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[ kreep ]

Creep is a social media term that indicates stalking or monitoring any individual or a company. It refers to someone who is constantly monitoring your posts and comments without engaging with any of their posts. It s a term used to describe someone stalking or harassing another person online. It can also be used in a more serious way to describe someone who is making someone feel uncomfortable or threatened.

It is the feeling you get when you realize someone is watching your every move online. It can be a scary feeling, but it’s also one that we need to be aware of in this day and age. Social media has made it easy for people to keep track of our every move, and we need to be aware of that fact.


For example, if someone is stalking you on social media platforms constantly, then he or she is creeping on you.

Like, the Netflix show “YOU” properly shows a creep named Joe Goldbery.

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