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Cottage Core

[ kaa-tuhj kor ]

Cottage core is a popular hashtag and social media trend inspired by the agricultural lifestyle. Also known as farm core and country core. It focuses on the idea of living a rural lifestyle, foods, artisan, animals, and other related things. It started in 2017 on Tumblr, and later, this trend or hashtag bloomed on TikTok and Instagram. Influencers commonly use this hashtag, and to date, there have been approx 1.6 billion posts tagged with #cottagecore and 5.8 billion videos on TikTok associated with this hashtag.

Cottage’s core aesthetics revolves around one centralized theme and visuals of English countryside style, and the activities include farming, baking, and gardening.


Here’s a perfect example of cottage core. A TikToker, Anna Grace Childs, with around 3.8.3k followers, shares the beautiful cottage core videos of her life in Virginia.

@alltheferalfawns A lil day in the life🌻 #cottagecore #fairycore #farmcore #fyp #ditl #cozy #faerie #aesthetic ♬ July by Lily Williams – Lily Williams

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