You Now!

This is how we grew our numbers from 137 monthly views to 48K, from 867 to 45.7k impressions, organically.

By using these simple Pinterest marketing strategies, you can also grow your audience, and drive traffic to your website without spending a dollar. Make your Pinterest boards P-interesting with Social Champ. Let us know what strategies worked for you!

People Also ask

1. Is Pinterest a Good Platform for Marketing?

Yes, Pinterest can be an excellent platform for all types of businesses to market your product.

2. How Do I Use Pinterest to Promote My Business?

 You can promote your business by:
⦁ Choose the right category for your product
⦁ Use compelling images
⦁ Add hashtags
⦁ Leverage keywords

3. Can You Make Money on Pinterest?

Yes, you can make money from Pinterest, the platform will pay you if you are part of the Creators Rewards and your content meets the requirement & eligibility criteria.
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Pinterest Marketing – A Powerful Guide for Marketers in 2024

Picture of Saadiya Munir

Saadiya Munir

I'm part of #ChampFam as a Senior Content Strategist. Computer Science graduate who hates to code. Introverted. Mostly hungry or sleepy. Writing a novel is always on my bucket list, and eventually, when I'm done with all the movies on my watch-list and tasks on my to-do list, I'll get to it. Twitter handle: @munirsaadiya

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