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Facebook Messenger

[ fays-buk meh-suhn-jr ]

Facebook Messenger is an instant messaging service app owned by Facebook. Over 1.3 billion active users use it as a place to communicate, hang out and share with their connections. Messenger was once limited to Facebook users, but now it powers conversations within Instagram, Facebook, Oculus VR, and Portal. It allows Facebook users to send messages, photos, and videos and perform other tasks.

People love to use Messenger because it is free to use, it connects you with millions of people around the world, is easy to use, and you can send colorful stickers for fun. Since Facebook Messenger is constantly evolving, Facebook is introducing more features to make Messenger more fun and engaging.

Facebook Messenger is available for businesses as well. You can use it to unlock a range of features and help you run Fb messenger ads, customer support, and much more.


facebook messenger

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