TikTok Emojis: How to Unlock the Magic in 2024

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TikTok, the world of viral dances, funny videos, and crazy trends, has its own emoji language that’s as vibrant as the platform itself. TikTok emojis are a world of their own that is exclusively open to TikTok users only. These emojis are what add that extra flair to TikTok videos, and when a pro starts using them, they can reduce anyone to laughing hysterically.

TikTok emojis are more than just a thumbs up or a smiley face. When used in a specific combination, they can support entire conversations on their own. TikTok’s exclusive emoji collection makes it all the more worthwhile to choose TikTok as your content platform.

Also, the best way to maintain post-consistency is to schedule your posts on the platform, and the TikTok scheduler can make your job easy.

So are you excited yet? In this blog, we are about to unveil the magic behind those tiny, expressive icons and how to wield their power effectively. From the cool to the quirky, the heartwarming to the hilarious, we’ll guide you through the world of TikTok emojis, where a single emoji can speak volumes.

What Is TikTok Emojis

When words fail, emojis appear. And TikTok has more of them than any other social media app. But what are these emojis?

So unless you live in a cave on a mountain peak somewhere, you must have come across these round faces and cute little graphics that people usually send in response to something that needs a little more expression than mere words. These are emojis. The word “emoji” originates from Japanese, where “e” means “picture,” and “moji” stands for “character.” Just like the name’s Japanese roots, emojis made their debut on Japanese phones as a part of their adorable kawaii culture. Over the years, they became a global phenomenon where every app and mobile operating system adapted them with some variations.

These emojis show all sorts of emotions, from smiling to laughing to upset, angry, scared, and so on and on. There are both human and animal faces as well as other graphics like hearts, hands, weather emojis, sports emojis, and, well, an emoji for every occasion.

How to Use TikTok Emojis?

TikTok emojis are iconic. There are loads of them to choose from, and you’re never short of one whenever the occasion arises.

Well, it’s simple, really. Without ever having to install any extra extension, you can use TikTok emojis with these 3 small steps.

  1. Find the TikTok emoji list on your TikTok app.
  2. Did you find the emoji you were looking for? Good. Now copy the shortcode of that emoji from the list. It will look like [happy] or [cute].
  3. Now, the next step is to simply paste that handy shortcode wherever your heart desires. Whether you’re spicing up your caption with some flair, casting a little emoji spell in your comments, or delighting your pals with a charming emoji in a private message, the options are boundless!

So what’s the big deal? What makes these emojis so special? Well, TikTok isn’t just your regular emoji keyboard; it’s an exclusive collection of creativity. And these aren’t your everyday emojis; they’re TikTok secret emojis that make your TikTok content even more unique and quirky.

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What Is the Secret TikTok Emoji Code

So you’re on TikTok. And you spot these emojis that aren’t in your usual emoji repertoire. You’re curious. They look really fun and different from your regular emojis. It’s like suddenly coming across a wonderful surprise but not knowing how to open it.

These emojis, my friend, can be unlocked through the simple TikTok emojis code. Use square brackets and put the secret code for each emoji between the brackets. Viola! You get a fun emoji unique only to your TikTok content. You might think of them as boring old ones that you see on nearly every app but hold on, there’s a whole bunch of TikTok secret emojis that are never seen anywhere before!

Some might say these emojis are overrated, but trust me, the hype is real. These TikTok emojis can express all the right emotions that words often fail to convey, adding that extra depth to your content.

How to Access the Secret Emoji Codes

So where do these emojis on TikTok are found? First of all, TikTok emojis are only available on the TikTok app that you can get for Android or iPhone mobile apps. It’s not something you will find on the TikTok website from your laptop. So if you want to add them to your content, you will have to work from your Android or iPhone to get these cool emojis.

Now you know all about the square brackets thing above. But how do you know what to type for which emoji? Well, some are pretty straightforward. You want happiness, you write [happy]. You want sad, you go for [sad]. Simple enough, right? But let me tell you this, some emojis on TikTok are not so straightforward, and you may need my help to get to those codes. So you wanna sit tight and let me help you through all of them one by one? Trust me, it’s a pretty unique and fun trip that you’ll have.

How Many Secret TikTok Emojis Are There

Secret TikTok Emojis
Secret TikTok Emojis

Most of the time, emojis vary from app to app or even from one operating system to another. But they all contain nearly the same amount of expressions and visuals so that you never feel anything lacking. However, TikTok goes one step beyond when it comes to unique emojis. Not only does it offer all of the standard emojis as any other app, but it also offers some very neat emojis that are unique only to TikTok.

There are 46 hidden emojis on TikTok that are not visible on your emoji keyboard. If we want to make it easier to recognize, let’s call them dumpling emojis and round-face emojis.

Why Use Secret Emoji Codes

You might wonder if all that trouble of shortcodes and secret emojis is worth the effort. Well, since the visual message is always better received, yes, it is. Emojis are now a part of every conversation and a symbol of your familiarity with growing trends. They are everywhere on social media, making them a must for expressing ourselves.

Think of the emojis as your emotional sidekicks. They help you convey feelings and reactions with a simple click. That cheeky wink or the ‘facepalm’ emoji they’re like your virtual body language, and they bring life to your TikTok videos.

But it’s not just about individual posts; emojis are your secret weapons in engaging with your audience. Responding to comments and reactions with emojis adds a personal touch and connects you on a deeper level with your followers. It’s all about building those genuine relationships with your brand’s fans.

Now, let’s talk about the coolness factor – using TikTok emoji codes can make your content pop! You can mix and match emojis with hashtags to create a visual masterpiece. Your TikTok becomes a vibrant playground of expressions, making your brand feel more approachable and relatable.

From classics to TikTok exclusives, emojis give your content that extra charm and make your TikTok account stand out. Plus, using TikTok secret emojis lets your followers know that you’re a pro at navigating the app. It’s like you are speaking their language, which not only builds trust but makes people confident about using your brand.

So now you know. Emojis for TikTok are your ticket to a meaningful and fun experience on the app. Embrace the secret emoji codes, and you’ll be on your way to becoming a TikTok influencer, radiating confidence and charm.

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Why Would You Want to Use Tiktok’s Hidden Emoji

Some of you might feel more comfortable with the standard emojis and don’t feel the need to dip your toes in the waters of TikTok secret emojis. That’s alright. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. But what if I can come up with a few reasons to convince you otherwise? After all, being a TikTok user comes with its perks, and I can point out some of those to change your mind.

  1. Give You Pro Look

    First and foremost, using TikTok’s hidden emoji instantly upgrades your TikTok game, making you look like a true connoisseur of the platform. It’s like being part of a secret club where only the cool kids know the secret handshake. It sets you apart from the average TikToker, signaling that you’re in the know about the latest trends and the secret language that TikTok’s creators have crafted for us. So, if you want to make your mark in the TikTokverse, these TikTok emoji codes are your golden ticket.

  2. Unique Adaptability Powers

    That’s not all. The second advantage is a game-changer. Unlike the emojis native to iOS, Android, or Microsoft, TikTok’s secret emoji possess the unique superpower of looking consistent across all operating systems and devices. No more wondering if the pukey emoji you used on your Android phone looks the same on your friend’s iPhone. With TikTok emojis, there’s zero room for misinterpretation. Your message will always be crystal clear, regardless of the tech your friends are using.

  3. Get Noticed By Algorithm

    Emojis are your secret weapon for utilizing TikTok’s algorithm. So, if you’re wondering how using TikTok’s secret emoji affects the algorithm, well, here’s the deal: TikTok’s algorithm is all about engagement – likes, comments, shares, you name it! So, when you use those emojis for TikTok, and your post starts getting noticed with likes and comments, TikTok picks up on it. It starts promoting your content and showing it to even more people, increasing your visibility and engagement.

  4. TikTok Culture

    TikTok Culture is based on viral challenges and trends, and emojis are a big part of it. Content creators are finding new ways of using emojis to set the stage for interesting challenges. Because of how the use of emoji can actually increase engagement, even brands are using emojis in their content.

    So folks, if you want to impress your TikTok followers and enjoy seamless communication with friends using different devices, TikTok secret emoji is your lucky card. Embrace them, and let the world see that you’re a TikTok expert who’s always one step ahead in the social media game!

    Remember, emojis are the spice of life in the digital age, and TikTok’s secret emoji are the rarest spices in the pantry.

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A Complete List of All the Hidden TikTok Emoji

Let’s explore all 46 of those unique and creative TikTok secret emojis. First up are dumpling emojis!

Dumpling Emojis

Half of those exclusive 46 emojis are dumpling emojis. Now, you won’t find these special ones anywhere else because these are exclusive only to TikTok users. They’re like the cousins of the round-faced emojis you see everywhere, but with a unique twist of color and undeniable cuteness, all thanks to the delightful dumplings!

Combine these dumplings with humans’ wit, and you get yourself a hilarious situation in the comments section. Let’s see those dumplings a little closer to know how TikTok secret emojis are so much better than any other out there.


[angel]angel emoji


The halo gives it away. It’s the angel emoji. Use it for purity or innocence.






Well, this dumpling got a terrible surprise. Those furrowed brows and open mouth is totally in disbelief.






This dumpling face is looking uneasy with a sweat drop. This displays awkwardness or uneasiness.






This dumpling face has a cute wink and a sideways smile. That’s quite flirty.



[cool]cool emoji



This dumpling face is smiling wickedly and wearing sunglasses. This shows off a cool-dude attitude.






This one is used for cuteness with its big eyes, rosy cheeks and sweet smile.






As grumpy as ever, this dumpling is used for skepticism or disdain.






Now that is one excited dumpling with that wide grin.






It’s a smiling dumpling face with eyes looking to the side. You can use this funny emoji to show a sense of amusement or playfulness.



[ joyful]joyful



Another spin on the classic emojis with this dumpling face with giddy eyes, laughing mouth, and rosy cheeks. This emoji express extreme happiness or joy.








This cry-laughing emoji is probably the most popular even in its standard form. It’s a dumpling face laughing so hard that tears are streaming down its face.



[loveface]love face



Heart eyes and flushed cheeks. This one is used to show love of something.






Show off relaxation or sleepiness with this dumpling sleeping without a care.






This smug dumpling shows off pride or accomplishment with its raised eyebrow and puckered lips.






This dumpling face with a satisfied smile and an overall smug look is usually used to express pride or satisfaction.






This dumpling emoji with an angry expression, furrowed eyebrows, and an upturned mouth is used to express anger or frustration.






This dumpling is terribly shocked with its wide eyes and horrified expressions.






This dumpling looks cross-eyed with the force of the slap. You can use this one to express how insulted you feel.



[smiley face]smiley



That sarcastic smile with wide eyes of fake interest is the perfect emoji for a sarcastic response.






Shocked to the core, this dumpling says stunned with wide white eyes and a gray hue.








This dumpling with closed eyes and tears streaming down is used to express sadness or crying.






This dumpling with an open mouth and wide eyes is used to express amazement or wonder.


That’s all for these cute dumpling emojis that are exclusively made for TikTok users. Now let’s move on to the old-school round faced emojis.

Round Faced Emojis

TikTok’s round-faced emojis may look like the standard emojis, but they offer a wide range of colors and emotions. Let’s see how they are different from other round-faced emojis.




Mouth Watering emoji and heart eyes to show desire.





This emoji shows tears streaming down for sadness or grief.






A round face looking really embarrassed or ashamed.



[face with rolling eyes]face with rolling eyes



This face is a picture of annoyance. Those rolling eyes and tight lips convey sarcasm perfectly.






If you’re feeling shy or embarrassed, use this emoji of a round face with flushed cheeks.






You want to show playfulness and silliness, use this emoji of a pink round face with a playful wink and tongue sticking out.




With a pink round face, a wide grin and dollar signs in the eyes, this emoji gives off vibes of greediness or excitement about potential gains.






A classic happy face from the old days. The round face with squinting eyes and a happy smile says it all.



[laugh with tears]laugh with tears



We all use this one way too much. A round face with tears if laughter coming down the face.






This pink face with puckered lips and flushed cheeks is all about loving or admiring something.






This purple angry face with fangs is all about strong emotions and urgency. Use it with caution.





This horrified round face is used to express extreme fear or panic. It has a blue face with big eyes and an open mouth gripping the sides of its face.



Simple and timeless. A round face with a smile shows off general contentment.






If you feel at a loss for words, use this speechless face to say all you don’t want to say.





Feel like sulking? Use this red-faced sulking emoji to show how you feel.




This round face with wide-open eyes and a wide-open mouth can be used to show surprise or wonder.




This round face with a thoughtful expression and a hand on the chin is typically used to express contemplation or curiosity.






Looking truly blue, this round face with a sad expression and tears streaming down is used to express grief or great sadness.






This purple face with a mischievous, smiling expression and horns is trademark for wickedness.






If you feel like you’ve been wronged, this round face with sad eyes and two fingers pointing at each other gives off wronged vibes.






If you find something especially tasty, this round face with a satisfied expression and a tongue licking the lips shows how satisfied you are.





This round face is visibly on its last nerve.




Another cool-dude face for your collection. Show off your nonchalance with this blue face.



TikTok emoji is a force of its own with its exclusive usage and the power of engagement it brings to the content. The adaptability of these emojis over different operating systems is what sets them apart from similar apps. TikTok utilizes the effect of emoji culture to its full extent with its secret shortcodes and 46 entirely new emojis that are unique to the TikTok app only. For those of us who love using emojis in our content, these TikTok secret emojis open up an exciting opportunity for meaningful conversations and content that resonates with our audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do I Get an Emoji on a TikTok?

  1. Find the TikTok emoji list on your TikTok app.
  2. Copy the shortcode of that emoji from the list. It will look like [happy] or [cute].
  3. Now paste that shortcode where you want to insert the emoji.

2. What Is a TikTok Emote?

TikTok emote is the emoji code that is used to replace the text with an emoji. For TikTok, the shortcode is a custom emoticon, like happy or sad, and with square brackets on either side.

3. What Does the Shy Emoji Mean?

Shy face emoji is used to show shyness or embarrassment with a round face and flushed cheeks.

4. What Are the Codes for TikTok Emojis?

Here’s a complete list of codes for TikTok emojis:[smile][happy][angry][cry][embarrassed][surprised][wronged][shout]









[laugh with tears]


[face with rolling eyes]



















[smiley face]









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TikTok Emojis: How to Unlock the Magic in 2024

Picture of Sarah Anderson

Sarah Anderson

Sarah is a seasoned social media marketing expert with a proven track record of helping brands boost their online presence. Her innovative strategies and insights have driven success for numerous businesses.

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